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Bladder *Malfunction*
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Bladder *Malfunction*

Hi everyone,

I have a new symptom....

I did put this in my previous post and asked everyone but it might have been lost in the text....
I have been feeling really **** for about 1 week now, brain really loopy, saying stupid things, having all sorts of weird symptoms.

This is taken from my previous post re timeline.....

Feeling the urge for trip to the loo for a "tinkle" and thought I should get up in a minute or so, then...
I completely lost control of my bladder.
I couldn't turn it off or hold onto it, my bladder just "let go."

Wet the bed and my knickers and only just got to the loo before it emptied completely.
I could not "feel" that I was urinating and had no feeling of muscle control.
There was no sensation at all.
This has never happened before.

Is this an MS symptom or could it be something else?

I was home thank goodness but am terrified this will happen while I am out somewhere...

Can someone help me out here please?



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In MS bladder problems are common.  And people's problems vary from frequency, urgency, incontinence, to dribbling, etc.

A small spastic bladder is very common in MS and it's described as "failure to store" and said a result of from demyelination in the spinal cord pathways between the "voiding reflex center" and the brain.  Because the voiding pathways are blocked bladder emptying is no longer under voluntary control.  Voiding then becomes a "reflex" activity and messages only coming from the spinal center.

I hope this doesn't confuse you, but I thought it would be helpful.  Our normal ability to hold and control the bladder is a lot more complicated than what most realize until it starts to disfunction.

It will be important to alert the Dr. to what you have going on, and describe your symptoms.  Glad you've started to timeline these things.

This is the one thing that I felt so embarassed discussing with my neuro on the first consult that I blew off his question...  good lord, I am often with my 3-year old granddaughter talking about needing to stop and go potty for her so she doesn't have an accident.  

I felt like a 3 year old myself when my bladder started this problem of letting go.  Fortunately it has only done it 3 times, and always at home in the evening, but still, this is a problem that I need to get over the humiliation and talk about openly.  I did fax my doctor that we need to revisit this discussion on my next visit.  

Having this problem happen in the daytime out in public is one of my greatest concerns.

Be well,
hi TB,

sorry you starting    to have bladder issues.
Yes it is a common problem in MS ansd  in many types of neurologic illnesses, unfortunatly.

Like Shelley, I  think iit would be a good idea to call your docotr, (GPor  Gyno, or  nneuro) and see if they want to have you come in since this is new happening s.
SOmeimte  youccan havae a UTI withouut the typicall signs like burning too, and it could neeed     treatment.

take care, amo
Can't remember, are you diagnosed with MS?

I have loss of bladder control with my menses, it is a hormonal thing I was told by my uro-neurologist.  So if this happens at this time of month could be a trigger.

But slightly different in my case maybe as I have near permanent 'faulty' sensation in bladder, and sefl-catheterize daily, as I have lost the sensation of fullness and ability to void naturally.  That is apart from my menses, when the problem seems to flip, I get such a powerful urge to void I don't make it to the toilet in time and it gushes out with force.  I am a lady of extremes.  Oh, and I have no diagnosed MS.

I think in my case, nothing to do with menses, I am well into menopause.

I am on HRT but take this for the dreadful hot flushes that used to happen up 30 times a day which made my life completely miserable. At least now I feel human again.

No not diagnosed, I am a limbolander with a NERD for a neuro.

I am in the process of saving up to go see another one. The present one just fobs off my symptoms like I am some sort of nut case.

Thanks everyone else for your input, looks like another thing to add to my list of symptoms. It hasn't happened since so I am hoping it was a one off....but I doubt it.

If this is MS related, thanks sillowe for the medical info, this really helps me understand what is happening. May be time for another MRI of my spine perhaps?

I am almost 100% sure that I don't have a bladder infection as I had a urine sample taken a few days prior to this and it came back clear.

I agree that your doctor needs to know and to evaluate you for an infection. An infection can develop from one day to the next.  But, yes, unfortunately this is a common problem in MS.  I have had this happen about a dozen times.


I am very new to this site. It sure sounds like you could be having Bladder Spasms. I have had them for several years. They were and are so strong that they would force a fully inflated cathe out. I now have a supur-pubic cath. These spasms can be very painful. I hope you will see your Dr. I waited far too long to tell mine, I was imbarrassed and just kept hoping it would stop. The MS has hit most of my organs, so far they offer little treatment for Chronic Progressive.Please see your Dr. ASAP

Thanks heaps everyone,

Good to hear from you Quix,

I don't think it is an infection as I have had heaps and heaps of them in the past, this was nothing like anything I've ever had but will get her to check it out all the same.

It was just a normal "twinge" feeling and I thought I should get up in a few minutes which was no different to any other at that time of day then... whoosh, I just couldn't do anything about it. Luckily the loo was only a metre or so away but I still didn't make it. The loo only caught the tail end so to speak!
Quix, I note that it has happened to you about a dozen times, so maybe it won't be something that I can predict with any certainty if it is indeed MS related.

Oh my goodness, such force to push out a catheter, wow how awful for you.

This wasn't like that, it was more of a "no brainer" event.
A bit like losing control of your bladder when you are asleep I would imagine, not that this has ever happened to me. I just didn't feel anything when it happened, it was like there were no nerves at all involved, if that makes any sense. If I hadn't of felt it on my legs then I wouldn't have known it was happening. Really weird!
I will swallow my embarrassment and tell her next week, maybe she will do something other than ring the NERD.

I am going to point blank refuse to go back to him, I would rather see nobody than have to endure another second of his sarcastic condescending wit.
Umm, I wonder what he would try and blame this event on, the mind just boggles at the thought.


Hi, I am not dx, but have the bladder problem also, which has seemed to happen more this year.  Mine started as having to go as soon as the urge started or have some leakage, but since last summer I do the exact same as you. Total loss of control.  

My problem is when I feel the urge, I can't get my legs to work well enough to get me there in time.......ha....ha....ha.....

I know it is not a laughing matter as sometimes I just want to cry about all the things going wrong with my body and mind.

I also for the past year have had a few accidents with my bowels. Talk about disgusting, demeaning, and gross.

I hope things improve for you, at least you know there are many of us out here suffering with you.

So sorry that happened to you. That is actually the exact symptom that started me on my search for answers. I was at work and soaked my pants clear down my legs, and also felt paralyzed to stop it. I'm told severe lumbar spinal stenosis may also be a cause. I still have no definitive diagnosis. A urodynamics study was done on my bladder and it was "highly indicitive of MS". You might consider looking into that study?
I will be praying for you that that never happens again, I know how terrifying and embarrassing that one symptom can be!

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