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I have a question. I went to the urology Dr today. I asked was it really safe to keep getting uti when antibodies aren't working.  She was very surprised that I ask this. Her comment to me was you should be fine unless it gets into the blood stream. She also told me that I may need to be on antibodies forever and that u just need to play around with the medication.  I said I don't want to be on antibodic forever. Isn't there anything else that we can do. She said no nature must take its coarse.  

So, wait I have uti all the time and I'm on antibodic and tried 4 different ones they are not working. I still have pressure and not able to empty my bladder all the way. Also, I'm leaking and don't have the urge to go......   And there nothing else left.  So, let's wait until it does go to the bloodstream or damages my kidneys before we do anything else.

Does this make sense?   I'm sorry but I'm getting so tired of fighting with these doctors about my health.  I just don't know how long I can keep going like this?  

Should I just give up and go with the flow?  I did let her know I'm tired of uti. And her comment was well u might always have them.

She said there is a new med on the market. Called Rapaflo has anyone heard of this before ?  I looked it up and could find a lot on it but it was used in men.

Any thoughts or comments.....   Any direction on this?

When u have to fight do hard because u don't want things to get worse or u want thing to get better because your tired of living with this......   And doctors are what seems to be against you.   It just feels like your beating your head against a brick wall.  Wondering if u should just give up.  I want to say you live with this and s

ee how you would feel.  But, the conversation ended and I kept my mouth shut....    It just doesn't seem right to fight to live a normal life or try and get our health back to normal.

I know u guys will always understand and I'm greatful for that.

I think I'm really upset know is when I got home from my appointment.  I was feeling fine then I had my husband put me in bed I started throwing up. Then my bladder completely let loose.  I started crying really bad.  The bed was soak and my husband came into the room.  He was wonderful in helping me get clean up but, I was completely Embrassed ( sorry for spelling).   I know he felt bad because he walked out of the room later with tears in his eyes...

Im sorry but to see that I just lost it......   I do leak but, when I seen that it just made me think how bad things really are.  And know I feel like a jerk for crying over that.   Im very sorry my mind today is just going.....  

Yesterday, my husband made pork chops for dinner and when I was eating them I had to ask what I was eating....   When I knew what it was but, in that minute I didn't even know what is was....   This is the first time this has ever happened to me.   My husband looked at me like I was joking.  But, I wasn't......   I also felt very stupid over this........    Just down and out today it seems like everytime I turn around something new is going on.   When u seem like you have your grip on something then something else happens....  

Thanks for listening to my post and responding.....   I just feel useless today like I'm nothing but, a problem or a burden.  Just tired.

I was once very independent, outgoing, and head strong.  And now that's changed so much.  Hard to except or realize thing are just getting worse.  I haven't given up hope but, it kinda hit today that my life will never be the same again.  And its hard because I just want more than anything to have my life back and to be normal.....  Meaning no health problems..   ok that's enough.....

Merry chistmas everyone.  I'm also thinking about everyone on this site. I hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the holidays with their families.

Any comments or suggestions would be helpful

Take care, god bless
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Hi Heartfelt!

Oh, I'm sorry you are getting no help with this issue! UTIs are dangerous if the combo of meds is not working, and yes, like doc said if it gets into your blood stream, you can get sepsis.

Can you find Doc Quix's write-up on Bladder woes in our HPs? There is some good info in there. I hate to say it, because I'm sure you are sick of going to docs, but sounds like you need a new urologist - one that's willing to help. If you don't find the links, let me know.

You must be so frustrated :( I'm am glad to hear hubby is so understanding and helpful. Dang this doc, -there are meds to try for bladder dysfunction - i.e, spastic bladder, flaccid, and dyssynergic. We have many ladies on the forum who self cath, and I sure hope they see your post. If not, I'll alert them.

Hang in there best you can (((Hugs)))
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Misty, I'm not even sure where to begin with this one so I am just going to type and hopefully something in here will make sense.  It sounds like you need to move on to a different urologist - if you can find a urogynecologist that would be best - someone who specializes like this can treat all the female problems and that is helpful.

One of my most major MS problems is the bladder - I have been treated by  my urogyno for over three years now.  I have been to the point where the infection ascended into my kidneys and I had sepsis in the blood and had to be hospitalized.  It can be life threatening and is nothing to mess with.

There are some tests that the urologist should do - the most basic of which is an ultrasound of your bladder after you have voided to see if you are retaining urine.  Urine that hangs around can quickly become infected, thanks to our body heat and other factors.  It is important to empty the bladder completely several times a day.  

If the ultrasound shows you are retaining urine you might need to go to intermittent self catherization (ISC).  If you can get beyond the "ick" factor it really can be life changing.

The release of urine when you are not ready, whether it is leaking or a complete void, could be caused by a variety of reasons, including a UTI. Frequency is also a symptom of a UTI.  

My urogyno and I had hoped that my bladder problem would resolve in a few months once the infection was cleared, but after about 6 months we determined my problems are neurogenic and I will probably always have this problem.  Once I knew this problem was here to stay, I then had to find a way to try to control it.

I am on a bladder drug - this is the third or fourth one I have tried - and it seems to help.  I also self-catherize 3-4 times a day.  Getting my bladder completely empty allows me to go several hours later in the day without needing the restroom.  Using ISC before bed lets me sleep around 5-6 hours.  Not bad, huh?  Before I got on this drug and started ISC I was captive to needing to be close to a restroom or at least knowing where the nearest one was located.  

I just picked up another penicillin today for a fresh UTI.  Unfortunately with the ISC it is a common problem because it is not a sterile procedure and I am constantly introducing new germs.  That is where a prophylactic antibiotic comes in.  I just switched to a new one to see if it does a better job of controlling the infection than my current one.

There's nothing wrong with feeling bad about losing it - this is not a normal problem and you should be treated, not just patted on the head.

It may very well be a fact that you will be on an antibiotic the  rest of your life, I know I probably will be. But that doesn't stop us from trying other things to control the bladder problems.  Your doctor should be able to identify one or two that don't have lots of side effects and causes other complications.  I am switching to microbid after I finish this round of Cipro.

I hope something in all this will be of use to you and that you will remember you are not along with these problems.  Let me know if you have other questions.

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Thanks so much lu and sllowe this was very helpful.  I just don't want to deal with uti on top of everything else but, it looks like I have no choice.  Thanks for replying to my post it means a lot.  I'm going to have to find a way to get these under control......     Sllowe I did read quiz post on bladder very interesting.

Take care, happy holiday
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Sorry quix post. I misspelled it.
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