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It's me again.  I posted these seperately cause they are seperate issues.  I had a really hard day today, it was like...pick on Sandie day with my own body.
I went for my balance therapy yesterday for the vertigo, found out that some of my balance issues appears to have neurological involvement.  
Anyway, during the eye therapy part of it, my guy saw something go wrong or wierd with my eyes.  I have been complaining of my vision shaking, not the actual eyeball, but the vision, super fast, I think horizontally.
My neuro-Opthamologist just shrugged it off,saying to me,....well I didnt see it. He didnt care that he just called me a big fat liar!  Well my therapist during several exams with me has seen these eye things, and said this shows central involvement.
Anyway,  I do have a history of ON, and more recently, chronic dry eye,  and also 3 weeks ago, when they did the LP, said that my opening pressure was high.
Are all of these things connected to each other.  Do any of you see any of these problems together along with MS?
I mean this is rediculous.  How can one person have so many issues involving  the eyes and without them being connected somehow.
I am not dx yet, he wont with only 1 lesion.  I see him  next week for the 2nd followup.  I was also told last week my bladder issues are neuro related also.   And where does dry eye come from, what causes that.  I thought I remembered my eye doctor saying it was autoimmune, does that sound right?
Anyway, I guess from all of that therapy with my eyes, they are really hurting today, and burning. They feel like the muscles behind the eyes are squeezing, and trying to push my eyes out.
Does anyone have any ideas.  What kind of a dx is my neuro gonna have for me now?

Thanks a bunch for reading my book!
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Hi there. Sorry to hear your having a difficult time with your vision and no help.. Are you taking any Dry Eye Drops to help with that... I do not think Dry eyes are a symptoms for MS...but could be for another autoimmune Dx.  

have you had bloodtests done for other mimics

take care and know your not alone with this
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I'm not dx with MS, but I get that weird vision shaking, dim vision, blurry (from slightly off to can't make head or tails) and double vision with my right eye. I also have the balance and bladder problem too.your not alone.

when my eye was acting up last summer,  the 1st doc I saw was sure my eyeballs were perfectly healthy and thought the problem was with my optic nerve (right eye).

the 2nd doc said optic migraine. I still say bs. but he wouldn't listen to me about any sx that didn't involve my eye (like the 1st did).

I haven't had a LP for 9 yrs (er doc was looking for different problem)  sorry I can't be more help

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I have dry eye - I mean REALLY DRY eyes.  No moisture without drops and Restassis.  I wrote about it back in October when we discovered the problem.

I really thought my eye pain was associated with my MS - It really got better and went away once I lubricated my eyeballs.  

AS best as I can tell, dry eye is in no way associated with this MiSerable disease.  For most of us, the common cause is hormones, and lack there of.  At least that is the explanation given to me by my opthamologist.  Try the drops and see if that makes a difference - it did for me.

be well, Lulu
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Hi! I realize I'm about 3 years late with this post; however, I'm on the internet lately searching for answers myself, as I was diagnosed last year 2012 with CIS after an attack of optic neuritis in my right eye. I'm now on Rebif and doing pretty good other than chronic eye pain and discomfort and overall visions issues. Prior to 2012 ON, I never had problems with my eyes but post ON, I've been experiencing severe chronic dry eye syndrome, which I initially thought was the optic neuritis coming back or never actually healing as I had been told. I have very similar and just as severe pain and symptoms with the chronic dry eye as I did with ON. I can't find a lot of literature on it and why are we putting all our trust and faith in doctors when they clearly don't know much about ON or MS for that matter?! Chronic dry eye is associated with other autoimmune diseases like Lupus and RA so it is possible regardless of whether studies have been done yet to prove it, that it is also associated with MS or at least to ON. I had no eye issues prior to ON and now I can barely get through a full day using my eyes with chronic dry eyes. I'm in my 30's and otherwise active and healthy and now my eyes are sick. Where did it come from if not ON and MS????!!!!  I believe they are related and I plan to do my own research. I'm a Regulatory Scientist and currently a PhD Candidate working on my degree in Public Health Epidemiology so I'm not waiting for the medical community to tell me what I can prove myself, after all I am living it... Good luck to you and to us all! Trust your gut!
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