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Does anyone out there have any suggestions on taking copaxone?
1 Which is the easiest site to inject?

2 I heard to warm site 1st and then ice after?

3 What time is the best time to inject am or pm? and does it have to be the same every day?

4 What is the chances of some reaction?

5 When you start is it a smart idea to have someone around in the house just in case ther is some sort of reaction?

6 Does anyone get the reported flu-like sx that they report and how long does it last?

I have had the meds for two days and have read all of the pamphlets talked to SS they were supposed to give the nurse my number to set up a meeting but she still has not called and they don't know what is going on with her. I am a phlebotomist and know how to do the injections but it is a little different when it comes to yourself plus I am the kind of person who wants all the information I can have before I do anything. Anything else you can add would be great!!! How long you have been on the copaxone? Thank You so much,  I might be a little neurotic but that's how I am when it comes to taking any sort of medication, I have to have a migraine before I will take an aspirin.

Thank You so much
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I am about to be in the same situation as you.  I've just been dx and am waiting for SS to call and set up my injection trainning.  Did a nurse come and do a a training with you?

Brining these types of questions to the forum is a good idea.  Someone told me the other day tha calling SS with these questions is not usually that helpful.  I'll be watching for the others' responses with a keen eye as well.  We'll figure this out together and the group will help a lot.
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I have been on Copaxone a month. I would wait until the nurse comes to start.

You practice on a rubber thing injecting. It can be a little shakey (shaky) and overwhelming at first.

I had a hard time pulling the trigger the first few times. You might want reward yourself. I eat a piece of chocolate after wards.

Everyone is different that is why they can't predict reactions. The reactions are because your body recognizes the drug as alien. The chest thing only happens if you hit a capillary which may never happen.

For me the first week was o.k. I tried the heat but gave that up. For me it stings after wards so I put an ice pack on it for a short time.

I rotate spots all week. The Nurse will explain. I need my husband to do one hip and arm just because  it is hard for me to line up.

I take mine before bed to minimize side effects.

On the ninth day I had skin reactions. I got some benadryl  creme and took benadryl.

It subsided and I have had no problem since.

I made the mistake of getting it in my arm muscle on top. Make sure you go for the lose part.

I am not a medical professional, I personally do not use the alcohol wipe.

The dumbest thing I did was forgetting to take the orange cap off once. I put the autoinject to my leg pushed the button and wasted a syringe.

I take a syringe out after I finish  injecting and put it in the bag with my autoinject so I have one ready to go for the next night. Otherwise I forget to take one out and have to wait twenty minutes.

I am very muscular so I set my autoject on 4 for most injections. I had to try different depths to see what works.

I did not have flu like symptoms.

The SS nurses are helpful. They do however work for the drug company and have to stick to guidelines.

I read this book by an MS researcher and it talked about how Copaxone came about. I feel fortunate to have this drug. I know MS patients who were diagnosed long before the DMDs so I not only take the DMD for me but for those who did not have the opportunity for DMDs.

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Am in a tearing hurry or I'd give a better answer. But I did want to say that you absolutely MUST rotate injection sites. There is no one best place. Your body will tell you what the bad ones are. You should experiment to see if heat works better than cold, etc., and whether or not to use the 'autojector.'

So be patient until you see the nurse. There's no one single answer. Been there, done that.

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I've been on copax since September.  Initially I was plagued by the stinging (wasp or hornet, not a gentle bee sting!) sensation but that quieted down when I adjusted the needle depth.  Lots of people here prefer to not use the autoinjector - they say they get less reaction but I haven't tried that yet.  

All the calls I have made to SS the nurse has been very helpful.  Condescending at times, but nonetheless, provided useful information.  

You will get into the swing of it quickly.  Set a daily routine - I do mine at night.

There is no need to worry about flu side effects - that isn't one of them with copax.

Be careful what reward you give yourself for doing your injection - mine is ice cream and probably explains part of my 10 pound weight gain!!  LOL

If you use the alcohol wipes, which you really should for a clean injection site, be sure to wait for it to dry/evaporate before injecting.  The alcohol can sting like hell if you rush it.

Three times now I have left the orange cap on and finally figured out how to save the syringe full of medicine.  The first time I squirted copax all over my dinnig room table.  The second time was the bathroom mirror that got hosed.  

The third time I unscrewed the base and reached inside and gently eased back the pressure on the syringe just a small amount. Don't pull too hard or you will pull the plunger out completely.  Then I slid the syringe out, inspected it, and put it back into the autoinjector and remembered to take the orange cap off.  Develop a system you follow each time you inject and it will help you to remember th orange cap.

Rotate your injection sites and allow the places to heal.  Use all 7 if you can.

good luck - you can do it.

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I will add this about site rotation:  I used to picture a clock on my thigh (or hip).  I would log "12:00 left thigh"  or "3:00 right hip".  Then, the next time I would be rotating to my left thigh, I would do "3:00 left thigh".  I log will help you in making sure you are not hitting the same location on each body part, and help avoid lumps.

Oh, and I would do "Left arm upper"  , "left arm middle"  then "left arm lower".

Hope this makes sense.  I really loved the "autoject" also.  God bless you, Amy
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  I have been off of the copaxone for a while but for me I would ice first (that numbs the area a bit) and then heat after. A warm wash cloth or heating pad made all of the difference.

I used to swell immediately after injecting but 5 or 10 minutes of heat and I was saying aaahh that's better.

You will find your own secrets in no time and it will just be a part of your routine.

Good luck
Erin :)
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I have been on it for just over a week. I didn't wait for the nurse to come because I was pig-headed since I am a nurse. I quickly realized I had now become the patient. LOL. I am lucky my hubby was willing to figure out the auto-injector and start giving my shots (I do myself once a week because he's gone for a full 24 hrs).

I have really nasty site reactions every time. Thanks to those Copax users here I realized I need to adjust the depth setting. I hope your nurse comes to show you but if not.....there is a wonderful video about injecting on Copaxone's website. Also, I am a frequent caller to SS. They have always been nice and helpful.They even offered to stay on the phone with me and go step-by-step for my first injection since I wasn't having the nurse come.

In addition, they will ask you lots of questions about the MS symptoms you get, and then send you a bunch of free stuff. I was not into the hot /cold paks, but I must say they have made all the difference. They also sent a really helpful planner where you mark your daily sites to help you remember the next rotation,as well as a dry erase board of the same.

They have cooling beads, travel cases, MS yoga dvd's....all sorts of stuff to help you, and pamphlets on everything, like excercise, depression, heat intolerance, etc. I am so glad that SS is there! They will also hook you up with someone who has MS and similar interests to call you so you can ask them questions!  

The shots say if you can pinch 1 inch, use a 4-5 setting, if you can pinch 2inches,use a 6,if you pinch more, then 8, etc. If you use the syringe, you pinch up your skin,put needle in, then release before injecting.......If you use the auto-inject,DO NOT pinch up skin.You don't want to go into the muscle but if it's too close to the top layer of skin the reactions are worse. Everyone has their preferences and tricks.

They told me no heat after,not even showers,as it increases burning sensation...but you will see people on here say they love the heat after,it's all about our bodies being different. The nurse in me BEGS you to use the alcohol wipes!  :-)   You should also use them after injections to wipe down the auto-injector if you are using that. Hope this helps and good luck my dear!

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I forgot! There are seven sites, with several areas within each site. Each site only gets used once per week, and when you return to the site, use a different area within the site. You asked about time of day, it's whatever works for you. I do nights because my hubby's usually home and if it hurts I don't have to go anywhere.

You do want to try to give it around the same time each time, but never less than 12 hours apart or you need to skip it. Below is the Copaxone website. It has all the info you need, if you scroll down it has the links to the injection videos! I think it was Lulu who told me about it. I watched it several times before doing my first shot! It was great.

Last tip: when assembling auto-inject, make sure to screw bodies back together before removing cap remover. I forgot once and the whole syringe (minus the cap) shot out and stabbed my carpet,just missing one of my dogs and my foot. :-(   Take your time and don't be too proud to assemble with the instructions in hand until you are really comfortable!

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I agree that you should wait for the SS nurse to come by. She will train you well with the autoject and help you with that scary first shot. I found the shots to be totally non issues with minimal reactions. Shared Solutions also provides lots of helpful things like shot chart and a wipe off pen so you can keep track of where you do your shots. Hang in there. Self injecting is not bad at all.
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