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If you haven't done so before, I would encourage you to wander around other places on MedHelp and see what is out there .  We so focused on our own little MS world here that we miss a lot of other information.  

I want to share with you an expert here who is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs to read - Dr. Steven Park is a sleep expert, but his interests are also listed as baking and origami.  With that combination I figure he has to be an ok guy and I started reading some of his posts.  He always has a unique spin on the medical information he has to share and does it in a very folky, homespun way.  

Here's a link to one of his recent posts that I found very thoughtful and thought provoking.  


I hope you will take the time to check him out. I just wish he were in my hometown and I could see him as a doctor and give up my nightly Lunesta!

Also, don't overlook that we now have our own MS neurologist expert available to answer questions - Dr. Kantor.  Ess and I have posted questions to him and did get responses.  Please help to welcome him to MedHelp.

My best as always,
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