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Copaxone - Shared Solutions?
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Copaxone - Shared Solutions?

Does anybody have any info on their experience trying to get Copaxone assistance thru Shared Solutions, and the NORD application? I'm scared enough of starting the treatment, but the uncertainty of waiting is drivng me bonkers!

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Hi Melanie,
There are quite a few of us here on Copaxone, including me for almost a year now.  Being nervous about starting is natural, but please believe us when we say you will get the hang of it quickly and it will just be another part of your daily routine.

As for the assistance, I could not get it because my insurance had me get the drugs through their affiliated pharmacy, which is not part of the SS plan.  I know there are several people here who have worked with SS, and with mixed results.

It is a slow moving process, so please be patient.  

I don't know if anyone here has worked with NORD for assistance - how about it folks?

This is very overwhelming at first,but it does get less complicated as time goes on.

be well,
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Thanks Lulu!
It does seem like there is a lot of help out there (& here), I'm just so impatient and this is I think the worst thing I've ever had to wait for. NORD, National Organ of Rare Diseases will hopefully help. Especially since I guess all my different DX's fall into their catergory of covered diseases??? Maybe if anybody else has dealt with some of these companies or had no insurance coverage to help them I'm wondering how things went...

Thanks again everybody!
Live, Laugh, Love  
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I deal with shared solutions. I started out with Caremark Rx. Now i'm with Precision Rx. I take it that you have received a NORD application from Shared Solutions. I did not have to go through this application process. I do know that when yours gos through your pharmacy will be IVP Care. Their number is (800) 370-2510. Sorry i couldn't be of more help. It's nerve-racking but the patient has to be patient.

Take Care

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Fill out and fax the needs based application asap. It is processed by a different part of the company which does not communicate with Share Solutions. They take awhile to process it and they do not pay if your prescription has already been filled. They approved mine a day after my prescription was filled and I was told I had to wait another 90 days to use the discount on my next refill. They also have a lifetime cap on benefits.

Good luck,
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I've been on Copaxone for just about a yr now. I've had amazing care and help with shared solutions. I just recently went through a divorce and they offered me their full assistance coverage for my copaxone. It is based off your income and it only took 5 minutes on the phone. Call them at 800-887-8100. I had United Healthcare ins when i was married but they still covered me. They also send out ice/warm packs, neck wraps, travel kits for your copaxone and they offer nurse training as well. I hope you are able to get through to them and they can offer you all the same benefits that I've been lucky enough to have. Take care and stay strong...
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I have been on Copaxone for almost a year. Shared Soultions has been GREAT!! I am on an assistance program. My company had to medically terminate me, but i kept my ins through COBRA. Yes, it is expensive, but cant be without it. Shared Soultions put me on a program to pick up the additional cost that my ins did not cover. I only have wonderful things to say about them!! They will definately work with you!!
I understand you being nervous about starting the treatment. I was the same way. It just takes some getting used to. Keep your faith and stay strong!!
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