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Could I have MS? What are the symptoms?
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Could I have MS? What are the symptoms?

around 6 months ago I was having some issues of feeling like I was going to pass out. Well it happened kinda and the bad thing was I was driving! I didn't completely lose consciousness but I got really dizzy and my eyes spazed out and felt like they rolled to the back of my head and I couldn't see. It took a few min to get my vision back and when I did I was in two lanes but Luckily there were no cars on the road. I wasn't in a busy area and luckily not on a free way or anything. After that I went to the Dr. and did some blood test but it all turned out fine. Since then I have really been having eye pain. burning and hurting and these weird eye twitches and I don't know why. I got Lasik eye surgery done a couple years ago and now I have to wear contacts again..( A waste of money for me) I'm dizzy all the time because my eyes twitch or I feel like that is the reason. Now I Still have the eye pain but I have been having really bad muscle pain all over my body, Really bad in my legs and arms. When I told my Dr she tested a couple things and then said I had fibromyalgia. She is concerned though because the last couple of weeks my arms have been going numb and my fingertips are all tingly. I can still feel my arms but there hard to move and it keeps getting worse. Today I woke up and my right arm hurts to even touch because it feels like pins and needles. I don't know what this means but on Nov 28th I have a MRI of my Brain scheduled and I'm having such bad anxiety because its almost a month away. There testing for MS and I don't even really know what that means if I have it. I just know I hurt all over, I cant sleep but a few hours a night and my arms and legs are getting worse by the day. I have muscle relaxers, pain medication and Lyrica prescribed to me but honestly I feel like nothing makes the pain stop. I don't know what to do and If It sounds like I even have MS? Does anyone have any Ideas on what could be wrong with me?
Any advice would help. Thank you Danielle
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To give you the symptoms of ms would take a book!

Am sorry you are having so many problems.  No not panic over the MRI, they are painless and if you have anxiety, they can give you a drug; they usually us xanax and ask you to bring a driver.

To put you at ease, your symptoms do not sound like MS.  They seem to be bilateral which is not how MS usually starts and not as abruptly as you described.

Welcome to our forum but would you please break up your post into paragraphs, many of us cannot comprehend or focus that long on text, we need the "breaks" inbetween, whether they meet grammer or english rules or not!


Hi Danielle,

Danielle, have you been told by any doctors what your options or chances of an MS diagnosis might be?
Now Just wait for a moment and think about this "first hand account".

Early in '93 I was having some outlandish things going on with me.  Visual, sensory, physical, super painful - a whole pantheon of 'CRAP', and I went to the doctors, and was tested for this and for that and the other thing.
And I was told by not just one of those physicians that I had a choice as I waited for the last of the many, many tests to come back.  I was told that I had either a Brain Tumor or Multiple Sclerosis.
Now what do you think.  That's right.  I Wished. And I fell to my knees and prayed until my voice ached.
And do you know what happened - I WON THE GOD DAMN  LOTTERY!!! - That's right -  once my MRI's and spinal tap came back I had MS.  You can imagine how revealed I was.  

Now since then I have had actually every symptom the books and articles talk of, including but not limited to not being able to the inability to stand, speak, and four months of the constant unending sensation of my skin being flayed from my body.
But you know what, I still drop to my knees and thank God that  I HAD MS.

You see, during those four months of excruciating parenthesis torture my Daughter was born and although she had less than a 7% chance of survival (due to sever gastroscesis).
By the way she is now due to enter college next year and as strong as an ox but minus a bellybutton.  AND her sister and brother are tough as nails as well.

Danielle, This diagnosis if it is MS is by no means an end to anything.  As far as endings are considered; after diagnosis, I have takin' up rock climbing - white water rafting - cliff diving - sky diving - anything that I was told I couldn't and shouldn't do.

Now, after 20 years of fighting I have come to using a cane, and though It does help me, I can't stand to even look and the f 'ing' thing.
My advice today, after so many years of fighting is to find a good neurologist and listen,  BUT critique, question, and finally make your own decision.  They can give advise, But it is you, you body, your feelings.  YOU MAKE THE DECISION!! as to how everything goes.   Please do not ever forget that.

I am sorry if I went on to extreme but I wish you the best. no matter what the diagnosis,

Best regards,

I am new to this all too! When I first posted by in Sept, I put my whole story into one big paragraph... I didn't realize how hard it was to read! Now I am paragraph-breaking too!!

To be honest..I haven't finished reading your post yet....(I keep reading the same line over again!)

It is much easier for all/most of us to read posts that are broken up...that way you are assured you are understood and more of us will be able to read it ALL the way through :)......

Laurie  :)
Sorry guys I didn't even realize how much I typed until after I posted.

I really appreciate all the support. I have a month before the mri and I think it might be the longest month ever!

I have had the eye pain and really bad headaches for a long time. Maybe 5 or 6 years and I've always just ignored it. The weird pain and numbness is new. I can't even text because my fingers don't move fast enough. I luckily have a speak to text on my phone.

Cjoseph- I can't imagen thinking it was a brain tumor. I guess there really is worse things then ms, if I even have it. More then anything I just want to know what's wrong. I have a good friend with ms and he lives most days completely fine.

Thank you all for the responses. I'll keep everyone updated on what the Dr says and if anyone has anymore good advise please do share.
Thank you :)
Cjoseph- one last thing. You are a strong person and I really hope I have your attitude on whatever is wrong.

Good Luck, I hope everything goes well. Please do keep us updated.

Just remember to meet it head on, no flinching - Good, or otherwise you can face it.

If this pampered little boy can keep it on the ropes for this long, I know it will be no match for you.

Again Good Luck!

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