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Diet/exercise and MS - what do you do??
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Diet/exercise and MS - what do you do??

ok I am just really curious as to what other people with MS are doing as far as diet and exercise.  I am currently changing over to a fully gluten free diet and I have some exercises that the PT gal recommended but I am always open to other things to try to see if it will help keep me going strong.  Looking for things to energize me durring the day and help me sleep at night.
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I walk my dogs, I ride horses, I do yoga, and I swim. The more active I am the happier my body is. I have MS, two bad disks, and stage IIIc Cancer.

I follow a well balanced diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. I shop the farmer's market or the perimeter of the grocery store. I leave the processed stuff alone. I changed my diet slowly. I drink mostly water. I do not drink nor smoke.

I maintain a good BMI. I am not trying to cure MS with diet I am trying to be as healthy as I can. I do not want extra weight because I do not want more weight to deal with as I lose more function to MS. I am also 90% chance of breast cancer and have to keep the weight off to fight that.

When they first mentioned I might have MS I felt helpless. I started looking at what was in my control. Diet and exercise were. I was 200 pounds and could barely walk. Now I am 140 and I am more active at 49 then I was at 44. I also take a lot less pain medication.

I ditto HVAC ...... just try when you can, and be busy, and doing things that you enjoy.  Like walking, playing piano, being with great friends ( that DON'T give us advice to us on how to cure ourselves)   LOL

I only really excercise when I have the energy.  My energy is quite low, and we have been through quite a bit this past couple of months.

So, when we have the energy, we do things, and when we don't, I try to adjust what calories I take in to not weigh more than I do.  That has always been a very big concern of mine.

I do also agree with HVAC that the more you do, the more you will want to do, but....... sometimes, I want to, and I just can't, so,you just do what you can, and adjust the calories accordingly.

Hope this helps,

I stretch alot. It's so important. I've worked out my whole life, but so much including MS has taken me out of going all in. I've gotten back on routine only to fall off since diagnosis, but I've  made a major committment to get my strength back.

I do tapes, and have checked out the free vids on cable. Modify them for your energy and strength level, but try them. That's my suggestion. Keep moving is an absolute must to avoid secondary issues.

For diet. I don't eat a lot at one sitting. I drink water, eat veggies (moreso when in season) , but I've always been that way. MSers can proceed w/diet just like non-MSers. In otherwords - find what makes you feel good and stick to it.

Some others here have specific diets and routines and hopefully they will see this :)
Great question!
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