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Dizziness and Vertigo in MS
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Dizziness and Vertigo in MS

I have been having various body symptoms with a final diagnosis of BFS.   As with many, I and still worried about the possibility of MS.   Right now I'm having Dizziness/Vertigo.   For those of you that have been diagnosed with MS, how has the Dizziness/Vertigo presented itself (with detail: while sleeping, with movement of head, movement of eyes, nausea, etc.).   I'm trying to ease my fears of MS.   Thank you all for the help.
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Hi there and welcome to the MS forum.  Vertigo can be symptom of MS but it can be a symptom of many other things too. So just because you are experiencing vertigo it does not mean that you have MS.

I think any new symptom should be evaluated by a neurologist or a good Dr.

Vertigo can occur from ear problems (like ear infection etc.), some people just get vertigo, it can also occur from migraine headaches, even without a bad throbbing headache.

I get vertigo and mine is worse when i tilt my head up and down, mine is only mild but I have had on one occasion where I was unable to walk in a straight line and it felt so bad I thought I was going to be sick, the room just wouldn't stop circling around me. Vertigo is different from just feeling dizzy.  Usually with vertigo you either get the sensation like you are on a boat and it's rocking or feel like the room is spinning.

My neuro believes my vertigo was part of my migraine headaches and I certainly do get vertigo every time I get a headache but he has also stated that he thinks I could have a lesion in the brainstem and this would most certainly cause my vertigo and possibly headaches... so for me myself which is what? Do I just have headaches that are causing MS like symptoms or do I really have something like TM/MS that is causing the headaches.

I am not diagnosed with MS but told that I have TM.  I have no evidence on MRI to support this theory? So still feel limbo.

I hope my answer has helped, but if you are worried do see a Dr.  Fasculations can occur in MS but are not the primary thing for MS......

Best wishes,
My vertigo was almost non-existent when I woke up.  It would get gradually worse throughout the day.  At 3:00 it would peak (I could almost set my watch by this) and would gradually get better, but it wouldn't get back to my morning level.  The vertigo seemed to have nothing to do with the position of my head, and I wasn't nauseous.  It caused a lot of fatigue, though - all I wanted to do was sleep!
Hi there,

Adding on a welcome.  I've been dealing with a variation of this the past week and can't be sure it's the MS.  As Udkas says, there are other causes, especially the inner ear, etc.

Would make you feel a whole lot better if the Dr. takes a look and lets you know.  I need to do that too.

Thanks for joining us!
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