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Do I have MS?

I know it is not a question any of you can answer but I just wanted opinions I guess. I am self famous for being a "Google Doctor" because when I got something feeling off about me instead of going to a Dr. I usually just Google it! When googling my symptoms a lot of MS stuff came up, mainly MS Hug.

With that said, for the past week I am have an uncomfortable, dull, numbish feeling on my left side just below my rib cage, up my left chest, around my left shoulder and down to my left elbow. I have been extremely tired and lose my breath going up the stairs. It seems these symptoms are worse when resting. I have found that when I get a little treadmill time or coach my son's Tee Ball team I feel better.

I have recently been run through all the cardiology test you can imagine. I checked out completely fine except my high blood pressure. I was put on Losartan.

I am 38 years old, 6'1", 290 lbs. I can not find any history of MS in my family.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciate. Thanks
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You're right.  It's impossible for us to know.
It is also impossible for Dr. Google to have much of an idea.
MS pops up on nearly every search of symptoms because it is a disease with extremely diverse presentations.

Cardiac disease would have been my first inclination to explain your symptom.  I'm glad you saw someone other than Dr. Google for that and are being treated for the hypertension.  I suggest you talk to your PCP and share your concerns.  Initial testing starts there when there are concerns about the possibility of an MS diagnosis.

Just a quick input here.  Yes it isn't always good to google symptoms or symptom checkers but honestly even Dr. Oz stated "Facts about your Doctor" on one of his episodes and stated that Doctors will look up the exact SAME search engines as you do !!  Also back in the day before computers Doctors took out their text books to check your symptoms.  it isn't really all that different.  

With that said , yes you need to seek a Neurologist or have your primary refer you if need be.  Any type of numbess sensations has the possibility to be related to your CNS or even other illnesses.  

Make a list of your symptoms and take them to your Doctors :) Making a list will really help in not forgetting anything and easy to read for your Doctor.

Good Luck and don't worry, their are very few that can say they NEVER googled their symptoms.  it's natural!

Wellness to you
Hi there, (for what its worth) I wouldn't say what you have described....

"an uncomfortable, dull, numbish feeling on my left side just below my rib cage, up my left chest, around my left shoulder and down to my left elbow."

would fit into the typical description of the 'MS Hug' because that is thought to be experienced in the torso/trunk and your experience includes your left shoulder down to your elbow.

I too thought heart because your sx's 'all' fit our (Australia) health warnings on the common signs of heart issues and considering you've just had a cardio work up and have been dx with high blood pressure, i'd say this is something you really need to see your dr about!


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