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Double vision when tired?
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Double vision when tired?

Does anyone else experience double vision when tired?  I think it isn't that unusual--I remember it happening from time to time over the past many years--but it happens to me all the time when I'm tired and I'm having more and more trouble getting my eyes back in focus, and even then I feel a tiny "tremor" or shaking in my left eye.

Is this normal?

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Hi Stephanie,

I have the same issue. Mine seems to come and go, sometimes depending on the day, but it does act up worse if I'm tired. I started having this issue back in 2008. I went to an opthamologist and he said my double vision was brought on by left sided eye muscle weakness caused by nerve damage.

There is a whole list of reasons why you could have double vision. Only a evaluation from an opthamologist will be able to find out the cause.

When looking to the far left or right, I get the shaking (tremor) in my eyes as well. This is known as nystagmus.

If you haven't already, I would get an appointment with a opthamologist and have an evaluation of your symptoms. If your undiagnosed, this will help build evidence. Your eyes are very important and if this seems to be happening more, whether your diagnose or undiagnosed, you should have a doctor take a look and see if something is going on.

Double vision is never normal, nor is nystagmus.

Take Care & get an appointment

I also experience double vision, but I never considered to track it to see if I experience it more when I am tired.  I usually have the double vision at some point every day.  One thing I can say, however, is that the heat will trigger it; whether it is too hot outside or from a shower that is too warm.

I too experience nystagmus when shifting eyes left or right.  

And as slightlybroken has said, it is definately not normal.  You say you have experienced this from time to time over the years but moreso lately, This is something you should have evaluated.

I do have nystagmus in my left eye on gazing far to the left.  Both my neuro and an ophthamologist noted it.  It's not severe.  

I guess I'm thinking that when I'm not tired (well, not *too* tired!) my nerves/muscles can overcome this tendency toward nystagmus, but when I'm really exhausted, I just can't do it as effectively?  Does that make sense?  

I know a lot of my sx seem worse when I'm tired, but I suspect they really *are* worse, and not just my perception of them.  Because I'm sure I'm not just "noticing" double vision more when fatigued, you know?

Thanks for your replies!

I have double vision all the time but both eyes roll out more when I am tired or if I am on certain medications. heat makes it worse as well.

Yes me too when tired or too hot, mine is caused by muscle weakness in the left eye which causes convergence disorder and the resulting double vision.

I have had ON several times too and so my vision is generally awful when I am tired, stressed or hot.
I just began having double vision two weeks ago. Thankfully, I have only experienced at night when I am really tired.  Prior to the double vision, I had the sensation that my eyes weren't tracking together all the time.  

The double vision thing really freaked me out big time at first.  I couldn't get my eye muscles to work right.  I used my fingers to try to get the muscles to work but coudn't----so I pulled the sheets over my head and went to sleep.  Literally

Today I had to go out to a small store.  As I scanned a shelf my head stopped but the shelf continued to move.  It was a strange feeling.  I have no idea what that is.  
I had severe and constant double vision and nystagmus for over a year; it improved very slowly to the point where the double vision is now only at my extreme left lateral gaze, for the most part.  My neuro explained its remission being due to neuroplasticity, as opposed to recovery of function in the 6th cranial nerve.  Other nerve(s) kick in and take over the work that the damaged nerve can no longer do.  

Like others here, my double vision, and in fact all my residual MS symptoms, do worsen when fatigued or overheated.  I always become aware of it about halfway through working out, when I really start to sweat.   It improves very quickly when I cool off.  

BTW I had come close to resigning myself that I would have double vision forever, after having it so bad for so long.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to drive again (or at least without an eye patch, aaargh Matey) so it was a great relief when it returned to the point of normal functioning.  It doesn't bother me when it does return when I exercise and when I'm tired, I'm just so grateful to know it's temporary.  I do wonder if it'll come back with my next flare, but try not to dwell on that possibility.  I have more appreciation for my normal vision than I ever did before MS.
Hi Steph,

I have permanent double vision in both eyes, but yes it does get worse when I am tired.

The initial dx of my MS was due to double vision on the LHS, cleared up but came back again this time on my RHS.

I have 'taught' myself to turn my head more, so that I can see clearly:/

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