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Dr says my arm will be like a Chicken Wing after Rotator Cuff surge...
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Dr says my arm will be like a Chicken Wing after Rotator Cuff surgery

Got the official word from the Dr today about my injuries from falling on my stairs.

Two Tears.
One is very large over 1 3/4"  and second tear in in biceps tendon.  A few other misc problems for him to look at once he is in.

He says I'll need to keep my arm close in the waist splint like its a chicken wing..   for six weeks and it will take six months before I raise my arm above my head.

April 9 is the surgery,  he said I can drive after two week if I'm not taking any pain meds.

             I told my wife I hit the surgery TRIFECTA,  

2011  left ankle surgery
2012  L4-L3  surgery
2013  Rotator cuff.

                What do I get for winning the trifecta?  
                NOT  a chicken dinner  ( Charile Sheen)

Here's what I won,
No Yard work for awhile..   can't use that old weed wacker  or push or ever ride the mover.   I wouldn't want to burden my good arm by using the vacuum either.
I think  using  the remote should suffice  as a good substitute for any house work  :-/)

Before surgery I see MSlogist and MRI is scheduled and NeroPhy testing.

take care
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man, you go out of your way to stay away from work of all sorts!!

seriously, hoping all goes well for you, keep us posted, we'll think good thoughts for you!
Dang! Well good luck with your surgery! I hope that everything goes well and that your recovery is speedy! Be careful with that remote control! You don't want to get tendonitis in your thumb! Just kidding!

Seriously, I hope that everything goes well. Take care!
you have such a knack for timing .... Seriously I know this frustrates you to no end. get the surgery done and surprise eveyrone by recovering faster than projected.
I've heard of people having rotator cuff surgery and having the offending/offended arm splinted with the humerus parallel to the floor (when standing), elbow pointing to starboard.  We'd have to get a king-sized bed!

We pray that LauraLu's directions prove easy for you to accomplish -- GET WELL SOON!
Sorry. I had a friend who had a 13 inch tear. He rides 100 miles at a time on his bike now and he is 70. May be you will heal well. Get back to somethings you like. Still sorry you have to have it at all.

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