Family Members With MS
by Deb61, Oct 06, 2010
How many of you (limbo or diagnosed) have close family members (sibling, parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent) with MS?  My neuro told me when I was diagnosed it was just about as common as being struck by lightning.

Diagnosed 2008
Sister diagnosed 2006
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by figuerpa, Oct 06, 2010
My sister was diagnosed in 2001 and now I got diagnosed this year.

by Quixotic1Blank, Oct 07, 2010
As common as beng struck by lightening????  Does this neuro know ANYTHING about the epidemiology of MS.  In the US the overal likelihood of developing MS is about 1 in 800  (varies widely between the northern and southern parts).  If an parent has MS your risk rises to close to 1 in 50.  A sib or fraternal twin is between 1 in 20 to 35.  

I certainly hope my chances of being hit by lightening are not that high!  That's just what I need to complete my problems.

No family members for me.

by tonyad, Oct 07, 2010

  I have an Aunt with Dx...My Mother's Sister (who is also a twin)  and she (the twin sister, other Aunt) does Not have MS.

by jujuminx, Oct 07, 2010
I am first in family.  No family members current or past dx with MS.  Hope I don't start a trend.

by essdipity, Oct 07, 2010
I've heard for years that the odds of winning the big lottery (here) are about 1 in 2 million, which supposedly are the same odds as being struck by lightning.

In the US, the odds of having MS are said to be 1 in 750 overall. But if you're female, etc., etc., those odds change against you.

That doctor needs an elementary lesson in probability. And if he really believes what he said, he's dangerously dumb.

by COBOB, Oct 07, 2010
According to the US National Weather Service, the odds off being struck by lightning in the US are 1 in 750,000.  The odds of being struck in the US in an 80 year lifespan are 1 in 6250.
The Odds you will be affected by someone being struck (Ten people affected for every one struck) are 1 in 625.

by starryeyes1, Oct 07, 2010
My dad has had MS for about 30 yrs. I was diagnosed in 2009. I agree with Quix and Ess. Everything I have researched about MS says if you don't have a family member with MS, your chances are 1 in 750.
Sibling or parent 1 in 50, identical twin has a 1 in 3 chance.

I believe that genetically it is connected. Of course, they say that consuming dairy proucts and animal fats combined with whether or not a person had certain viral infections such as mono, rubella, roseolla,measles. herpes also increases the chances.

They have connected the geography to MS as well. Countries such as Northern Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia have higher incidence of MS than countries in the tropics.

Its interesting. I unfortunately "qualified" under all of these factors. My family history, I had mono and roseolla, drink plenty of milk and live in the Pacific Northwest.

Oh well...(sigh)
by JemmAus, Oct 07, 2010
No one except me (that I know of at this point in time) has MS.
by Deb61, Oct 07, 2010
Thanks everyone for your responses. I think my neuro must have been using hyperbole in regards to the lightning comparison.  He's actually a very good doctor and pretty well-informed, so hyperbole was probably being used in response to my mother's emotional question having the second child with an MS diagnosis.