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Fatigue ever go away? and other questions?
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Fatigue ever go away? and other questions?

Couple of questions for those of you diagnosed with MS.

Do you experience daily fatigue irregardless of having flare ups?  Is it more troublesome in the afternoons?

Anyone experience severe itching on the legs for no apparent reason? How are you treating this?

Is constipation common with MS...specifically problems with lack of urge feeling until constipation results?

Are you experiencing muscle cramps daily or only during flare ups?  How are you dealing with this?

Thanks so much
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Hi, Madison. I have MS, but don't have all your same symptoms.

Still, everything you write is common with MS. Fatigue is a constant for many or most of us, not just during relapses. You might ask your doctor for Provigil or Nuvigil, which is often very effective for fatigue.

Itching can be a problem, as can be other paresthesias. I'm afraid there's not a lot to be done about this, although if you use the Search this Community box, you can find many threads that might be helpful.

Constipation is an issue for many. Talk to your doctor, preferably PCP about this one. There are remedies out there. Don't depend on laxatives, bad idea.

Muscle cramps often come and go, regardless of flare status. Again, there are some helps, this time through your neuro.

Very few MSers have no symptoms between relapses. Maybe at the beginning. A new baseline of annoying symptoms but not debilitating ones often develops while we attempt to keep the real relapses at bay through the DMDs.

There's loads of help here in our Health Pages, so if you haven't been there you will find lots of answers and info. Being new at this can be really hard, but we are here to assist anytime. Just ask whatever you don't understand.

Sending best wishes,
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The problem with most questions about what is normal with MS is that everyone is different.  There are no two people who present and live with MS in the same way.  And we all have different tolerance thresholds.

I have experienced almost all of the sx you highlighted at one time or another except the fatigue. Looking back now I can see that some of my sx were directly related to the heat. Of course it was at a time I didn't know I had MS so it is only now that I can see the relationship.

I am one of the few (?), I hope not that small of a group, that doesn't experience any sx bewteen relapses.  Will that continue?  Idk. Of couse THAT is my fear, that this so called good luck that I have had w my MS will suddenly go away and I will wake up with a sx or sx's that will never go away.

So my sx were only present during a flare up...the itching, the numbness, the twitching, the slow bowels, the MS hug, the constant squeezing feeling of parts of my limbs, etc.  I didn't seek relief from it other than the eventual steroids the dr put me on once I was dx. It just slowly all faded. Swimming provided temporary relief with the weightlessness and the movement.

I don't know what your story is but I would find a good MS specialist or a neurologist who knows what they are doing and is willing to listen to you.  The one thing I have learned is that you have to have a competent, compassionate dr in your corner or you will be struggling both physically and emotionally to stay afloat.

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