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First week of October.... what's up?
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First week of October.... what's up?

My goodness, October is here in full force and it is again time to round up all the news that is fit to type.  For our new folks, this is our weekly report of what's going on in our lives - doctor appts, school open houses, brunch with a special friend.

Anything you want to share is fair game - so what's up this week?

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First on the list is to find Dennis's brain. I've got quite a few lying around here and don't know if any of them might be his. I have asked him for guidance so that I make sure he gets the right one back, if in fact I do have it here.

Have also set out deterrents for raccoons and will not hang up my panties on the clothesline to dry this week.

Hoping that this week starts of better than this one had ended. I have had extreme back pain for the past two days; enough to bring me to tears. Haven't had pain like this other than surgery.

Have to follow up with my PCP and neuro this week after getting radiologist report this past Thursday showing changes "slightly" increased since last MRI in March.

Workwise, I'm going into my busy period of the month on top of a software conversion that has not gone smoothly. Will be tons of fun, especially if I am still experiencing a lot of pain which might make it difficult to focus. Work week is also full with a lot of meetings.

I will also continue to carry thoughts of Jan/BOK2Bjan and her family with me during this week and the weeks to follow in hopes that she continues to find that her faith and strength carries her through a most difficult time.

Wishing you all a good week.


Busy week:

Monday: Emergent MRI @ 10:00 am for new MS symptoms
             Cardiology appt @ 4 pm for ongoing issues

Tuesday: Call PCP about continued cloudy urine
             3rd and last of the sphenopaltatine blocks

Wednesday: -appt with SSDI company regarding status, etc.

Thursday: Check with gastroenterologist re colonoscopy and need for re-check due to new symptoms of GERD as well

I hope everyone has a good week.

Thursday : Re-check for son's stitches in finger
Busy week for me also. FINAL ORAL DRUG TRIAL SCREENING!!

Monday - MRI Scan with contrast (Husband is taking me)
Then we are going to test drive a sports car (Audi) Should be fun
Then going to see hubbie's 2 elderly aunts (both mid 80's), one who is over from Canada

Tuesday - Complete morning of screening and decision time about drug trial - see Consultant

Wednesday - If accepted into trial - all day in hospital, take drug and regular hourly ECG's and bloods to see how drug goes into bloodstream.

Thursday - Meeting with solicitor re setting up a poewr of attorney. Then later group supervision for counselling over lunch time, then meeting friend for coffee after lunch.

Friday- Final day of bedroom refit, fixtures and fittings and doors go on cupboards.

Saturday - Morning counselling clients (3 young children aged 2,4,6,)

Sunday - Church Service and relaxing day!!

Hope everyone has a good week and there are several people who I shall be keeping in my thoughts and prayers this week, expecially Jan.

With love, Sarah x
I've got MS nurse Tuesday, not much else for a few days then my try outs for a singing choir I want to join (seeing as sport is out of the question lately), my 13yo son's first visit to the orthodontist to see about braces (sounds expensive!) on Thursday......... it's my twins' 24th birthday on the 9th, then neuro on the 11th........
Today I will spend my "free time" doing schoolwork since I did not do it during the weekend (Bad student!!)

I need to take my 5-year-old to an eye doctor if I can get an appointment this week. She was bumped in the eye during school last week and though it did not hurt she said her eye was "fuzzy". I took her to an after hours clinic on Saturday and there was no abrasion, but he said there was a difference in her vision on her left eye. I realized the other day that since school started she has not wanted to play computer much, so I'm thinking maybe she needs glasses.

Wednesday I'm going to try to get in to see the nurse at the infusion center at my neuros. I'm still getting itchy big welts from my shots, and they are lasting more than 2 weeks, so I want to make sure I am doing the shots right and possibly get new injection sites to use.

Monday lunch with a friend

Most of the week working on three paintings due by November, next week my DH is taking off and we are doing house projects so I will lose a week painting. I am also doing more of the house work and yard work so my husband can train to do his 780 mile endurance bike ride next year.

Wednesday Dressage horse lesson. I am having a great time it is a physical and mental challenge. I have to do pilates and yoga as cross training which is good for the MS as well.

Thursday going to hear Diane Rehm read from her book Life with Maxie (her dog)

Saturday MS support group.

It looks like a pretty routine week on the calendar.  One doctor appt. (cardiologist, today), three work days, one agility class with the dog.

Tuesday I'll help get the horse moved into his new boarding barn.  A $50/month raise in board at the old place finally inspired my hubby to search for a new place.  This one is nice, less expensive and about half the distance from our house (also, less than a mile from our daughter).  It's a good thing.  Maybe I'll actually get out and see the guy once in a while.

Friday is the annual grandparents day at the youngest granddaughter's elementary school.  This will be my eighth year attending.  All the students take part in a singing program and then get to show us around their classrooms and tour us through hallways full of displayed projects.  They have a blast and so do we.

Thursday may hold something special.  I'm keeping in quiet other than that so it doesn't get jinxed.

Tomorrow - heart stress test and monthly blood test, then 6 hour drive to the coast for appt

Wed - lung specialist appt. for check up and to discuss chest ct taken 2 weeks ago

thur - take long way home so we can visit our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson.

Fri - relax

Monday-School work
Tuesday-Take my mom to the doctor for a follow up
Wednesday-School work
Thursday-My son has a doctor appointment and my mom goes to see the cardiologist
Friday-More school work.

I feel like I have been in overdrive lately. I am not on here as much as I would like to be, but hopefully everything will settle down here soon so I can get back into my normal routine.

Had CT scan today to check out deviated septum and see if surgery will help correct it.  Will learn results in a week or so.
Busy week at work.
Driving to Calgary on Saturday for four days, spending Thanksgiving weekend with friends who live there.  Driving to the mountains with them on Sunday for Thanksgiving brunch at one of the lovely hotels there, should be beautiful there this time of year.  Cooking the turkey on Monday and back home on Tuesday.  Hence, short work week next week. :)
11 am went to neuro today......
ahd a lovely breakfast with my hubby.

Going to try and get some Dr's on the same page this week.  Going to call and make some appointments...

starting to prepare for company on the long weekend.  It is the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, this one coming up.
\loving the fall weather, and hoping for a fabulous Turkey dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those Canadians out there.

have a great week everyone, and hugs to all and prayers too.  

Wasn't today (Monday) also an Australian holiday - perhaps Labour Day?  

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the turkey - one of the best meals of the year, especially if someone else cooks it!
i don't know about that, but October 11 is our Thanksgiving, and I am cooking the dinner..( well with LOTS of help from hubby) could not do it without him.... and looking forward to family and turkey and pumpkin pie ........yummy !!!!
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