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After reading some your post of parents who has MS and now your child. I am concerned about my kids furture with MS.

As for I know I am the only one in my family who has MS. Who here is the only one who has MS in your family and your kids still dont have or they have it as well even though you have no genectic trace of MS?

I know the chances are higher if they are genetics run in the family.
Make since? what do you think or know?

Thank you for reading
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No one in my family ever had MS I know of. I was at an MS event Tuesday and researchers from UNC were talking about the genetics. It was way over my head.

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You know that having MS as a parent statistically only gives your children a 1 in 50 chance.  Therefore, 98% of people with MS will not see it in their children.

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As far as I know, I'm the only one in my immediate family with MS.  My grandmother might have had MS or fibromyalgia, considering her symptoms.
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Is this number (98%) just based on observation.

* I carry genes from both my parents & have MS
* my wife carries genes from her parents & does not have MS

Assuming that I got the defective gene from only one of my parent, the probability works out to: 1/4.

Of course, there is a fundamental assumptions here that genetic disposition plays a definitive role in MS. It also discounts the fact that just having a certain gene or gene pattern might not result in MS but probably environmental factors that result in gene mutation.

My .00002 cents ...

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This is something that has also worried me for my lil' man... Thanks for the stats Quix! I'm also the only 1 in my family who has MS as far as I know, but from the sounds of some things I heard about my great-grandmother, my dad blames her for KILLING his grandfather, because she was always sick or as he says a 'hypochrondriac'? now I feel she also must have had MS and/or Fibromyalgia... Also both of my grandmothers had severe medical probs so I guess I was doomed from the start? Both my parents are very much in denial and neither one feels my medical probs could have come from their families... WHAT? They are killing me over all this. Hope everybody has a good day and good luck for whatever you are battling today!
Live, Laugh, Love
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Thanks for all your feedback.

I just pray my kids dont get it.No I do want my mom to get tested cause her head trimbels all the time especially when she is sitting still. My grandparents on my dad side seemed to be all mostly fine. My moms side she doesnt know well enough to know all the medical history. Bad enough I had epilepsy and my baby girl had it when she was 5 days old but has been doing fine since. I am a big neuro mess. On the positiuve note my EEG came back negative 2 years ago so that was awesome but than I got diagnosed with MS. I'd rather not have but does?

But my friend who has Fibromyalgia has been looking into the waters in the Maryvale area that years ago was known for the Maryvale Cancer Clusters. Alot of people from this area had cancer, and also developed autoimmune diseases.

So this could be my situation because of the "inviroment" I e-mailed Ann Boroch, a book writer and Dr. (who also had MS, but no longer does due to her change in eating and vitamins) She said yes that TCE has been know to link to autoimmune diseases like MS and could be my senerio.

My sysmptoms didnt arise until I had my cousins son (while she was in prison) who was bi-polar and a pain in the um, butt. So it was brought on by major stress.
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