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Gollies Nightmare On Elm Street
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Gollies Nightmare On Elm Street

Gollie's Crazy Update:

Ok here the scoop so far. I got all the way to the MS dx tuesday 1/19 , Nero says let me know what injection you want then call and leave message at office and I will call it in for you.  Ok, So I call them and let them know on Thursday the 21st.  Now they call me on friday the 22nd and tell me that they called it in to the pharmacy. (meantime im cooking dinner)  then ten minutes later the pharmacy
calls and says its ready. So i go pick it up and stick it in the fridge. Meantime its late friday and the weekend is rollin in so i figure i will be hearing from the copaxone company come monday . Well i didnt hear a word, so i called the copaxone Co. Monday evening 25th  to see about getting the auto injector and visiting nurse for my first injection instructions. They said oh my nero has to write a script for that and that can be done threw fax.  they took my doctors name and what office i see him at. and said we will take care of it no problem. (my nero works out of 2 different offices). Mean  time my neros office calls and say to come on in and pick up
your copaxone welcome kit, tuesaday, i will be there at 12:30 pm. so im thinking ok cool maybe the copaxone co did their fax thing and i can get a copy of the doc report which i signed a release form for at my last appt.(that never got sent to me)and get started on my injections soon.   so i get there at 12;30  and secretay IS NOT THERE, but other receptionst(for the other doc on other side of office is there and gives me the kit.  I get home and its the usual info. so now im sitting here with my copaxone in fridge and a welcome kit. I called the copaxone co. again on wednesday and they said they sent the request to my doc office the one i go to.  So wednesday later in the day the secretary calls me again and says did you get your welcome kit, and I say yes and by the way I said to her did you get the fax and request from the copaxone co?
she says well no i didn t get anything like that, dont know what your talking about; but yes i think a nurse is supposed to come for your first injection. and I explain what they told me. she says to me, well they take care of that kind of stuff in the other office even tho you come to this one. you should call them about it. (meantime i know copaxone co did contact her they told me so beforei talked to her.) so i proceed to ask her why she hadnt mailed me the nero report yet and she said oh we sent those to your pcp he will have the notes. from the nero, I said yea but you had me sign a release form so you could send me a copy. Im like whatever at that point. I had told her i wanted it because before  i left my appointment with the neor last time he wanted me to have a follow up with my pc about all this.  and i also have a follow up with him on 3/11
And i had a feeling that i should get a report, and bring it with me to my pcp, well I got to my Pcp visit today friday the 29th and guess what , he did not have anything from the nero, OOOOHHHHH I WAS SO AGITATED  but not suprised. so now i had to sit threw an appt with my pcp explaining everything without any info from nero office,  and still havnt gotten copaxone  thing taken care of.  
I knew the office workers were bad already because after i had my evp studys done  i had all but the somoasensory results sent to me, before my next nero appt.  i called the nero office three times to see if they had it and they kept saying it didnt come in yet and never bothered to follow up on it.   so  I finally got ahold  the place i had it at to fax me the results.   when i got to my last nero appt, he said humm im missing two of your test results,( I thought to myself NO  ...IT ) well i pulled out the copies i made him, cause i just had a feeling. Shoulda seen the look on his face, i didnt bother to tell him about the office ladies i just wanted to discuss my results and dx.
So i tell my pcp all this and he was not happy mean time i had some more blood work done, and my pcp had copies of them in my file  he says your blood work looks good just your sugar is alittle high but nothing to worrie about. so i  get the copie of it home and start to compare it to my last set and am wondering what the heck,  so the sugar is a bit high but some other things were wrong so im trying to concentrate really hard and happen to look at the top on page and see that it is some other patiens blood work...
Please Someone Pinch me and wake me up from this nightmare        Gollie
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Ps   I dont dare change my nero just yet while im right in the middle of the copaxone thing and on next visit he is going to order the 2nd set of mris w/wo contrast.
I do have another name for a good nero in my area who deals with several ms patiens and goes to all the ms meetings ect.. but I know how long it takes to get another appointment.  So ill just have to plug myway threw till my next appt (it not the nero it the office help).  If nothing changes after my third visist with that office My pcp said he would send me to the other one.  
This is my first post since last sunday but hte first chance i have had to post , im so behind in everything, from all this medical stufff    Sorry for all the ranting i just have to get it out lol.
This is an absolute farce!  

I don't think you need to deal with changing Neuro's right need to make you Neuro aware of all of the screwups his office is making!!!

Once you mentioned that you had someone else's blood test results, I WENT THROUGH THE ROOF!! (my hubby is going to be sooo angry)  Did your neuro or your pcp order the blood tests and who did you get them from?  

This is incompetence, plain and simple and for a neurologist to not have seen this is a clear indication as to what sort of physician he is!  

I sincerely doubt that you are going to see any magical changes in this offices' instability and I really hope that your pcp will see it for what it is and get you in with someone new!

I can feel your frustration Gollie and I wish there was something I could do to help you but I am here to listen and you can rant all you want honey!  Please let us know what happens next in your saga ok?  

So did the pcp make any suggestion as to how you can get the Copaxone thing on the go?  Geez...the stress you are dealing with here is not a good thing should be on this soon I would think and it seems to me that the pcp would contact the neuro to ensure that this was looked after???

I don't know honey...let us know what the next move is anyway ok?  We are behind you and looking out for your back ok?

Lots of Hugs,

I'm pretty tired right now, so this will be short, but I just could not let this go. I agree fully with Rena that this is a farce and totally unacceptable!!!! I can't believe that you are having to go through this. It is appalling that any of this has occurred for you and I do think you should let your neuro know what is going on in his office.

I understand you not wanting to change neuros right now but this kind of stuff can not go on. You have meds in your fridge and can't even use them. That is so wrong!! You have someone else's blood work. That is so wrong!! Plus all the other stuff.

I'm undiagnosed right now and may not be the best one to give advice as I just floundered with my own appointment but as my DH pointed out, I also can't tick her off too much as I have no where else to go. You said that you have another one that your pcp is willing to send you to, maybe it is worth looking into. You should not have to be going through this.

I hope things get on track for you soon. You really do need to be taking your Copaxone and I pray that will all happen soon for you.

What a mess!  I agree, you do need to let the neuro know what is going on. Many times the doctors have no idea what their office staff is doing unless someone brings it to their attention.  

You've just received a major life changing diagnosis and you should not have to go through this!  I am so sorry.  :(

Hi all: so good to hear your comments and support!  Thank You for the replies.

At a very good suggestion of another member; I revised this thread on a new post.

There is abit more info on the new post, so only reply to that one.    

                                                   All My Best  Gollie                  
Well, all I can say, is, Good Golly!!!  How does this stuff happen????  I've had some similar issues, but, nothing on the scale of your day.  LOL  

Hoping it all gets sorted soon, and that it doesn't keep occurring.

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