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Hearing Issues

I read somewhere that you can have hearing loss from MS. I have a ringing most of the time....but this has happened to me:

Recently, my left ear went very muffled, full feeling...then went to hearing nothing out of the left ear at all for a few minutes...then back to the full, muffled feeling.

Then the next day, the left ear continued to feel full, and hearing is muffled....but then everytime I talked, or someone else talks, I was hearing a very amplified high pitch echo in my left ear. Like a roaring, whistling, echo....this has happened several different times lasting a day or less each time.

No cold or sickness at all. I had my hearing tested, is was within normal limits, I also saw and ENT, who didn't see anything wrong with my ears.

Currently, I am back to my okay hearing, with just the constant humming and ringing.

Does this sound MS related to you?

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Avatar m tn
hey daisy,

i cannot really comment on whether that "sounds MS related" but it is true some with MS have hearing problems.

i'll relate this to you, i had for a number of years had decreasing hearing and ringing in my ears. audiology couldn't quite find a "reason" for the hearing loss. they said it was due to hair folicles(sic), this or that.

they send me to a ENT doctor due to my balance issues along with hearing loss. this guy comes back and says all tests show basically nothing. that is sinuses are clean per a CT schann, ears for the most look ok, but a little scar tissue though he said what he was seeing shouldn't be causing this hearing loss.

he asked if i had been seen by a neuro. after the neuro visit, he returns "demyelinating disease of cns".

bottom line, ENT doctor then says, "you have MS", nothing ENT can do for you as there is nothing showing where surgery, etc would help, though your tests show significant hearing loss. they gave me hearing aids.

i take it from my experience, that yes, MS can and does cause somr folks to have hearing loss and ringing in the eears.

happy to hear your hearing has returned!! that is good all things considered. i hope it stays that way for you. the ringing is frustrating but you can still hear well.
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Mild hearing loss and ringing in the ears was one of the first things that led me on my journey to being diagnosed with MS. All the hearing tests were normal but ENT Consultant said it was sensory nerve related hearing loss so I just have to put up with it. However my experience is my own and it does not mean you have MS

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thanks for the replys....

I am dx with RRMS

just wasn't sure if the hearing issues were related to the MS.

Happy Easter to all!!
147426 tn?1317269232
I have had the exact episodes of muffled, then tinny or echoey, like you describe, but they have happened all my life.  I believe those symptoms have more to do with the inner ear (so it would not be MS) but I am not certain.

MS is known to cause hearing loss.  This is not one of the most common things seen, but it is seen.  Loss of vision and taste is more common.  Loss of smell also happens occasionally.

1157044 tn?1318303724
I have also had similiar experiences with ringing in my ears and partial loss of hearing in my left ear.   Strangely I will also get an amplification to my hearing as well at times that can make for a very uncomfortable expereince.

I have also had my taste and sense of smell affected.  My neurologist simply says the MS is affecting my sense and sensibilities.  

All of these items are in and out - however the taste issue lasted far too long and I am happy to be eating more like a normal person again and to be able to eat healthier again as I had done before.

338416 tn?1420049302
Yup, I think your symptoms are due to MS.  I have hearing loss in my left ear, and hyperacusis in my right.  It comes and goes - all of a sudden, it'll feel like somebody stuck a warm, fuzzy finger in my ear, and all the high-frequency range noise goes away.  Then it'll gradually come back over a few hours.
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