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I was wondering what I can do to help me go to the bathroom.  

Today, I have drank
2 cups of coffe
2 9oz bottles of water
1 32 fl oz of gaterade
1 cups hot chocoate
1 glass of pepsi and I have only gone to the bathroom 3 times. I feel like I need to pee but I can't.  I have had really bad pain in my back and right side below my rib for about a month now.

I have had a CT scan of ovaries, uterus, and apendix. I have had blood drawn for Kidney stones, sugar levels. 1 day the results came back with a UTI and the next day a different doctor said NO UTI.  
I finished my medicine for a UTI anyways a week ago, and I am still not better. Was tested Friday and I do not have a UTI anymore. They did a sono of my Kidneys and Bladder and I am still waiting for the results.  

Is this an MS thing?  If so, I am not showing any new lessions. Can this be? Which area of the brain control this?

My problem is that I can't completely empty my bladder all the way.  Some days I go fine and other times I don't hardly go at all.  

If this is a bladder MS thing, what do they do for this?

Need to releave this pain.

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Hi RaeAnne,
I'm sorry to hear you have this problem.  I see you are an old member but I've not crossed paths with you yet.  Are you dx'd with MS?

Yes, bladder problems are definitely an MS thing - at least 50% of us if not more have various forms of the problem. I just had a UTI and finished antibiotics  However that did not clear up my problem of retention.  That sounds like your problem as well - the amount of fluid in is not equaling the amount of fluid out.

I went to a urogynecologist, who recognized the problem, says its common, and instructed me on the procedure to self-catherize.  This has made a tremendous difference for me and may be an answer for you as well.

If I understand correctly, bladder problems are usually associated with cervical lesions.   Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Please do not mess around with this retetion problem - whatever the cause it is not good for your kidneys.  Is there actual pain or are you saying your bladder hurts from being stretched?  You may want to consider a trip to the ER to get some relief.  They can do a cath there for you and help with the discomfort.  

Hoping you find relief soon,

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I feel your pain when it come to bladder retention. I notice you drink water, but still consume more caffeine and thats not good. I too have catheter's but they are not very convenient when you work or have to travel. My neurologist gives medications that help stop the frequency of  urination, but by taking the medication I have started to empty my bladder. I was nothing for to go to the bathroom 16 times with 4-5 hours. My doctor also gives me antibiotics with refills because the urine that sits in your badder will begin to start an infection. Sometimes I feel like I am starting to get an infection, but its not, so I can take an over the counter medication call AZO standard to relieve the burning which I get when I try to urinate.

I wowuld call my doctor and ask if he/she will order a urinalysis and if you might want to check into medications like Detrol LA for the frquency.

I do have lesions on my spine and I have always been told that was one reason my bladder and bowel problems were so bad, other than it is a part of having MS.

Dont wait around with this problem, because Lulu is right about damaging your kidneys and I'm sure you dont need any more medical problems.
If your neurologist wont help you, go to the ER or make an appt with a urologist.

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In my opinion waiting for an appointment with your doctor is not quick enough.  How long can anyone go without emptying their bladder?!  You need to get to the hospital NOW.  The solution is very simple, they will either scan you first, or put in an indwelling catheter, relieve the pressure off an overstretched bladder, likely keep you in at least a day for it to recover if it is too full, and then decide on a long term solution.  This may be self-catheterization, or further investigations.

Retained urine is more than just painful or a nuisance, it is a direct threat to your life.  Once urine backs up to the kidneys and they start to fail, or the bladder ruptures,  you have hours at the most to retrieve the damage.  This is not a wait for an appointment situation, this is a get to the hospital and get your bladder emptied one.  Go now.  It does not matter if there are no signs of infection at the moment, or what your other scans say, this is almost not relevant at this very moment.  The important thing is to empty your bladder.

I was in a similar sitation to you a couple of years ago and just carried on drinking and straining with no urine produced and had nothing more than a tummy ache.  Eventually I took myself to the hospital, by the good fortune of an unknown stranger.  

The normal capacity of the bladder is 400mls.  I was retaining well over a litre.  Within hours I would have died had I not made that decision to get emergency help.  I was not feeling terrible when I went, just felt it wasn't right that I had drunk so much, peed so little, and my tummy hurt.  Like you I was going to just let things be.  So I initially stayed home, went to sleep and was awoken a little while later by the phone ringing.  The call, a wrong number, saved my life.  Had I not woken I would likely never have woken again - my kidneys were shutting down.  Somehow I realised this call was not accident, I was clearly meant to live.  So at 4 in the morning, with no money, I was in such a mess I left home without even my purse, and just the amazing good nature of a passing taxi driver, I went to the hospital.

After four days in hospital, with an indwelling catheter, I recovered enough to go home, and now self-catheterize.  The damage to my kidneys though is permanent.

Yes I mean to scare you.  This may not be what happens with you.  But the kidneys are the key to whether we live or not.  Even if you feel okay, you must get this checked out.  Don't leave it until later, tomorrow, whenever.  Go to the ER now.  Please.

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