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I have a Q? Are cysts in the brain common with MS?
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I have a Q? Are cysts in the brain common with MS?

Now that I know, for certain, that I have MS, I wonder what the "cysts" in my brain mean.

Yes, I had a "closed head injury" (severe head trauma, concussion), severe neck trauma, dislocated left thumb and a severe chest contusion, back on July 3rd.  Without this accident I would probably not have had an MRI that showed the lesions and the cyst.  My first MRI revealed 1 walnut-sized cyst and 12-16 lesions, the 2nd MRI they found, more than one cyst and more than 16 lesions.

My Neurologists explained that the lesions were from MS (verified by spinal tap and blood tests), but he didn't say what the cysts were from or why there is now more than one and if I should be alarmed about the cysts.

Do any of the rest of you have both lesions and cysts in your brain?
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I am no Doctor but I think cysts are something all together from MS. Cysts are growths and MS lesions are caused by holes in the myelin?

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Idk either but im sure people will answer that do. I remeber my PCP saying I have a cyst but it was no big deal because where it was at was common place? Like smokers usually get them so I never really thought about it or worried about it since they said not too. That was just from a Cat scan tho ( my very first test) My Neuro never brought it up after I got my MRI just the 2 lesions.
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I'm so glad you posted this!

I have small veins bleeding on my brain.

With all the research I've done since 10-04-09,

I have come  to wonder if  they are connected  in some way,

to the MS the Docs  are saying I have too now.

I'm headed to Duke next week, I can't wait to find out!

I was also in two bad car accidents with in

two mo of each other, about 15 years ago.

I had a brain concussion from the first one.

I was wearing my seat belt, was badly bruised by the seat belt

but  Docs did say  my brain hit my skull so hard I had a concussion.

The second accident I was a passenger.

My seat belt didn't hold on impact.

I broke out the front window with my head, then fell to the floor board.

I had severe neck and back pain from that for about 5 years.

Then It went away.

I didn't have any problems for about 7 years,

then my left side started giving me problems off and on.

Then I ended up in the hospital with stroke symps 10-04

that ended up being  the bleeding veins on my brain and led to the dx of MS.

Erin, you mentioned smoking causing cysts. I didn't know that!

I started smoking about 8 years ago. Never smoked before that.

I have always been calm, and patient.

But with all 5 of my children close in age,

going through the trying years of teen hood, all at once

I was calm on the outside using self control but inside I was over loaded

and feared losing that calm and patience with the kids one day.

The stress of raising 5  teens close in age, led me to tell my husband I needed

to go to the Doc for med or something to calm my nerves.

Even though I had never taken  or needed anything in my life before that.

My husband didn't want me to take meds, talked me in to smoking to calm me.

Crazy thing is, it worked!

I did speak to my Doc about quitting,

she advised me not to right now.

Said it could be another shock to my system.

I usually smoke less then a pk a day, maybe when I get to Duke

they will want me to quit.   I'll get help to quit then.  

Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble on like this, your post simply trigger some memories I had forgotten, (the accidents)

that I need to write down for my doc at Duke.

I hope you find answers for you question. You chose a wonderful site to ask.!
HuGs!    NiCee

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