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I have chest pain, why?
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I have chest pain, why?

Hey guy's and doll's,

I dont know what the heck is going on with this but its not something i've ever had before. I've had spasms that caused chest pain but this is nothing even remotely like a spasm, Its not my heart, thats still doing its thing, NO i think this is muscular skeletal (sp). It feels like the right side of my chest is frozen. When i move, i'm in pain, and multiple times a day the loudest crack, thats so loud it startles people, comes out from my chest, Its like a snapping branch, it hurts btw.

DON'T dare touch my chest, my childs head in a gentle embrace is enough to bring tears and its not because its a sweet moment, it hurts, hurts, hurts. It doesn't take much movement and there's the most incredible crack, its just so weird in a long line of weird. If i lightly lift my shoulders like a shrug, i can actually here the click click click sound, lift my arm and the cat jumps from the crack it lets out, might be a good party trick lol.

This came on when the other things started ramping up again, if something new hangs around for more than a few weeks i then start to take more notice of it, i thought at first i might of pulled another muscle, i seem to be doing that pretty easily. This is definitely not muscle and the most strenuous thing i've been doing lately, is breathing, too fatigued to do much else. I did wonder if i'd some how done damage when i was wakeboarding but thats got to be well over a month ago, not possible.

I've racked my brain and there is absolutely no reason for this, hate it, i much prefer having a reason for the pain, sure dont like the unknowns. So any ideas to what could be going on, i cant even name it to do some research, where if at all it fits into the MS puzzle, its got me stumped.

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751951 tn?1406636463
Sure sounds to me -- as fully unqualified as I am -- like something you should have looked at by a professional, and sooner rather than later.  Haven't heard these sounds or felt this pain myself, but is it possible you have a broken bone in there somewhere, or a dislocated shoulder?
1230912 tn?1273496370
I had horrible chest pain last year, no cracking sounds though, and was diagnosed with teizes disease. Supposedly it is a condition where you pull the cartilage in your chest and yes it can hurt to the extreme, I had the same problem with my son trying to rest his head on my chest. It makes it difficult to breath at times also.

After I got the diagnosis of MS though I am very curious if that was an accurate diagnosis of Teizes or if it was just another symptom. I would get it checked out though, the cracking sound would concern me!
572651 tn?1333939396
JJ - they are so right.  This is something you need to have checked by a professional.  Keep us posted - I would like to know what the verdict is from a pro.

338416 tn?1420049302
Yup, yup, talk to the professionals.  But if I was going to guess, I'd say it was spasticity or spasms causing tightness and cramping in your thoracic muscles.
987762 tn?1331031553
Hey Guys and dolls,

Why is nothing simple any more, this is my right side, its my left that usually has everything going wrong. Sheeesh!! I've been rattled by the sheer volume of bad dr visits that we are reporting here, i still havent worked out what i'm going to do about my visible sx. How do i even mention to a dr the ones you cant see, if visible ones puts me in a position to defend my mental health and inteligence, what will invisible get me, a padded room?!

My cats a better dr (lol) no seriously she is, she knows when ever some one is not right, hangs around them, sleeps on the bed, follows them etc until they are well again and then she goes back to superior indifference and acts like you didnt so true!

Just so you know i feel like, unless i'm being dragged to a dr kicking and screaming its not going to happen by my hand. I'm of the mind (lol) that i'm never going to get "the" answer from someone with dr in front of their name. I have a long list of "probablies" and i'm sick of not getting any help when i do seek it, yes i know its dumb and i'm acting stupid but i dont expect to get help anymore, i never have had answers before, this will be another to add to the list.

I thought Teizes was something that happened to children but they out grew, something to do with the growth factor, though thats probably wrong. I would of thought if spasticity or spasms where causing it (which i do think its very possible) i'd have some other signs of the muscles tightening, when my left spasms you can see the ribs shrink with the spasms, oh and the pain lets you know its in spasm too. THis just is tight, i wonder if the muscles are staying in a contracted state and when i move its forcing the flex, hence the crack and whack of pain.

I'm tired of this, i just keep on adding to my list, i'm just so tired i cant think straight anymore. Thanks for the input but i'm too tired to do it all again.


987762 tn?1331031553
I just realised that my dr statement is too general and could inadvertently insult someone i didn't intend to pile into the same bag, sorry if that happened!! I am refering to those that i have so far had the misfortune and not the wonderful ones that i know are still out there.

I've decided i cant go away with the family this time, i cant stay awake and when i am i'm not much better so the best place for me is home, i just cant fake normal so i'm not going to even try.

I think i have an issue with not knowing where to go for help, who will do something. I think my dr of many years would still send me off for a blood test, the same blood tests i've had and had and had done already, nothing turns up so theres nothing wrong. I had to ask to see a neurologist, i was struggling to communicate and walk but the blood test was showing nothing abnormal so i was health (wtf) i know my body and there was nothing even remotely healthy going on.

I've even wondered if she was even looking at my blood tests, doesnt make sense,  i had blood tests because i was fighting fatigue, looked like death, as she said then i was obviously fighting an infection, it was flu season. A few days after the blood test i had an egg shaped lump in my mouth that sent me to the dentist thinking absess (abscess), which he said he'd never seen one as bad, drained it, stitches and 2 lots of antibiotics, the dental nurse called me every couple of days she was that concerned, i did look like a corpse. If they were MY blood tests i would of thought the infection, i really did have, would of been picked up but the dr said i was healthy, so i'm not confident they were my test results.

It was that infection that set off the 2009 episode, it doesnt seem like anything would improve if i asked her about this crack from my ribs, i pull the muscle off the bone in my arms, break ribs coughing, have the left side of my rib cage spasm, etc and its never been worth investigating the why. Fatigue = eat more in her medical opinion, still fatigued so eat even more, the only thing she finds confusing is I lost 2kilos eating so much food i should of been obess, she probably thinks i must not be eating what i say i am lol. Seriously its no trick just genetics, my gran, dad and son are/were the same!

No confidence, my dr is good at refilling my childrens scripts but i dont think she's any good at anything else, sheesh i've got away with not having a pap smear for 12 years, its never come up and i only just worked out when i had the last one. I know i need a new dr, but its such an 'effort' to find a good one, that others recommend, my dh wants me to go to his not cause he thinks he's brilliant just cause he does a lot of tests lol!

Thanks for the support and if it gets too much or doesnt stop, i'll find someone!!


198419 tn?1360245956

You ain't been on any boards or anything have you? Or, something similiar, hmmm, I remember you doing something crazy like that on last vaca!

The cracking noise is very strange, and I have no comparision. I can relate to the frozen and pain feeling, but I do not get that in the ribcage during the day. Mine wakes me at night when I must try to roll over or something...feels froze up, hurts to breath and move and then as I slowly do it, it improves. Weird for sure.

Hard to pull yourself to that Dr. I know. 1st step 1st. Just make the call! Then go from there - k?

572651 tn?1333939396
JJ -any doctor, especially a woman MD, who would neglect to do routine gynelogical exams that we know are life savers and essential, isn't worth a squat.  Please leave her NOW - you need someone who will really listen and help you find the answers you deserve.

It took my realizing that my GP of 15+ years was in the same category - fine for routine pediatric work, but not much more - to search out a new doc.  It was the new one who immediately, on my very first visit, sent me for testing which started my MS dx.  I know its not an easy switch to make - been there, done that - but for our own health we sometimes have to do what is hard.  Right?  

If not your DH's doc, then surely there is someone else in town.  Talk to people - call your local MS organization and ask for recommendations of a GP who is familiar with neurological problems.  Ask the woman who rings up your groceries.  LOL

Everyone can tell you about their doctors and find one that people give glowing reports about.

Please don't give up - you deserve better.
1142155 tn?1261770432
JJ--I'm wondering if Pastor Dan's not right about you having a broken bone or a dislocated collar bone or something.  I know I don't know you except from having read a few of your comments here on the forum, so perhaps I shouldn't presume to offer you any advice.  You know your body and what you're living with better than anyone else.  But it sounds to me, from reading your comments here, that you've become extremely fragile, so it may not be far-fetched to wonder if you haven't broken or dislocated something.  When you say you are planning to stay home, when you describe how much effort it takes you just to breathe and do nothing else, how much pain you're in, I'm amazed at your ability to also laugh.  What a rare spirit you have!  

I guess I am thinking that with an infection like that in your mouth, losing weight, feeling so weak and energyless--well, no one would want to tackle finding a new doctor to treat them feeling like you do.  I don't think I'd be able to face the prospect either and I've felt ill enough at times that I've needed my husband to drive me to the doctor and so on.  And I know what it's like to have a doctor who isn't worth spit.  

On the other hand, I think this is where your spirit and courage must take over the details from a frail body because you are needed in this world!  Like everyone else, I am saying, please don't give up.  For every doctor who simply relies on the diploma on their wall for their esteem, there is a doctor like Quix or like some of the doctors who have tended to me.  They are out there.  I believe that the very next doctor you go to will treat you entirely different from this last doctor.  Think of how concerned your dentist's nurse was.  Your dentist and the nurse knew something unusual was going on and they are concerned for you.  I imagine the next doctor you see will also realize something unusual is going on and be concerned for you.  Please keep us all posted on how you are!  We will be waiting for word from you.  Jo
987762 tn?1331031553
Hey guys and dolls,

Shell: I cant recall doing anything, i'd find it easier to accept if i had, wakeboarding was too long ago, though i probably shouldn't discount that i weakened something, if i did it took a long time to show it self. lol i cant even blame it on vacuming, i have breading dust bunnies lol.

Lulu: Not much I can say other than you are so right and yes i known i need a new dr.

Jo: hmmm where do i start, firstly thankyou :-) i felt a tad teary reading your post to me. I am fragile! wow that was hard to say, i use to be bullet proof, age defiying, a pocket rocket personality but i really am not that anymore. SHE is left in this little body that doesnt seem to want to keep on keeping on and yes i look fragile and feel it too. Though there is still a fire that fuels me, a spark that gets free every now and again, and i recognise my self once more.

I know no other way to be, full on in a head wind, this new life takes a bit of getting use to and sometimes i wonder how i can pull it off for another day, but another day is always here and until there is not, then what choice is there but to just get on with living with the hand you've been dealt. I'm not trying to be mushy, just realistic, i'm use to battles and this is a battle i am going to win, loosing is just not going to be an option with this one. oh grd i now sound really dramatic, just trying to say i am still here, i havent given up but i dont have the energy needed to leave the house, sheesh i dont even have the energy to eat.

Thank you one and all!!


PS i've lived through worse!
1142155 tn?1261770432
JJ--yeah, I knew I recognized a kindred spirit:)  I think all of us with MS have a hard, hard time adjusting our self-identity to include the changes wrought in us by this disease.  We just don't recognize ourselves anymore really, and sometimes, maybe we don't want to.  Like you, I still have passion and fire, but sometimes I have to stoke that fire a bit more than I once did.  I have my ways of becoming fiery, though, and I am just betting you have yours.  The real you is definitely still inside you.  I hear the real you in your words.  MS can't take that fiery spark away.  And you're not mushy or dramatic at all, but very realistic.  This is a very realistic disease, enit?  

So maybe you just rest for a day or two, the whole time planning in the back of your mind what you're going to do on Day 3.  Instruct yourself to map it out in your dreams:  see yourself calling someone you know in your local area who has MS and see who their doctor is, and then see yourself calling that doctor.  Tell the doctor's office it is urgent when you do call them and that you need to see them now.  If you're feeling a bit of that pocket-rocket and can be even a little forceful or even slightly dramatic, say you haven't got much strength to get there, so you need them to send someone to get you --(:  That should do the trick!    

Maybe some drama will be what it takes to get a doctor to take you seriously and not act like he/she didn't earn a medical diploma.  Don't worry if your hair's not brushed or your teeth either, or if your socks match.  The worse you look, the more the doctor will be alarmed and distressed, and the more he'll pay attention to what YOU need for once, in lieu of making foolish assumptions that he knows what you need without listening to you.  

One thing I've learned through all of this MS thing is that it is okay to be a little weak and fragile every once in a while.  Being weak doesn't mean you're not you and sometimes, allowing yourself to appear weak and fragile, even when it grates on your nerves, will make a doctor stand at attention and notice you, instead of just checking you off as his next 10 minute appointment accomplished.  

You're still that pocket rocket, full-on-in-a-headwind (love that--makes me laugh) and I can hear THAT you in your words.  Meanwhile, I'm just praying that the doctor for you is found in one phone call.  He or she won't be a condescending, annoying, idiot pinhead either.  Two days, three at most, then please try for a new doc and let us know how it turns out.  Jo

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