Icy hot feeling on leg in area of AFO
by Sunnytoday, May 10, 2009
Is there ANY way to make this go away (i mean, other than amputation?). I've had it for three days and I'm NOT liking it. I know we've discussed this here before. I just am wondering if we talked about ways to make them vamoosh and disapear or if this is just another "live with it dearie" symptom of whatever i've got. :)

Basically it is a huge icy hot patch the size of my hand (when I spread out the fingers) on my leg where the top of my AFO straps to my calf. My leg is tiny as i'm 108 lbs and 5ft4inches... so that basically covers the front of my leg. Not liking this! It get's worse when I strap on my AFO- i'm not sure if it's becuase then something is rubbing against the spot or the tight pressure of the straps right there. Anyways...

Thanks for the advise!
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by rendeanBlank, May 10, 2009
Sorry to hear of your new symptom. i have the exact feeling on thetop of my left thigh. The only thing that makes it feel better is rubbing spot and the surrounding skin. By adding the pressue of rubbing eases off the sensation.

However, it doesn't seem like that's a solution for you. Could you pad the area or adjust the straps in any manner?

Sorry I'm not much help but I do have the same sensation and it comes and goes as it pleases. I can not figure out a trigger for it.

I hope you can find  a solution or better yet, I hope that it just disappears.

by Sunnytoday, May 10, 2009
Thanks Ren.... it's all over my left foot now too- i was on the beach today and got too hot. :[ I know- heat's a bad thing, but I enjoyed it so much- I haven't heard the waves or seen the blue water for a year. But now the cold/hot feeling is all down my left calf and my left foot feels like it's got a million needles in it- and if I press on it or rub it it just goes on fire. And- it's not sunburned. :)  

I'm cool with it and then a few seconds later I just want to hop up and down and laugh hilarously and yell and cry about it. Funny how tingly cold feelings can get on your nerves. Reckon I'll get used to it. Eventually... especially since I guess there isn't anything to make it go away!

thanks for the comment!

by LATW, May 10, 2009
Are  you having some kind of a reaction to the AFO? I started with an AFO that covered the front of my leg, shin area, and wrapped around down under my foot.
That was hot and I was starting to have issues with it.

My new AFO has one strap on the top that wraps around my calf and none of the rest of it touches my skin.

I don't know...this is probably not it but if you are developing an allergy to the AFO material I am sure this could happen.