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Is aphasia common to MS?
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Is aphasia common to MS?

Since coming home from the hospital a couple weeks ago I had two seizures in one day.  I have also developed a stutter/stammer when I am trying to talk.  Some of it was attributed to the seizure meds I had begun taking.  When my neurologist adjusted it to a lower strength it improved some, but did not completely go away.

Has anyone else had trouble with speech?  I welcome any input.

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HI Beth well when I am tired like right now and for most of the evening till bed if I engage in a long conversation I will start to stutter and slur my words. its embarrassing thing to happen because you cant get out what you are trying to say. the more you try the worse my speech gets. I am seeing a speech therapist because I have dysphagia and she has heard me stutter a few times now . she told me when it happens is to stop talking take a deep breath and try to talk again. I have tried this several times but I forget what I was trying to say or what the conversation was about another problem I am facing. I am hoping your problem is due to the meds and maybe with a few deep breaths you will be able to speek normally. I wish you the best


I was diagnosed in 1993 but my MS was pretty much quiet until 2007.  I started having Trigeminal Neuralgia and things went down hill from there.

I too have trouble in the evenings or when I am out and I am tired.  I stutter and slur and have trouble with my balance so you can put those together and imagine what some people might think!  he he

I would agree with Kat about stopping what you are trying to say and then take a deep breath and start over...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I feel I am lucky because I have been able to laugh about it for the most part.  I said to my hubby in the grocery store today, "don't we have some arse in the fridge at home?" and didn't even realize it!  An older man was standing right next to me and he heard what I said.  I looked at hubby who was about to burst with laughter and then the older fella said, "I don't know about you but I don't keep my arse in the fridge!" and we all cracked up laughing.  Hubby then said, "I think she is talking about asparagus" to which I just nodded cause I couldn't stop laughing!

We have decided to take the positive path with this problem in that it is always a source of laughter when I come out with these things and eventually the people that are closest to you will understand what you are saying without asking most of the time.  

I also found that changing meds can make it worse but it always seems to level off as I get used to the med.  

The other word I seem to use a lot is "um"........and that's it because I forgot what I was going to say.  It drives us nuts but we have to deal with it and hopefully yours will get better as your body regulates itself to the meds. I wish you all the luck in the world and keep your chin up honey.  

Let us know how you are doing ok and if you have more questions, don't be afraid to ask anyone here!

Lots of Hugs,
I had lot of trouble w/ aphasia over last summer.  It took me forever to say anything.  I also found that I sometimes when I meant to say one thing, another word would come out instead.  That was disconcerting.
My friends are wonderful about it.  One of them told me today that he believes it has become one of my most endearing qualities.  We got a good chuckle from that.  Most of them will give me an instant to find the right word if I am struggling, then help me out.  The other day one friend tried everything she knew to throw out there until she ran out of ideas.  At that point she just shrugged and said, "I am afraid you are on your own."  We laughed and moved on, and with that I thought of the word.

Rena, thank you for your story.  I laughed until the tears ran.  I think the older gentleman was doing his best to lighten the moment all the more.  That was great.  Did you feel that way, too?  I find that most folks tend to be abundantly patient.  I just hate how "dumb" it makes me sound, but that is just my pride at work.

I am soon going for a neuro/psych re-evaluation.  I am hoping she recommends speech therapy.  I think it would help a lot.  It is very difficult to deal with, as I am a teacher and public speaker.  I can see in the eyes of some of my audiences that they are in pain listening to me.  They have a look like they are about to jump up and scream out the word I am stammering over.

Blessings to you three who responded.  I will certainly keep you posted as to my progress.  My neurologist seems to think it is only temporary, and he never says that unless he is fairly certain.  He tends to ere on the cautious side.  I will try the deep breath thing the next time, too.

Most sincerely, Beth.
FOFL Rena!!!

Speech issues was my heads up that my brain was fried, i could just about find a plausable explanation for every thing else but once it hit my abilty to communicate, well there just wasn't an excuse for that pearler lol

I basically stutter and or slurr every day now, it's definitely 10 times worse when i'm getting tired, if the fatigue (phy or cog) has hit, then talking isn't really an option for me, hmmm any good at charades? lol The more I talk the more off kilter it gets, it just sticks some where along the line from brain to lips. Lol I can't even say its just the begining of a word, i've got stuck in the middle too.

I use to think my communicational issues were from a hick up in my brain but i'm no longer confident thats exactly right, because i've developed a bit of a chewing and swollowing issue so i'm thinking there's a prob with the muscles in my mouth and throat causing the speech probs too.

I concur, laughter is one of the best ways to deal with all the wonderfully weird we deal with, some of it is just way too funny lol One things for sure, DH and DS have to pay a bit more attention to what i'm trying to say or they are clueless lol DS being a teen isn't use to listening but after finding himself staring at the letter box and wondering where the washing was, well lets just say its not my fault if he doesn't listen/interpret 'mums' speeck lol

I insert wrong words, make up entirely new ones, forget words and stick on the other ones lol I was lucky enough to have worked with a teacher who had a stutter and I also worked with a lad with speach issues, so cue'd articulation techniques etc was already in my bag of tricks and tips. I just used them on my self when it first started and now its become second nature.

Tip: As soon as you notice you've got stuck, pause, think the word and in your head say the word and resume speaking. Most of the time its enough to 'reboot' your brain, after a bit of practise, your speech can become almost seemless, with only those that know you best, know your faultering. What ever you do, dont get panicky or anxious about it happening because thats sooooo not going to help and it can make things much much worse.

It never hurts to pinch ideas from other disabilities and if possible transfer it to your needs, check out stuttering sites and speech therapy techniques on the net and you'll find some great tips that might help too.

I wrote this article after hearing Gabrielle Gifford's video...

Aphasia is quite common in MS.  Perhaps it's specific disease activity related to the frontal lobe.  It is extremely frustrating!  (Read the article - I think it says it all.)
Please tell me how you r doing.  I just had the exact same thing happen to me two weeks ago.  I have ms and had two seizures in one day.  Once I left hospital I have developed a stutter and my last three fingers on my left hand have clamped shut.  My neuro is concerned but I am waiting for MRI and another spinal on Wednesday.  Please give me update as our stories r so similar. My email is ***@****
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