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I thought it time to have a laugh at life so bring along some of your funny stories and lets have some giggles!

I've actually got a few but the latest giggle was only yesterday. My youngest often asks the odd out of the blue question, so when i heard him say "I wonder why type writers are called type writers?" I being a home schooler launched into the history of type writers and talked for about 5 minutes on how type writers got there name. Son simply sat there stunned, with his mouth open and looking at me like i was completely insane.

Well yes, he then went into a fit of hysterical laughter and after rolling off the couch he managed to squeeze out that he'd actually said "I wonder why tie fighers are called tie fighters?!!" hmmmmm i swear my brain has holes in it lol


Hubby: Do you want anything from the shop?
Me: Yes
Hubby: standing there patiently waiting
Me: wondering why he's standing there
Hubby: Are you planning on telling me what you want or is this a test of how well i think I know you?
Me: oh sorry, i want ummm, i want ummm, crap i've lost the word, whats that thing with the stick?
Hubby: stick?
Me: Yes it has a stick and its really yummy!
Hubby: Ahhhhh you want an ice cream?!
Me: hysterically laughing at my self, um yes please!

Have you got a giggle you'd like to share?

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198419 tn?1360245956
I can't think of any clean jokes, hahah

So, going to give this a bump, maybe the evening crew will bring out some laughs!

p.s. love those sticks, but my favorite is the drumstick w/lots of nuts ontop
199882 tn?1310188142
  JJ, this is great... Thanks for the giggles...
1753162 tn?1317281784
Oh my!!! This sounds like myself and my husband LOL I can never think of what I'm trying to say and come up with things so he'll figure it out :)

He'll often say he has no idea what I'm talking about and then I say "Yes, you do!" lol

I go through crying spells. I will cry for no reason at all. One day I was telling my husband how I wanted to throw this one blanket away. So he says ok. I get the garbage bag and he goes and gets the blanket. As soon as he walked into the room with the blanket I started to cry as if my best friend died!!! He then starts saying "It's ok, we do not have to throw the blanket away!" I'm trying to tell him I don't care about the stupid blanket but I'm crying so hard I can't get it out LOL He's still going on about keeping the blanket. By that time I'm crying and laughing, lost my balance and ended up sitting on the floor. I had to have looked like a total crazy person :) His response to my crying was just to much though.
1734735 tn?1413781671
At least we can laugh at ourselves, very therapeutic I think.

About a month ago, my 10 year old daughter was at school and one of the kids told her what she had overheard her parents saying about me. When my daughter came home from school that day she immediately confronted me and asked with a worried look on her face 'Daddy, have you got MSG?' To which my wife and I did the ROFL. Chinese will never be the same in our household.
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THAT'S funny!

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