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Lab work results
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Lab work results

I was wondering if any of you wonderful people would be able to give your opinion on these lab results.  Do any of you have similar lab results as these:

Gamma Protein: 1.6  - - range of 0.5-1.4
% Gamma: 20.3 - - range of 7.8-18.2
ANA: Equivocal
Alkaline Phosphatase: 161 - -range of 50-136
Total Protein: 8.2 - - range of 6.4-8.2 (I'm at the very high end of these range)

Any conclusions to any of these?

I'm seeing an infectious disease doc this Thursday, I'm hoping he will look at all my past lab work a little more closely. I think I'm done with my neurologist...or more that he's done with me.

Thanks everyone!
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Sorry, I don't know about the values here but I do know a great place to look.......

check out

you might start on their section about understanding your tests.  For example, iif you type in total protein, you will get this link

good luck in figuring this out
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Did you come up with an idea what these are for?

Just checking in...
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ANA (known as Antinuclear Antibody) is a blood test for the immunological system.  Normal findings are at 1:20 dilution.   Antinuclear antibodies are produced and act against the body's own DNA and nuclear material that causes tissue damage as autoimmune disorders.  This test is a flourescent procedure that assists in differentiating among various connective tissue diseases.  Antinuclear antibody testing is not diagnostic of all of the variety of diseases.  However, if positive results do occur, the anti-DNA test is performed specifically to diagnose SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)  If your ANA is "equivocal" that means it is at the high end of "normal" and it should be monitored and possible other blood tests to go along with it.

Alkaline Phoshpatase is a blood test that tests the hematological system and findings vary widely depending on the method of analysis.  It is a group of enzymes found primarily in the liver, gallbladder and intestinal and bone tissues.  They function best at an alkaline pH of 9.  This test is done primarily to assist in the diagnosis of hepatic and bone disease.  The clinical implications vary and with a mild elevation it may be found with viral hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, large doses of Vit D and leukemia.  Moderately elevated levels are found with infectious mononucleosis, pancreatitis, pregnancy, hepatic duct obstruction, etc.

I'm unsure what the Gamma protein is about was there another name for it?  Gamma globulin?

Good idea to see an infectious disease doctor, just in case.  Perhaps they will do a monospot and EBV titer on you as well (if they haven't done already).

Sorry I wasn't much of help but I know that link that LuLu provided is a good source of information too.


PS Good luck and let us know!
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I did a little research myself on your results.

My sister and Mom are ANA positive --- My sister is being monitored by the Rheuma specialist still. (She has a high level of inflammation in her system.) They think she may have RA.

My Mom is ANA positive (has many of the Lupus titers but still missing, I think, two titers which make her negative for Lupus.) They said she has an autoimmune disease but they don't know what it is. It doesn't appear to be lupus...maybe connective tissue. They will monitor her annually unless she gets worse OR they are willing to send her to the East Coast for some pretty heavy tests that might be able to determine the auto-immune disease. Lupus can have many similar symptoms of MS.

My other sisters appear to also have auto-immune disease symptoms but they are not anxious to join us in testing yet. (They are getting close...) They tested me for Lupus but I'm ANA negative and my inflammatory response is low so it's not lupus or thyroid issues. My PCP made a special note to let the new Neuro know that my sister and Mom were ANA positive and I was negative. I think he's letting her know that we have auto-immune disease in the family but I'm not in the connective tissue group.

I found that interesting.

I just wanted to give you examples of varying results on the same test. Baby steps girl. Let me know what they say.

Did the doctor call you with these results???
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These were actually tests that I had done last December. I was going over my labs to come up with some questions for the ID doctor.

These were the only ones that were a little high or borderline.

I think it is Gamma gets so confusing sometimes. =)

I've had a previous positive ANA about a year ago and this last one in December was the equivocal one.

I love the website Labtestonline. I was reading it before I posted this question and I think I was just getting more and more confused so I thought I was post it here so I could get your input. I trust you all.

I'm hoping the doctor will have some answers for me on Thursday, but I know better than to get my hopes up.

We'll see, one day at a time right!?!

Thanks again everyone, you rock!

Oh...I had my gallbladder removed in 2008, I wonder if that has any meaning to these labs....hmmm....
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