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Leg worrisome
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Leg worrisome

For almost 3 months my right leg has been causing problems. Mainly movement issues, though with some pain.

If I lie on my back I can barely raise the leg in the straight position, and trying to put my right ankle on my left knee is a slow and sometimes impossible task. At times I can't raise the leg at all. When I try, I feel a lot of strain all over the front of the thigh, and pain that varies, but is usually at thigh top, running horizontally.

I'm assuming this is a hip flexor issue, since these muscles on both sides have been noted by my neuro as somewhat weak. This, however, is far from somewhat, and what worries me is that it's slowly getting worse.

Actually, in terms of functionality, things are fine. I walk normally, etc. I do have some trouble getting into my car, or putting my leg over the edge of a bathtub, but I've found workarounds for these, so the impairment is slight. I'm just afraid of what might be next, if the worsening continues, and have no idea of the natural progression of such things.

Friday I see my neuro, or probably his NP, and this is one of 3 issues I'll bring up, so I'll know more then. But if anyone has any experience with this sort of thing and can comment, I'd sure like to hear it.

Many thanks,
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I have these same issues with my legs. I was prescribed PT to strengthen my hip flexors  and core body strength. PT has done wonders for me . Would do stupendous things If I did ALL the exercises I am assigned.

I know I don't need a lecture on doing what I know myself to be beneficial to my body but some days I just want a "normal" day. No meds (No I do not skip those!), no PT exercises 3 times a day, no restrictions on my activity as placed by PT ( no knives, no work around hot surfaces). Just want normal but that is not to be.

I would request PT and see if it doesn't improve your steadying while walking, and improve mobility in general. I can tell when I haven't done my 6 leg exercises for the day when the next morning I cannot lift my leg up to cross my left ankle over to my right knee to put a sock on. So it is a give and take procress.

Let us know what the neuro tells you.

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I have the same issue with my Right leg,  cannot bring it over to put my socks on without it feeling like it is tearing in the inner thight area, have to bend over with leg straight to get socks on..ive tried stretching exercises but they havent helped.
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Oh Ess,

I hate to hear you are having such problems.  It is terrible when we cannot do the things we used to do and concerned about what possibly could be next.

HUGS......feel better soon....

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It sounds similar to the problems I've been having with my right leg.

I didn't know there was a problem until I got in the car to go to work, and found I couldn't lift my leg.   As with most of my spasticity, stretching helps alleviate the worst of the pulling.

Two stretches I use to get more mobility: the ankle-to-knee stretch, where you put the right ankle on the left knee, then pull the left knee up to your chest.  And vice versa...  Also try sitting with the bottoms of your feet touching, and your knees as close to the ground as possible.  Then pull the tops of your feet up.
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As maybe you know I am in Limboland, hopefully very soon to be diagnosed.

I have exactly the same problem, when ever I try to raise my right leg of the floor whilst laying down, no matter how hard I try it just will not go any further than a few inches..

Also When I have tried raising my right leg when laying on my side, again I have differculty raising it straight, but as I raise my leg slightly the bottom half seems to bend on its own instead staying straight.

When I went to see the Neuro, she did notice I could not raise leg that much, & when she ask me to pull my heel to my buttock, again I could hardly do it. She did ask what was stopping me, but I honestly could not say why. All I know my leg felt like lead.

I suffer with alot of pain in my leg/hip, heavy, tightness, pins & needles & numbness.

I hope your Neuro can help you,

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Ess - I hope he sends you for PT at least. And getting worse, not better over time is very worrisome.

Geesh, appt. is on Friday, day before holiday weekend? Suuuure hope it's an early appt., lol - Seriously, hope its a good appt.
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