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Legs in the morning
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Legs in the morning

Daft question time ( I think they are becoming more frequent from me...)

I live in a sub-tropical area (only lived here for 3 years). The weather just jumped from "winter" (winter here doesn't really exist) to "summer" (very funny in mid-september) with the humidiity and temperatures rising,a nd the nightime temperature not going below about 16C (61F).

As soon as these warmer nights and days started (abouta week ago), my legs started being daft in the mornings.

Now I know that hot weather can aggravate MS, but I'm not sure about this one (still in limbo on the vascular/MS dx).

When I get out of bed, I stagger like some 80yo. My legs feel really heavy and like they just won't work properly, they feel sort of asleep and a bit numb and very stiff, mostly below the knee around the ankles.

They work a bit better after I get moving, which makes me suspect a circulatory issue? The colour and temperature of them is normal though......

Does anyone else experience this?

Remember, I only get this in 'summer". I NEVER had this when I lived down south in the cool zone (Australia here ).....

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Hot or cold weather, I get out of bed feeling like I'm 80- it takes quite the mental coaxing to get my legs to move down the stairs to our first floor.  They usually get moving better by the time my first cup of tea is ready.  I know that doesn't really answer your question but I wanted you to know someone at least has read it!

Be well,
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My three prolific episodes have all in the summer, but I do can have the weak-knees problem any time of the year.  It is almost constant in the warmer months, though.

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My weak knees are weaker when I've been in the heat, and when I haven't used them for a few hours.  When I get up in the mornings, I grab the wall because I know there's going to be a few minutes before they start working.  Sometimes it takes longer than others!  

There's been several days when I wake up and my left leg wouldn't work at all.  My right leg has already been a problem, and is now recovering - but the knee still folds unexpectedly.
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I get something like this.  1st thing in the morning, after exercise, or after being confined/in the same position (like on an airplane, sitting at the movies, or sitting for long at work), my legs don't comply at first when I go to get up.  It usually gets better with a little time and motion.

I also sometimes get the sensation that cold water is running through my veins as I take steps and have other sensory nonsense going on in my lower limbs.

I notice that I get the heavy-legs dipped in concrete-feeling much more when I am tired, like after a long day or at the start of a day after bad sleep.  It's nice to note that at least some of this correlates to something as simple as needing rest.

I don't have a diagnosis, so this is not insightful, just empathizing.

Hope you and your legs are getting along today!

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