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Looking for a substitute for amitriptyline
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Looking for a substitute for amitriptyline

Hi all, this is my first post and I am new to all this to, so please excuse me for lack of etiquette. I would like to know if there is a substitute for amitriptyline first and foremost. Now I know you guys are based in the US so the names of the drug may be different but I really do need some help.   I  am aware that it is used frequently for people suffering with MS as both pain relief and as an anti-depressant but living with the side affects is daunting. My other half is on amitriptyline a does of 200mg and its doing nothing except causing weight gain with the increase appetite, not to mention it completely knocks them out. I am aware that fatigue in MS is a major thing but when you hear them say  that they feel that they spend all their time sleeping and their life is passing them by, and that they want to spend a little of it awake and with their family, you know  you have to try some thing?  I am desperate and want to know if there are other drugs out there that have the same attributes as amitriptyline I don’t know even work along the same metabolic pathways but without  the side affects I have stated above.  Even if there are not maybe even if we tried them they would not be as bad.  Anyway thanks for listening and I hope someone out there has a brainstorm and gets back to me lol.
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Hi Gerard, Welcome to the forum for this MiSerable disease that knows no rules of etiquette ... I'm glad you found us and I hope you  will visit often.

This is a great question because just today I found a wonderful site that had a drug list that I printed out --- I can acutally answer this one! LOL

the site I found this information is

Amitryptyline is  tricyclic antidepressant.  here are some other drugs that do the same basic job-

generic name: Imipramine, brand names Tofranil, Imavate, Janimine

generic name: Doxepin, brand names Sinequan, Adapin, Triadapin, Zonalon

generic name : Protriptyline. brand names Vivactil

Your job now is to research the side effects and see if there are any that may pose less problems than the amitryptiline and ask the neuro for the chance to try something different.  Good luck...


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Hi there and Welcome to the MS Forum!  I am glad you came to us and I hope that we will be able to help you.  We are not doctors and therefore can do no diagnosing but we can share with you what we have done that has helped up in the hopes it will help you!

I am on Amitriptypline (Elavil) but I only take !!!20mg!!! daily!!!  I can't imagine what 200mg would do... I am sure that it would be worse than anything I have experienced to date!  I have MS and I use it for the pain in my legs.  I can increase my doseage should I need it but have tried to increase it my 10mg in the past and I lasted 2 days and cut back!!  It was a horrible feeling I tell ya!

I am also on an antidepressant called Citalopram 20mg/daily and it is working great although I had to increase the doseage by 10mg due to hitting a speedbump in my MS.

There are meds that can be used with great effect or little effect depending on the person.  I have tried Topamax, Tegretol, Neurontin, Lyrica and have found the only thing that works is Tegretol which is an anti-seizure med that seems to help with pain associated with MS.

I was told when I was put on Amytriptyline that is isn't really used as an anti-depressant anymore as it is better for pain...there are some good anti-depressants that you can take along with the Elavil and I would suggest talking to your dr. about it.

I can't promise that any of this advice will be of any benefit but I hope that I am on the right track with what I have said here.  I can imagine others here in the Forum will respond to your question but if you have any other questions in the meantime feel free to post them here...there is a great group of people here and we are simply here to help each other.  I am glad you have joined us and look forward to seeing your response!

Lots of Hugs,
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I used venlafaxine and it worked well, did not make me sleepy and bonus I lost weight!
So when I have insurance I am going to go back on it.
It is so hard to find meds that will work for us, its trial and error. I would talk with ur doc and tell him or her about ur concerns. Also there are ways to beat the fatigue or at least fight it. Naps, caffiene, Provigil,Ridilin, and herbal teas. The list can go on to include yoga and water therapy exercise for MS patients.

good luck
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I took Imiprimine many years ago for the pin ***** sensations.  It is generic for what you are asking.  Hope this helps.
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200mg is a very high dose for treating MS symptoms.  That high of a dose is typically used for major depression and can cause serious side effects. (look it up)   Perhaps you and the doctor could consider lowering the dosage considerably before moving onto something else. Your other half might not be in a major depression but simply sleeping all the time because of the amitriptyline  That in itself gets depressing.   If there is a depression going on, other antidepressants could help her (or him) be less sleepy and more able to engage in life, thus happier.

Whatever the case, a discussion with the prescribing doctor is in order and in my opinion, should be a neurologist.  The choice of medication should be carefully sorted out.      

Amitriptyline worked wonders for me at 20 mg. when I needed it.  I wish you both the best.  
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