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Losing Hope in TN
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Losing Hope in TN

Husband WAS very healthy 46 yr old in 2008, started noticing his BP high. Been diag. w/depression/anx.2008,Hyperhomocystanemia 2010, Anemia 2010(det.2008 not told or treated),1 urolog say slight enlged prost.&1say he don't, NO diag. for:2009 can't urinate,don't feel pee urge, Urolog say nerve ends to his bladder don't tell blad to contract.Dr tried blad test in 2009,but his high,about to pass out they stop test.Ment state now allows him to self cath (Aug 2011)no ans. "WHY" this happen? Last wk(Nov 2012)blad stdy & scope test done & conf. nerve ends to blad don't work.New Urolog say put 1000 (one thous) CC's in blad& didn't feel anything!!! Dr say he has very elastic blad,good b/c didn't think urine would back up into kidneys.No blad cancer or scar tiss in urethra,but will self cath for remaining life.Asked what caused,say it was in his spine&he felt it is also reason for back pain.Told him went to diff. Neuro.'s/Neurosurg.&have run many EEG's, MRI"s, CT"s(found in 2008 is allerg to IV dye&some still gave him IV dye to do cert.tests),did blood wk, other say NOT NEURO.Only 1Neuro Dr say he has arthr & slight scoliosis. Urolog say neuro looking for something to fix surgic.? PCP feel its Neuro&last visit to Neuro in Oct 2012 (West TN), refused to do any test, b/c no "new" sympt from prior year&say it's a waste time/money. Opin is may be a "Chem. Imbal." in nerves from his brain to his blad&try to get into a "Med Res Stdy" at Vand. Other sympt has now or has had in the past 4 yrs incl: ting&numb in lower body, imbalance, "foggy" memory(he forgets alot),slightly blurred vision,lower back pain,fatigue,musc aches, headaches,physic can't do w/o being tired/exhaust, out of breath,& hurt all over. Didn't have a heart attack in 2008, but they put 2 stents in his RCA, April 2011 they put IV filter(he had P.E. again). CONFUSED! Multiple Sclerosis? Can you help us? We are "Losing Hope In TN".
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K, well, that's a lot to think about.  Sure someone here will respond within 24 hours,  not as MD, but concerned fellow humans who hurt when others hurt.

May the peace of God fill your lives in the meanwhile.  Good night.
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You are going through so much.  So sorry that horrible circumstances have led you here.   Have faith, it's so important never to lose it.

Hope you both find peace soon

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Hi retta441.
Welcome to the forum

While there are many good MDs around and a few exceptional ones
among the rest of them, it is the overall poor state of health delivery,
that is failing us.
Lack of communication and co-ordination between doctors, unacceptable
time constraints, pharmaceutical reps educating doctors on new drugs,
internal politics,etc. are putting patients at a greater risk, than necessary.

Hyperhomocysteinemia, is associated with Skeleto-muscular issues,
cardiovascular (thrombotic complications and endothelial injury leading to
arterial problems) and cognitive decline and vision impairment.

It is possible that your husband's bladder issues are linked to the deficiencies associated with  Hyperhomocysteinemia- B6, Folate, B12.

Have these deficiencies been addressed properly and levels monitored
closely? Has he been checked for other deficiencies, including neuro-transmitters and minerals (tissue analysis for minerals- not blood test)
magnesium deficiency (tissue magnesium) has to be ruled out.

In elevated Homocysteine levels apparently, higher risks are attributed to certain modifiable risk factors, such as hypertention, smoking, alcohol,
obesity, inactivity/lack of exercise, high cholesterol.
Correcting these factors may have a direct impact on risk reduction.

Bromelain, is a great natural anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning agent, to help reduce the risk of clotting. Please do your own research on this.
I take it for prevention and PH balancing.

Extra virgin coconut oil -in place of all other pro-inflammatory cooking oils,
2-4 Tablespoons daily will provide nourishment to the brain, in the event of
restricted delivery of glucose to the brain. The brain can run on coconut oil,
as coconut oil can cross the blood-brain-barrier.
I have been taking it and recommending it for many years for a number of things (over 300!).

Hope this helps.
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