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MRI Results (Long post)
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MRI Results (Long post)

My MRI came back with "some abnormalities", and some lesions -- couldn't hear if it was one or two, but lesion(s). The radiologist stated that it "is not convincing of MS", and my bloodwork came back normal (save very slightly low copper levels which I was told to help with a vitamin).

I'm not convinced, basically. Not that I "want" to have MS, but I have tons of symptoms, two family members with it, and at least one lesion or two.

Spoke with the radiologist, but my neurologist is going to look at them when he returns from vacation.

My symptoms? Last year I was here discussing heat sensitivity that sent tons of pins and needles shocks down my spine/crawling up back of my head for a good bit. It happened for a few months and would come when I least expected it. Never really had any symptoms for a year -- at least that I noticed and said, "These are odd."

Then I was out to eat this past October and was with a friend. I had noticed my hands tingling a bit but it seemed to happen when I got flushed and hot and wouldn't go away until my body cooled. Well, I got done eating and took a step and my both legs tingled from my knees down. They tingled with every step -- like a crawl + shock. I got home and noticed when I sat down they were still tingling. Since then they've tingled almost 24/7 to this day. It started mainly in my feet -- and it still is -- but I can now feel it in my calves and occasionally upwards to my knees and in my thighs. The constant tingle is in my lower legs from the calves down, though. The tingling reaches a point of "numbness" later in the day. I will lay down for bed and they will be tingling and I know they are touching each other but I can't feel it. However, I move then and can feel them fine once I do that. I also feel off and on burning and prickling in my extremities (namely the legs).

I've also had chest pain. It's a pain that is sharp and on the left side of my chest. It comes and goes over the course of 15-30 minutes it seems, but it's painful and makes me grimace and take very short breaths so I don't breathe in too much and feel it.

Also had a lot of muscle twitches in my legs as well, as well as muscle and leg weakness when they are tingling heavily. Also, the tingling seems worse at certain points in the day.

I also think I have had unnatural fatigue. I feel like I could fall over, and almost disoriented like my head is throbbing/heart beating hard after walking around the grocery store or on campus.

Heat makes me tired, and when I'm heated or in the heat I feel the pricks of pins and needles all over -- almost in a crawling fashion.

Anyone have a first MRI like this? Feedback? Anyone?
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I wouldn't think anyone could make a judgement call with what your've written, 'some abnormalities and maybe 1 or 2 lesions, doesn't really tell us anything significant. Was this just a brain MRI or brain and spine? Do you have the MRI report, yet? That should say the location of the lesion(s) and more about the abnormality the tech noted.

Just a thought though, bilateral peripheral sx are atypical for MS, as are "pins and needles all over" which doesnt really correspond with how MS usually presents. Peripheral sx as you've described would especially be unusual as an early sx and concidering your 22 and these sx started last year, i'm assuming early.

Other than what i've said i have no idea about your MRI results, there isn't enough to even hassard a guess, sorry.


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