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MS or Auto Immune?

First I want to give you a little background on me.

I'm a 34 yr old female, Caucasian, 5'6", 300lbs

Diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety in 2000

Normal Heath (mild allergies and broncitious growing up) until Bells Palsy in 2003, couldn't smile for 9 months and I have permanent facial paralysis

Numberious Sinus infections, bronchial infections after BP, led DR to do ANA test, positive was diagnosed with lupus. From 5 ANA tests in 3 years, 2 were positive and 3 negative. Dr Sends me to Rhemy. Rhemy Dr says it's not Lupus its Fibromyalgia (diagnosed by tender spot test).

Gallbladder removed in 2005

Sinus surgery in 2007 to bore out sinus on Bell's palsy side and remove polyp.

Numberious infections/inflamed areas on and off over years. inflamed rib cartilage, inflamed lower back web of muscle, inflamed/infected stomach lining intestine. Trigger finger, fingers spasms on and off, nerve pain bilateral from waist band down to bottom of panty on butt. Jolting leg pain while sleeping or sitting. Dermatofibroma on legs and face. Can not stay on task mentally focused with background noise or people talking. Forgetfulness

2011 Ovarian cyst on right

2011 Insulin Resistance

2 Miscarriages

From 2012 until now I have had left arm nerve pain. Dr gave me 3 treatments of anti inflammatory, last treatment did not fix the pain. Dr sends me to neurologist. He does X ray of shoulder,  full auto immune blood panel(showed 29 SED rate and low vitamin D), nerve conduction test, Neck MRI.  Nothing showed other than small disk bulge, disk degeneration and tiny tears in lining between C-3 - C-5.  Nothing is compressed, Also I have No Neck pain.  Dr puts me on 600 mg Gabapentin a day and says he can't find anything wrong. Says he will keep an eye on my Heath ms if pain gets worse. More Gabapentin. And hot showers to relieve pain.

2013 first time needing glasses due to blurred vision

2014 pneumonia, saw fatty liver on CT

SED Rate in Sept 14 (31), Nov 14 (29) and Janary 15 (45)

Medications are Effexor XR 150mg, Gabapentin 600mg,  Metformin 100mg and Vitamin D 5000IUI

Talked to Dr. He is getting approval from a brain MRI to rule out MS

I wanted people's thoughts and feelings. My mom thinks all these these ailments are caused by me being obese. I know some of them are but not all. Thank

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1.  see another rheumy for a 2nd opinion, you could have both
     I was treated for 3 yrs by one telling me I had fibro and my
     current neuro says "no way".

2.  If you think its MS, see a MS specialist and cut to the chase.
     Many of your symptoms don't point to MS.  As a side note,
     recently had a dermatologist tell DH that hot showers dry out
     your skin and can cause skin irritation.  many of us with MS
     are unable to tolerate hot showers, I for one.  Heat bothers me
     terribly.  I'm assuming this is your primary doc who is getting
     approval for MRI?  MS would still need a neuro to manage
     the medications.

Good luck with your progress, sorry you are feeling so bad.
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Most of what you are describing is not MS but the nerve issues. Did they do an anti DNA test for Lupus. If that is negative it probably is not Lupus. Lupus can cause nerve damage. People can have several health issues at a time.

Ovarian cysts are common 98% they are benign. Many resolve themselves.

I would see a neurologist who specializes in MS as Sarah suggested.

The Bells palsey needs further neurological investigation to rule out MS.

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Thank you so much for posting

I started going to a neurologist 5 months ago. He told me he doesn't know why I have all the nerve pain.  He said he will keep an eye on my symptoms.

The hot showers seems to calm some pain.  But as of lately not always. Right about now I want to crawl out of my body to get away from the nerve pain

I have not had a Anti DNA test done since my ANA hasn't came up positive in 8-10 years.

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Hi and welcome to our little MS community,

To be totally honest you have more going on that's not associated with MS, and not much that's specifically suggestive of MS, so to me it really doesn't sound like MS would be the most likely cause.....

It's possible you are dealing with an autoimmune condition because your fluctuating sed rate is indicating at times, you have a lot of inflammation happening. I would also suggest seeing another rheumy for a 2nd opinion but I actually don't think you should overlook your weight, as a potential explanation for 'some' of what you've been dealing with though.

300 pounds would understandably be causing you problems beyond the type 2 diabetes (Insulin Resistant) eg nerve, muscle and joint pain, cognitive issue, spinal structural issues, sleep issues (sleep apnea?), mental health issues etc It definitely wouldn't be helping and it could be the one factor that is causing a domino effect, and making things a lot worse than you otherwise would be dealing with.


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Thank you Supermum

I know my weight is an issue and if it was easy to handle it would be gone in no time. I have flat out asked my general praticioner if all my issues were having to do with obesity. He said it does add to the issues but it's not 100% of the problem. I was 100lbs lighter in 2002 when the Bell's palsy happened and that is when the lupus diagnose happened.  

Sleep is not an issue for me and I pre diabeties, on a low dose of metformin for ovarian cysts and infertility
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