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Migraines, Numbness, Dizziness, Vibrations - MS???
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Migraines, Numbness, Dizziness, Vibrations - MS???

I am a 26 year old female and I have been experiencing what seem like MS symptoms. Here is a summary:

-When I was 15 I was diagnosed with borderline prolonged QT syndrome. I have been taking Inderal ever since then. Aside from harmless palpitations, I have never had any other symptoms related to prolonged QT.

-When I was 19 I experienced bouts of severe lightheadedness. It started with an ear infection after travelling to visit my grandparents in Europe. The ear infection went away but the lightheadedness persisted. It was also accompanied by daily tension headaches that would start around the same time every day. I was in Europe for the whole summer and the lightheadness was so bad that I ended up going to a ENT, neurologist and chiropractor. All of the tests came back normal. After the chiropractor, the daily headaches went away but the lightheadedness persisted.

- When I got back from Euope, I went to see a doctor here in California. Again, I went to an ENT and neurologist. I did a hearing test, several blood tests, and an MRI of my brain and neck. The MRI was clean and everything else came back normal. The doctors blamed it on stress and anxiety (which I do have a lot of). The doctor suggested I take Meclizine for the lightheadedness.

-For the next two years I took Meclizine and eventually the lightheadedness went away.

-From 21 years old to 24 I felt good and had only minor spells of lightheadedness.

-January of 2010 the lightheadedness came back along with daily headaches. By the summer, I was having episodes of heaviness in my legs and weakness in my hands along with strange sensations running through my body. I went to urgent care on three different occasions only to be told that it's anxiety related.  For a year I went to various doctors and had various tests done. I found a place called the Senta Clinic in San Diego where I have been receiving excellent care from a neurologist.

- December 2010 I went to visit my grandparents in Europe again and I started getting numbness in my feet. I figured it was because I wasn't use to the cold weather and that it would go away after I got back home to Cali. The numbness got worse once I got back home so I went to the neurologist and they thought it might be a pinched nerve. I went to acupuncture for my numb feet and had 70% improvement that night.

-Today the numbness is pretty much gone but I am left with these vibrations that start from my lower back and go down into my feet. The vibrations come and go. Some days are worse than others. Sometimes I feel weak and tired and other time I feel about 80%. I also have mild tingling in my lips and in my right hand. As mentioned before, my EMG test was negative and I don't have diabetes. I have minor back pain and sciatic pain on occassion.

I had an MRI about 5 months ago and it was clean.
I have been tested for diabetes and that came back negative.
I had an EMG test yesterday and that was normal.
I have that caloric test where they blow cold and hot air in your ears to test the nerves and that came back normal.
I have had a stress test, holter monitor and EKG ...all normal.
I have had x-rays of my head, back, and neck....all normal
I have had several blood tests... the basic metabolic panel, the standard tests they do during a physical, b-12, folic, glucose, lupus, lyme, ANA and they all came back normal except for my ANA test was positive. I was sent to a rheumotologist for further testing and the additional blood tests came back normal.  
I had a neurological exam by a neurologist and a neurosurgeon, all normal.

I use to go to the chiropractor frequently and I thought that maybe I was being overadjusted hence all of these neurological issues.

Last year I was diagnosed with migraines (I don't get bad headaches, but more like dizziness and neurological symptoms) and I have lots of stress and anxiety.

I work two jobs and I am always on the go. I am terrified that I might have MS. A majority of my symptoms started after I started working at a desk job. Before that I was always moving around and now I just sit at a desk all day everyday. I have started going to the gym again in hopes of getting better.

I go back to my neurologist in 2 months just for a general follow up.

Has anyone experienced similar symptoms? Does this sound like MS at all? I have no history of ms in my family. I'm only 26 and I shouldn't be feeling so sick every day. Any help, ideas, advice would be greatly appreciated. I feel so depressed over this.

Thanks for reading!

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Hi, your story is very similar to many in here. I suffered/suffer from much the same and for yers the Drs said "migraines". Last year a neuro finally said MS PLUS migraines - the two seem to go hand in hand on occassions.

I couldn't count the number of people we have in here who have been repeatedly told "it's all in your head", or the 'stress', "panic", "anxiety" line. So very frustrating and makes you think you're mental.

I'd say more, but, surprise surprise, I have a headache and need to get off the computer! I'm sure someone else will chime in.

Sorry to har about all the trouble your having.
I'll try to keep my story short...

I started out with dizziness/inability to walk straight. I too spent alot of time at a chiropractor, ENT, neurologist. Nothing changed and my neuro kept saying I was just overly stressed.
The left side of my tongue went numb, I had tingling sensations in my feet, I had 3 MRI's revealing nothing.
Then I went out of state to an MS center where the neurologist found several small lesions on my MRI previously missed by the other neuro who kept telling me it was just stress.
He told me within 10 min of first meeting him that I definately have MS and I was put on Copaxone a few weeks later.
He did do an LP to see if the O bands were there, which they were. (The last Dr refused to perform a spinal tap on me)
I am thankful I didn't stay with the other quack Dr. I had my MS specialist send him a copy of my visit so he would know that it WAS MS. (My way of feeling vindicated, I guess)

Keep searching for the answers. Its very good that you have a record of all your symptoms, appts, results. That will help someone else when they examine you.

Good luck, Take Care
Trust me 100% !!!!! I thought I had MS because I had all of your same symptoms and I did not!!! Anxiety is a ***** and can make you think what you want to think! As soon as I got the test and they all came back ok, all my MS symptoms went away, trust your doctors and the test that you have gotten, Get some help to get rid of anxiety because if you dont you will become a hypochondriac like I did and be going to the doctor two times a week with a list of diseases, it is so not fun....
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