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Muscle Twitching
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Muscle Twitching

Another fairly new Sx for me:  muscle twitching

I don't have any muscle cramping or spasms, just the painless twitching.  It has been confined to only my legs and lower left back at this point.  It has been increasing up my legs and once it starts in a particular area, it continues in that same spot.  Weird.  

I have it on my inner right calf, backs of both calves, around both knees, left lower back and yesterday it started on my inner thighs.

I've read some things that said twitching is not an MS Sx, but I've read of other MS-ers that have it.

Mine seems to increase with physical exertion.    I've also read about BFS, but the twitching started about a couple of weeks ago while I've been experiencing other Sx.

I've had the EMG/NCV testing back in February and everything was normal.  But, that was before the twitching started.

Does anyone know if this is a Sx of MS?  Does anyone else have the muscle twitching?

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What does TIA stand for?  Inquiring minds...

Twitching is not a specific symptom of MS, but is common in any condition in which the resting state of the muscles is disturbed.   So, it happens in and after viral infections in which there has been some "acheiness", often in in people who have worked out hard, in people who have been sedentary and then pick up their intensity of exercise, in people with MS who have spasticity or higher resting muscle tone, in muscles that have been damaged.  Focusing on it, or becoming anxious about it (this is NOT aimed at you, just a normal part of the paragraph), will make it more obvious and sensitize one to it's occurrence.  

I have twitching in my most involved areas, mostly my right foot and both calves.  But, all my life from time to time I've had twitches and thought they were just fascinating.

There is also a condition known as "benign fasciculation syndrome" in which the twitching starts, often with a viral infection, and then progresses to involve a great deal of the body.  It truly is benign, but drives people batty.  Given your other symptoms, I would tell your doc about it at the next appt.  I think the NCV is normal in BFS.

Hope this helps.  My twitches are improved when I take my good quality magnesium regularly and when I make sure my potssium intake is good.

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Thanks Quix!

TIA ~ Thanks In Advance  :)

I'll be sure and mention it to my neuro the next time I see him.  Maybe it's another piece of the puzzle.

My legs are my most troublesome areas, so I was thinking that's perhaps why I'm experiencing them in that area.  I must say, the kids think it's rather amusing to see one specific spot on my right calf and how it "jumps" rhythmically.  ;-)

I have started taking magnesium to see if that can help, but I believe that it's not the right type (magnesium oxide ~ 250 mg)??

If not, which type would you recommend and what dosage?

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your evening!!  Pat :)

147426 tn?1317269232
Magnesium oxide is used in almost all of the OTC supplements because it is very cheap, but it is not very bioavailable.  I never recommend it.  I recommend using one of the following salts:

Magnesium orotate (my fav)
magnesium taurate
magnesium aspartate
magnesium glycinate
magnesium arginate
magnesium succinate

Soemtime the local healthfood store will have one of these.  Dose will vary with the salt used.  (the salt is the word after magnesium)  Generally they are equivalent in magnesium offered.  One a day or twice a day.

YW, Quix

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That is strange.  I was having horrible twitching too!  Very annoying.  It has dissappeared now, but when I had it it lasted for several days.  Dont know what causes it, but it is a nuisance!  My mom is a nurse and she recommendes drinking gatorade.  I did and they went away.  Don't know if it was a coincidence, but it is worth a try.
  Feel better,
230625 tn?1216764664
I've just read somewhere that one cause of muscle twitching can be electrolyte imbalances.  If that is the case, then I could see where the Gatorade will help you.

Thanks, I think I'll try some Gatorade and magnesium and see how that works!  It can't hurt (except for those extra calories :(  ).

Take care!  Pat :)
230625 tn?1216764664
Thank's Quix!  I'll hit my health food market and check them out!
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hi Quix,
Thanks for your posts especially in health pages.
I have twitches in my neck which my doctor calls it as cervical tic. anyway ,I've had it since 7months ago.I'm on interferon now. i don't know whether it's MS complication?interferon side effect ?or electrolite imbalance?
338416 tn?1420049302
I started getting muscle twitches last year.  It all started in my face - I would get these annoying eye twitches whenever I got stressed... except they wouldn't go away when I wasn't stressed.  Then it spread to my larger muscles, like the triceps, hamstrings, calf muscles, forearms, and even my gluteus maximus!  I have one or two every day.

As to why they exist?  I don't know.  It seems to be a problem with the nerves, because I'll get these symptoms in areas that are already experiencing other symptoms, like numbness and muscle weakness.  Wikipedia says it's caused by a disease of the motor neurons, but there's no known cause - we can't exactly open somebody up and look at a burnt-out neuron.  Yet.

Guess I'll need to start taking a supplement.  Magnesium is supposed to help the twitches... I'm also supposed to be taking Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and the pantheon of fatty acids, like Omega-3 and Omega-6.
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My sister had Isaacs symdrom , thymoma, Morphans, MG, on and on,she died at 37. Now I am 36 and for the last 2 years I have had spasms in my legs , arms, everywhere really... I have severe nerve damage due to just about every spine condition you can possibly think of... I also have OA, RA. I am too worried to ask my doctor to do a complete med down on me for fear of what may come up. I am terrified of what they will find. Everyone in my family has died of very rare illness. Yes Everyone.. Its like we are cursed or somethin.. I just dont know what to do.. now my face is numb and tigles, as do my lips as well.. UGH!!!!!!!!
Scared in August Ky~
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