Muscle twitching in legs
by kelly97, Mar 28, 2011
Hi Everyone, I have a question regarding muscle twitching.  I guess first of all, I’m not sure if mine is considered  twitching or myokymia (based on what I’ve found in a brief search online).  It feels like twitching but it may be a stronger feeling than what I might judge twitching to be.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting twitching or myokymia on the front of my thighs off and on through-out the day.  Last night, during the night before I fell asleep, it was this same muscle contractions but on the back of my thighs as well as the front.  I’ve always had muscle weakness in my legs that seems to get progressively worse off and on.  Within the last week it felt like my leg was going to give out 3 times.

I have another appt with my MS neuro on 8 April and I’m going to bring it up to him.  Does anyone else experience this?  I imagine it’s related to MS, but maybe not…..  ???
Sorry for being a repeat poster lately….

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by jensequitur, Mar 28, 2011
What you're talking about is fasciculations, for the small muscles, and twitches for the large muscles.  Although the experts say that MS doesn't cause twitching, my personal experience is that it does.  I have twitching in areas that are connected to lesions - around my back, especially.  I'll get twitching in the back muscles, and sometimes in the back of my arms.  Around my face is especially bad.
by JemmAus, Mar 28, 2011
I have that in my right thigh every time I have a right now!
by supermum_msBlank, Mar 28, 2011
From my perspective it sounds like your describing 'muscle spasms', i havent a clue how to distinguish it from spasm or twitching though. I just know that I can see my muscles move, most of the time so can everybody else lol. They either bump slow or really really fast, usually its rythmic or a repeditive pattern, they can last from a few minute to days.

The one thing that seems odd to me, is that you are experiencing spasms in more than one muscle group, on the same limb, at the same time. Mine dont seem to ever do that anywhere on my body, if for example the large muscle above the knee, or thigh area is spasming, it is distinctly obvious that its only the one muscle being affected. The nieghbouring (sp) muscles are not moving and neither are any opposining muscles, it is acting alone.

I also spasm in the same muscle, so if my left calf (inside leg) is spasming, it is in the same spot every time it spasms, it doesn't move to another spot, just that one and only spot. Well there are the intercostal muscle spasms, they can be singular or multiple but so far they are only on one half of my rib cage and i think they still fall into one muscle group though.

Maybe its just a me thing, though i did think it was fairly typical, someone please correct me if I've got that mixed up.


PS Jen, on the weekend for the first time my right arm, back of arm muscle desided to spasm, lasted 4 hours straight lol
by kelly97, Mar 29, 2011
Since it started, mine is typically at the same spots each time, too. Like it's always on my front thigh down towards my knee to my lower right.  The ones on the back of my legs is what's really new.

When I had that extreme MS hug thing a few wks ago, I was also getting a rolling type of spasm that went from about my spine across to the right side edge of my ribs.

by wikimom, Apr 26, 2011
i have that one too..and it lasted for hours and days on one spot... but i feel it everyday in any part of my body...i used to it but its annoying sometimes... when i lift up,when i woke up and yawn and stretch my body it occurs... take note: i felt it every single day,every that... i dont know whats this until last week when i search about muscle spasms... uggghhh... cant help this though...if only i can tell this not to move! oh my...
by MissLauraI, Apr 26, 2011
I haven't been diagnosed with MS (still waiting for answers) but have spasms too. In my right index finger- you can see it kind of jumping, twitching in my left eye, and now my lower lip.

As I have been searching for answers to my symptoms, I see this one come up often as related to MS.

I hope that helps a little :D
by LisaJF, Apr 26, 2011
LOL. I didnt see this post!! I  need to pay attention a bit better huh?

Well now, Im glad its not just you and I :)  

My boyfriend was like, "wtf?" when he was watching it.  It's kinda fascinating to observe a part of your body involuntarily moving like that. (as long as it doesn't cause pain).