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My LP and what happened afterwards
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My LP and what happened afterwards


Okay, with that said, here is what happened with me and my LP.  I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and/or opinions of why this happened to me.  Thanks in advance.  

I was told by my neuro staff that I could get something before the LP because I am so scared I will jump when they insert the needle, or I will have a muscle twitch/spasm while the LP is in progress.  I was told yes, just say something to the nurses.  When I preregistered, I asked again and was given the same answer.  

So, I went arrived at 9am for my 10am appointment.  They checked me into a room, got me in a gown and a nurse came in and did vitals.  I asked her about getting something beforehand and she said to say something to the nurse when I get taken in.

I got blood work done.  Ok, one needle down, one to go.  That is what I was telling myself as I really have a phobia when it comes to needles.  

I get wheeled over to the room for LP.  Nurse is asking me questions and telling me about the proceedures.  Ok, I need more than one more needle due to the local they give just before the LP.  I ask her about getting something as I am really nervous now.  She looks through my file and says that she doesn't see an order for anything.  I explained that everyone told me to wait and speak with her.  She left to go ask the doc and came back and said I could get a Valium.  Now i am scared.  I KNOW that a Valium will do nothing for me.  

The nurse is noticeably irritated that I want to go ahead and take it.  She keeps telling me that I have the choice of just getting the LP done and over with in 5 minutes or I can take the Valium, go back to my room and wait half an hour for drug to kick in...then come back here for the 5 minute test.  She keeps saying how good this doc is and that she would trust him to do the test on her.  I finally told her that how SHE feels about it means NOTHING to me.  I was scared and nervous about a test that I have done twice before.  I KNOW what is going to happen and I still want something before the test.  So she gives me the Valium.  And she tells me we will just wait here for it to kick in.  She stands next to my bed and just stares at me.  Then she says, "whenever you are ready, scoot on to the table".  And then she just stands there and stares at me.  

After ten minutes, i can't take any more of this woman so I scoot over to the table.  The doc comes in and is very nice.  He talks to me for a few minutes and then prepares to do the LP.  He gave me 3 local shots in my back.  Okay that makes 4 needles done, one more to go.  

He starts the test and then I feel it and jerk a little.  Doc asks if i felt that.  I say yes so he gives me 2 more local shots.  Okay that makes 6 shots, one more to go.  

LP is over and I survived.  I was just glad it was all done because that meant no more needles.  I went into this thinking I had 2 needles to get over.  I ended up with 7 needles.  Well, at least it is over.  They wheel me back in my room.  My mom is waiting there with coffee in hand yay!   I am laying flat but get a straw for my coffee.  Then the Valium kicks in.  I guess it would have been helpful.  I fell asleep drinking my coffee and ended up spilling it everywhere. hehe

Then the blood draw lady walks back in.  She says she is sorry but she needs more blood.  Omg!   Okay now we are at 8 needles....can i go home now??

So I am home now and resting in bed.  I slept. I started getting uncomfy on my back so I layer on my left side, still flat.  My back has started hurting, like muscle spasms.  By 8:00pm it is hurting like nothing I have felt before.  I decided to take a vicodin, which I has been off of for about 1 1/2 months.  It didn't even touch the pain and the pain is getting stronger and stronger.  

I decided I wanted to go to ER, which I hate doing and only do it when it is absolutely needed.   I couldn't even get out of bed to get to the car.  My mom had to call for an ambulance.  :(   So in came a handful of probably gorgeous firemen and EMT's and I couldn't get out of the fetal position or open my eyes.  Go figure!

After a few minutes of these guys trying to figure out the best way to get me out of my bed and onto their gurney, they decided to unhook my sheet from my bed and lift me with the sheet onto the gurney.  It hurt like he'll but they did it and got me out of my room and on the gurney (narrow hallway and small doorways).  There was one guy that stayed close to my head, talking to and reassuring me the whole time.  He must have been one of the EMT's because he was in the ambulance with me.  He told me he could start an IV on me right now and give me some pain med if I wanted.  Yes yes please stop the pain.  I didn't even think of the needle involved.  Thank god because he blew my first vein and had to do a second one.  So, back to the needles....that makes my count up to 10 needles.  

He gave me morphine.  He asked me if I have ever had it before.  I had one other time (terrible muscle spasms in my pelvic floor) and it made me sick.  So he gave me something for that. Within seconds, I could feel the pain start to go down.  It didn't disappear, but it let me breathe.  And I didn't feel sick.  This same guy talked to and soothed me all the way to the hospital.  I never did see his face...though I did say thank you when he passed me on to ER people.  

I was in and out of conscience while in the ER.  At one point the pain started climbing again to unbearable.  Someone came in and gave me more morphine in the IV.  After being there for six hours, they released me.  But my last needle of this day was in my butt and was morphine again.  

That made 11 needles that day.  And I was expecting two.  And my biggest fear for after the LP was getting the headache.  Kinda wish I had that instead.  On a good note, I never got a headache from the LP.  

It was almost 4 in the morning when we got home.  I slept until about 11 am.  My back was still hurting but not as high of a level as the night before.  Now it is two days past the LP and ER.  My back still hurts and I am still in bed.  I am not walking well.  I know, I know I need to go see my doc.  I am going to call them in the morning.  

So, has anyone experienced this back pain after an LP?  Now, I have been having muscle spasms in my neck, back and around my torso lately.  But not even close to what I experienced that day.  I don't like taking morphine...but I am glad that it helped me both times I have taken it.  

Maybe the pain I got had nothing to do with the LP?   Just coincidence?

Opinions please?
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1558440 tn?1299703217
I have never had an LP, so I can't answer your question, but wanted to say how sorry I am that you had to go through all that! I hope and pray that you are feeling better. Hugs, hugs and more hugs!

667078 tn?1316004535
Sorry Addi.

I told them they only way I was having an LP was to knock me out. I got an IV do not remember the rest. They may have just given me something to forget who knows. Not sure why they do not do this to everyone. Had excruciating back pain first night. I am not a crier I cried all night. Better the next night. I got the head ache a few days later. Doctor would not do a blood patch. It got better day by day over two weeks.

I hope you feel better soon.

1318483 tn?1318350782
Thank you, Kate.  I appreciate it.  :) And if you ever do get an LP, forget about my experience, ok?

You too, Alex.  :( It sucked pretty bad.  I am not a cryer either.  I, too, cried that night.  I am so sorry you experienced it.  I would not wish that on anyone.  

I don't know why they couldn't knock me out.  They did on the first one I had.  Not the second.  

So, I could still get the headache, too?   Should I still be flat on my back?   I thought it was just for 24 hours?

963268 tn?1312903915
I am so sorry that you had such a terrible experience!  That is awful.  I had an LP on 1/21 and it was nothing like that.  It was so easy, and the woman who did it was amazing. I didn't feel a thing.  I didn't get a back ache, but I did get the headache the next day.  It was in my head and neck.  My neck felt like I had a weight on it, a lot of pressure.  But it was fine when I was lying down.  I guess I was in bed for about 5 days straight.  

Again, i'm so sorry. It seems like you have been through enough, so I hope you don't get the headache too!

Take care and feel better!

Avatar f tn
Addi, that's horrible! I hope that whole ordeal will soon be just an unpleasant memory. Get welll soon.

But just because I know there are plenty of people here with looming LPs but who just had to read on, here's my experience. This was in 2006.

I'm an independent type and didn't want anyone to have to drive me home from the hospital, so I elected not to get any sedation. The doctor was great, used flouroscopy, and knew exactly what he was doing. It was as smooth as could be. Hardly any pain. He explained the whole thing.

Afterwards I lay still as instructed, for an hour, got up and drove myself home. End of story. Really. No horrors, no headache. No aftermath.

Most LPs are extremely uneventful, and only one in seven gets the dreaded headache. So it can be done. Really.

1318483 tn?1318350782
Thank you, Maureen and ess.  I hope I feel better soon, too.  This has been quite an experience for me.  

On the other hand, I am both glad that your LP's went smoothly and glad that you mentioned it here with your reply.  I debated on whether or not to write this post, as I knew some members have LP's coming up.  I sure didn't want to scare them....yet I really wanted to share my experience.  

So, thank you for sharing the positive side.  I do know that most LP's go smoothly and are not traumatic.  Why can't I be included in the positive side??  Grrrr!  LP's and nerve tests are just not very good mixes with me...

338416 tn?1420049302
Well, I thought mine was bad!  Turns out it was nothin' compared to yours, Addi!

So no word on what caused the back pain?  To me it sounds like they nicked something going in.  Thank goodness I don't need another LP - if I do, I'll insist on fluoroscopy.  As ess said, fluoroscopy is safe and keeps problems like that from happening.  

They nicked a nerve going into my back as well - an electric shock ran through my leg.  But they did give me a scrip for two Ativan, and I took them beforehand.
1318483 tn?1318350782
They used fluoroscopy with my LP.  Lol

But, now since reading your reply, jens, I wonder if maybe when I jerked when the doc asked me if I felt it and did...maybe something happened there to cause the back pain I had?

1088527 tn?1425316975
I was praying that after this being your 3rd time you would have been a pro at it and no problems and get some answers. I didnt have the back pain but ended up with the just want to curl up and die headache and ended up in the er for the blood patch . I asked for valium and they told me that they dont give that for this quick test and mine was done in a hospital under fluoroscopy. I also had to remind them that blood work was needed along with the lp and they drew it after I was finished if I wasnt on this forum beforehand I would have never known that and it wouldnt have been drawn. I hope you feel better soon

Take care
1312898 tn?1314571733
I just can't believe they did this to you!!  I can't imagine how you must have felt,  I'm so sorry!

I have had two now.  Both times I had an IV before I went in that had liquids going in.  The first time I had it done at a pain specialty place where all the doctors were anesthesiologists.  The nurse was giving me a narcotic and valium intravenously, if I became uncomfortable she would push more through.  He did a great job controlling pain.

The second one was similar with a strong narcotic given in the IV.  

This is just awful for you!  The next time I would suggest an anesthesiologist or back pain place.  

I hope you feel better soon.


1580434 tn?1378600128
Addi, what a nightmare !  Sent a chill down my spine just feeling for you. really hope you don't get the headache too.   I can't answer your question either.

saw your warning don't read, but of course I had to.
I have wondered if a person who has severe spams in their back, would a LP start them up?
or if the added stress of it all would be part of the problem? even laying on my back for a few hours can start the spasms.

these are only thoughts I've had in my head. I don't know if it could be true or not but it seems logical to me. Then again, I don't know anything, am in limbo land. Have put off having a LP and these thoughts are only a part of my reason. the truth is I am chicken. ( I don't like admitting that as it is so not my tough imagine of myself I like to keep ) HA!

Thank you Addi for posting this because I will remember to talk about these concerns at my next dr appt.  I won't be able to put off the LP again. I will now know to make sure either the dr gives me something to take or has an order for it.

Thanks too to those that shared experiences of uneventful ?  LPs.

987762 tn?1331031553
Holey Toledo girlfriend, it aint meant to be that way, not the start nore the resulting fallout. Please make sure your dr knows all this, something is wrong with this and if there is any chance that something similar could happen to you again, it should be foreseen and taken into account prior to any future invasive procedures, just in case!

Mine was like an episode of dumb and dumber trying to find where I was meant to be, Aspie youngest in seventh heaven running amock, then mum having a bipolar moment, her stressing out and telling off every medical person within ear shot, hmm it was a big hospital too. Me on the other hand was thinking, please dont **** them off, shut your cake hole, they're about to stick a ruddy great big needle in my spine. lol

When mum left i hadn't had anything done yet, my nurse was visibly relieved and i started cracking up laughing. Lucky for me she was a nurse with a great sense of humor and we got on great, laughing all day long. She took bloods (1 needle), dr gave me numbing shots in my spine (no clue how many) and the LP (tried 3 times from memory) I only felt something once and I did the full body jerk, left leg somehow kicked out (i was lying on my left side too) shocked the doc but it wasn't like i did it on purpose and i think he hit a nerve so it was a normal spontaneous reaction.

That was it, i'd read all the horror stories so knew what 'could' happen during the LP and nothing even slightly horror-ish happened, I took everyone's advice on how to reduce the likelyhood of getting the headache from he_ll and again nothing. My back ached but nothing even close to what happened to you, more like bad period back ache, deffinetely nothing more than that. I stayed flat for 48hours and i really just slept through most of that so didn't really get bothered by that part.

I'm thinking that what happened to you was a complication not usually experienced, possibly because of your condition but set off by going through a LP, why it was that bad for you is probably really really complicated or that was the headache from he_ll but you experienced it in you spine or something as loopy as that, maybe!

That nurse you had was a dud!


405614 tn?1329147714
Addi, what a bad trip!  Thank heavens for the good EMT, that helped you get out of the worst of it: did you open your eyes and find out if he was a hunk?
Oh, I ache for you.  I wonder if he hit and irritated a nerve or two?

My LP wasn't a good experience; I actually followed up and complained about my nurse-zilla.  She wouldn't listen to me, said I didn't need anything to relax me, no orders, and then wouldn't let me get my own valium out of my purse.  After the LP, she was ready to send me out the door after about half  an hour.

The LP was performed by a radiologist under fluoroscopy, but I swear he just decided he could do it and I was his first try.  He hit a nerve more than once, made three punctures, jabbed around with each one, and eventually got a tap, kind of pinkish from blood.  

I was lucky that my back didn't hurt too badly, but I did get the spinal headache.  I knew to ask for a blood patch, and the idiot said I had a migraine.  Finally he gave me the number for pediatrics.  I was connected with a pediatric anesthesiologist that did my blood patch and made everything all better.

I hope you find your "all better" soon.

very gentle hugs,

738075 tn?1330579444
Ugh!! Addi, what a nightmare!!

My LP was a piece of cake.  The only part that hurt was the Lidocaine before the spinal needle.

The pain came on the next morning, and for another 4 days afterward (weekend, durnit!!)  The dreaded LP headache!!

Monday AM came around with me begging my DH to take me out back and shoot me!!  I called my neuro and he set me up for a blood patch, which worked IMMEDIATELY.  But when the anesthesiologist injected my blood into my thecal space, the pain going to my sacro-iliac area and down my leg was just CRAZY!  That's the only back pain I suffered, and it was gone by mid-afternoon.

And after all that, my LP was negative, and I was diagnosed with MS anyway.

Speedy recovery, dear...
739070 tn?1338607002
What an awful experience!!! I hope you are back to yourself soon. Have you had back spasms before? If so, perhaps the tenseness you were having from the needle pokes set your back  into motion. Personally, my LP done under fluroroscopy was was the blasted headache that made me miserable and required a blood patch the day after Christmas.
On the bright side, you are getting more experience with needles and have even learned that they can do some good ,like morphine shots.

Feel better soon,
1253197 tn?1331212710
Hi Addi

I am so so sorry that you have had this horrendous experience and makes my experience of four attempts at putting a canula in my arm feel very pathetic when I had a moan.  I escaped having an LP as like you I would have been very nervous and my neuro said for me it was not necessary as I had sufficient info for dx. I hope that you are resting up and that the pain is subsiding. This was one heck of a horrible thing to go through so thank goodness it is over.

Love and hugs

Sarah xxx
923105 tn?1341831249
Hi Addi,

That sounds like a dreadful ordeal you went through.

I have never had a LP ( thank goodness) as I was dx too long ago for it to be deemed necessary - as I had all the right lesions in the right places.........However

When I had a C Section for my son, that was bad enough, the Dr was a right plonker, and the pain was horrendous - the nurse told me to hold her hand and squeeze it if it hurt - poor women, I think I cut her circulation off!

The way you related your experiences for the LP though sounds like a nightmare - but I hope that your feeling better now, and don't have to go through 'that' again.  


Debs x
1221035 tn?1301004108
Sorry you had to go through all that. I too thought I had a bad experience My LP was done in my neuro office by my neurologist. Yes, they drew blood, and then three local shots to dumb....I think that is pretty average. But it took 4 sticks for the actual tap....he hit a nerve and the pain was horrible. He told me after the third try, he would try one more time, and if he didn't get it, he would send me to have it done under video fluroscopy. Well, he got it the fourth time.

I was instructed by the nurse to lie flat, and then she came in 15 minutes later and told me I could go home. (I think they needed the room; it was a very busy day there). I had a 35 minute ride home (sitting up). I did have back pain, nothing like yours, and then I got the dreaded headache.....for 7 days I suffered every time I tried to get up. But I was afraid to call; I didn't want them to have to try four times to do a blood patch.

I really hope you are feeling better today.
198419 tn?1360245956
Addi girl -

Strange experience - especially the staring bit, lol And, 5 minutes for a tap couldn't be more wrong huh? I wish it only took 5 minutes to get the csf out they need for multiple testing on it.

Anywho - looks like your outta that neck of the woods for the cause of pain in your back, but the chance of a leak and headache that comes with it is not off the table. Not saying this to scare you - just saying it because I highly recommend you still laying around - I recommend it to everyone because the leak can come days later. It's fixable, like mentioned, but please know it can and does happen all the time!

Rest, rest, rest :) and when your done w/that for a few days - rest some more, lol

Avatar f tn
Hi addi,
    I am as of yet undiagnosed. I did have a LP experience though. I was an inpatient when the Lp was done. The doctor gave me one shot to numb then without waiting for it to work did the puncture. It hurt like crazy. Halfway through my headache started. As soon as she was finished I mentioned my headache. Was told "I'll get you tylenol for that""...I waited twenty minutes headache now unbearable....Nurse came in "Oh,you have a headache no order was put in for anything".....Another twenty minutes later finally some tylenol which did nothing.....finally after over an hour some oxycotin...It helped. The next day I was sent downstairs for an eye test. I waited for over an hour to be seen while sitting up in a wheelchair (I have spasms in my back which are especially bad when I am in pain...I must have looked a sight !) A patients wife noticed I looked bad. I was spasming and in such incredible I have never felt before. She called a doctor and they were about to call a code on me (They thought I was having seizures) I mumbled out ..I had a spinal yesterday..I am in pain (BP was 150\105 up from at that time about 85\54) I was sent upstairs...Neuro came in while I was recovering angry and lecturing me about how I needed to give consent so they could intubate me if a code was called on me. Does he think I would want any of this to happen?? Headache and neck pain lasted four days.
1318483 tn?1318350782
Thank you all very much.  Your replies have made me feel better already.  :)

Kat-sounds like you had the same issues as I did, as far as having to tell them about the blood work and some kind of drug given beforehand.  Pretty sad, huh?  I am sorry you got the headache and blood patch.  I did talk to the doc about the headache and blood patch before he did the LP.  It was at that time that I decided if I got the headache, I would just suffer through blood patch.  So I am glad I haven't gotten it.  

Red-see?  I knew I could have gotten something beforehand.  I am glad it worked out for you.  But, just sayin, this was my very last LP.  I will not agree to another one.  I am done with that!

Raz-you know, I was thinking over the last couple of days...nothin else to do strapped to my bed.  Lol.  But, I already had back and neck spasms.  They have gotten worse over the last month or two.  I do wonder if the LP triggered my already spastic back.  Makes sense to me, too.  So, make sure you do discuss this with your doc if an LP is in order for you.  And I would make sure you get drugs first.  *whispers*. I won't tell anyone you are being chicken...your secret is safe with me.  ;).  You big strong man, you!!

JJ-you gave me quite a visual of your LP experience!  Thank you for the much needed chuckle!

Kathy-I never did see the face of the wonderful EMT.  :/ I wish I would have.  Sounds like you had a pretty horrid experience, too.  I do have to wonder if we had the same nurse!

Guitar-your experience with the blood patch was ridiculous!   Sorry for that.  But at least you got your answers.  That kinda makes up for the blood patch a little.   Nah, it probably doesn't.  Lol.  But I am glad you got your answers.  :)

Ren-seems that the blood patch is needed quite a bit.  :( I thought it was a rare thing.  Bright side and needles don't mesh in my mind.  Lol  but I do have to agree, I was begging for needles in the ambulance so I could get the morphine.  Usually when someone blows a vein on me, I don't give them a second chance.   I know, I am terrible!   But he felt so bad, I could tell and I was in so much pain.  

Sarah-what is a canula?  I am still resting.  I stay in bed except to use the potty.  I am definitely glad it is over and happy that you did not have to have an LP.  :)

Debs-what is a plonker?  Lol.  I love new terms from other countries.  Like cigarettes are called fags in England.  Hehe. I am so sorry you had a nightmarish c-section.  

Daisy-gosh, your experience was not so great yourself!  I don't understand why some medical personnel can be so heartless and cold.  It angers me.  And I keep hearing how you guys getting stuck more than one time for the actual LP itself!   That, to my way of thinking anyways, is NOT something that should take a hit and miss approach.  Too close to the spine, you know??

Shell-yeah, definitely strange experience.  I did look at the vials when he was done.  There were four vials.  It looked like water in them.  Yeah, 5 minutes.  And I did think I was out of the woods for the headache!   I have still been resting.  But sitting up a little.  I have a hospital bed so I am at a maybe 25% angle at my head and my bottom part of my bed is about the same, 25%.  Think this is okay?   I so don't want the headache!

Bridge-gosh!  Your experience was absolutely horrifying!!   It truly does make me angry how people are treated!   Something has to give.  It is ridiculous.  :(

Thanks again, everyone.  It was great to see all of your support with me and to hear your experiences, good and bad.  Thank you thank you.  

1318483 tn?1318350782
Shoot shoot shoot!   Raz, two weeny little letters seem to have disappeared in my response to you.  They are a w and an o.  Get it?

It truly was a slip.  Please forgive me....

Highly embarrassed,
1580434 tn?1378600128
Addi, please no need at all to be embarrassed.

:-) laughing here.  I get called sir in person and it's not a problem.  It made me smile and feel tough. guess you'd have to know more about me to know to there is no reason to be even a tad embarrassed. typos happen and my name doesn't help you a bit either huh.

hope you are still resting and taking care of you.
645390 tn?1338558977

The whole ordeal sounds awful.  I particularly do not like your nurse.  It is so helpful when we at least have a supportive medical person in the room, who feels like a friend not a foe.

I am glad it is over, and glad you are feeling better.  Hopefully that is the end of the LP's for you.  I never had one, and don't think I am missing anything there?!

1168718 tn?1464987135
Hi Addi,
I can't imagine what the pain would have been like, but I surely can emphasize about the nurses and such.  

Part of what you went through so did I.  went to the hospital, and got in the room, and was told the same thing.  They will give you something to take the "EDGE" off.......... when the nurse comes in, ask OK?   I said OK............. I could not show how scared I was cause my daughter was there, and I had to be strong.  ( though she is old enough to understand, but just in case she ever had to go through this experienc e, I had to be calm...

So, the nurse came in, but did not give me anything for the "EDGE', and by that point I was ready to push her off it...LOL

So, the Dr. came in, started to get me ready, and said no this will hurt a bit...." I said, why" I ws supposed to get something for the "EDGE"..... he kinda said the same thing like your person did, well, it will be about 15 min. and the pills take longer to take hold, so "BUCK UP"..... I thought of saying something to him, like "BUCK" but not that exact word...

Then first 4 needles, he says, wow, you must have scar tissue down there, we can't seem to get in........... so, up they go, and do the 4 needles again, then my leg  LOL .. .............goes shooting out and my foot hits the wall, and he says" Oh, that was a zinger huh"............ I told him I was going to throw up , they kept saying "NO YOU WON't".... you just think you will.....

Well, at that they were right, I did not throw up but surely felt like it.  

Then we sat in the room and waited for about 15 min. to make sure I wasn 't going to konk out.... then the blood lady came back, and said............... " and you thought you were going somewhere"....and smiled, that wicked smile....

So, we sat 2 1/2 later we left................. and I was 10 vials short of blood.  

Went to the coffee shop and had 3 cups of coffee, cause everyone told me that the caffeinne will help with the headache.  and for me it did, so that was the best advice that I could have been given....... so, take that one to heart.

I have to say that I had a low grade headache for about 3 days, but nothing that T3's didn't handle.  But, that was last year, and my back is still tender where they poked me 8 times with the freezing.   So, I think the knocked out girl is on to something....LOL .......... at least it is only 1 needle.  

Or so, THEY say..............LOL

take care gf, and BIG GENTLE HUGS to you,
1615215 tn?1298652248
Hi! Sorry to head that  ... Im 20 years old and  I got my LP on set 2010 to confirm my MS disease and well  mine was pretty good at first... I got the blood test really good and then I laid down into the fluoroscopy table  and I got lidocaine  for the pain and  5 minutes later the LP was done..  The doctor told me to stay still for 24 hours wich I did but  the next hours the back pain was unbearable and my leg start  tingling  and felt it a little bit numb it was awful  ... I was like that like 2 days before i went to see my doctor she told me that aperrently due that i was skinny when they did the LP the hit a nerve and that was why I was feeling like this... The gave me some medicine for the headache that  was starting to make me crazy and then i got home... because of the pills i got dizzy and felt lots of nauseas and my back was still huurting i really thought they had damage one nerve becase i could even stand for 10 min.

One week later i was able to stand with no problems.... the doctor told me ONE day but it didnt happend for me..  The pain in the neck I had it too  ... I completly understand you  it was really the worse  week of my  life  people just can't  imagine how hard is the pain ...

LP is a serious procedure no matter how many times they tell you that it last 5 minutes  or to drink lots of water and caffeine  you dont really know how your body is going to react.. so hang in there in the worst scenario it shoudnt last more that 10 days..  I hope you get better  soon =)  take care a lot !

1532707 tn?1312159524
I had a simmilar experience My neuro ordered sedation and when they didn't give it to me I asked and the nurse said oh you'll be fine....yeah right like you would know. i got several locals and several needles. They used the same LP needle twice and the second time it was very dull, even with a local I could feel how dull it was and It popped when they finally got into the space.

This is the short version of this story lol. Halfway through the procedure which took over an hour without any sedation the radiology nurse says "you're soo brave, most adults need sedation for this" Which made it much worse I started sobbing and hyperventilating, which didn't make a needle in my spine feel any better. It was like being raped. I was so mad.  and I didn't get any pain meds or anything afterwards. I took an ultram from my dog. the next day my back hurt so bad I would lay down and my back would spasm so bad I couldn't breathe. I hurt all over all my joints and everything from my whole body being soo tense for one hour. but my back especially.

After 1 week I had to go to the chiropractor I figured it would be safe, they wouldn't do anything to me if it wasn't good for me. They said I had the biggest knot or something I forgot what they called it, but having my back adjusted helped. It took several weeks to get back to normal
I would love to sue the pants off that damn hospital for that stupid nurse telling me I would be fine after my doctor gave orders for sedation..they are rapists/terrorists.  I didn't know I could stand up for my self but when that nurse told me I'd be fine I should have gotten up and walked out of there.

I feel your pain and wish this wouldn't happen to anyone. There has to be a civil way to get a lumbar puncture and not with dull old needles and stupid nurses and doctors!!!
551343 tn?1350880995
Hi Addi i was dreading my LP my daughter went with me. I am 59 and didnt fancy a long needle going into my spine.

Anyway i was very brave lol, and didnt feel a thing it was very quick. What hurt me was the routine blood test afterwards I kid you not. IT WAS AGONY, I nearly kicked the bloke taking it.   I had 9 bloods taken 2 days ago and didnt feel a thing, but this guy one blood it was HELL..........

Anyway I was down for a week after my LP no headache but terrible backache.

I was told it was the muscles going into spasms and would settle down...

But I felt like I had been run over by a truck so I feel for you.

Big hugs. Mariaxxx
923105 tn?1341831249
Hi Addi,

A Plonker is a dipstick LOL

Debs X
1318483 tn?1318350782

Thanks for all the replies, you all!!

Raz - whew!  My face is slowly turning back to normal shades.  lol. Btw, I love your profile pic on hating plants.  Too cute. :)

Michelle - nope, you ain't missing nothin'!  This was absolutely my last LP.  I will refuse any other from here on out.  And I am definitely going to tell my neuro about the nurse.  

Candy - my my my.  I think yours sounded pretty traumatic, too!  I think I would have stopped the test.  That is downright scary to have 7 fails on a LP.  I did the caffiene, too, and I do have a small headache but I do not believe it is even close to the LP headaches I have heard people experience here.  So I am grateful for that.  I am still resting, back is still spasming but not near as bad as that first night.  I tremor badly when I get up still.  

Almendra - thank you.  I am on day 5 after LP.  I am still resting.  I am so sorry your LP was horrid, too.  I don't think it should ever turn out badly, but as I am seeing, it does happen quite a bit.  And that is too bad.

Houston - wow!  I completely felt your pain as I was reading your post.  And that comment from the nurse about being so brave....I would have reacted the same way you did.  Gosh, I am so sorry you had such a disastrous experience.  :(   But I love how you took one of your dogs pills.  Lol

Maria - I understand about the brave thing cause your daughter was there.  Lol.  I find myself trying to do the same when my daughter comes with me.  But I blew it several years ago when we both had to get lab work done.  She breezed right through hers.  I passed out and acted like a baby when I got poked, couldn't look.  My daughter still laughs at me and makes fun when she hears I have to get another needle.  Lol.

Debs - LMAO!!!

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