Need help with viewing MRI on eFilmLt..
by Military_Wifey, Apr 10, 2009
Hey all! I posted a while back about my MRI lesions. Tricare still has me waiting on my approval to see Neuro. I did however get the imaging place to give me my MRI on CD. I am trying to view it and can't! It is on eFilm Lt. Anyone now how to get it to play? Help!

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by Lulu54Blank, Apr 10, 2009
Usually those files have an .exe file on them that automatically launches the viewer for the  imaging program.  Can you call the imaging place and ask them?

by Military_Wifey, Apr 10, 2009
Thanks! I actually griped to my sister who suggested my desk top's Vista was the culprit. Luckily I have an older laptop and sure enough it auto started in the laptop. Anyone else having problems viewing it can try altering their computers security temporarily. On Vista it does not auto start and when you try to manually use the .exe to autorun, it won't allow it. But.... all fixed now,thanks for responding Lulu.

by biowham, Apr 10, 2009
Oh, thank you MS, for fixing what wasn't broke. And this time, by MS, I mean MICROSOFT. Don't even get me started on their 07 Word software. Grrrrr.

Glad you got it to run.

by PastorDan, Apr 10, 2009
My MRI CD is also on that software, and it won't run on anything but XP, in my experience.
by Military_Wifey, Apr 11, 2009
LOL! Yes, the better the system gets the worse it gets indeed. Guess my older computer isn't so bad after all!

by pestermenot, Jan 30, 2011
I was having similar troubles, I looked online for a free DICOM viewer, works perfectly