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Neurological Exam

Hello Friends,

I just had another neurological exam (3rd) and finally found a very caring Neurologist (female) who actually listened to me.

She examined me and during the reflex testing she said I had hyperreflexia. My legs kicked straight out and then bounced back several times. She did the pin ***** test and I have numbness in my arms. She also had me walk on tiptoes, heels, touch finger to nose, eye test which was all normal.
Now after everything was said and done....she said your exam was normal. How can a neuro exam be normal if you have hyperreflexia and numbness in your arms?

She also said you may have fibromyalgia....So I challenged her and asked her if Fibromyalgia causes abnormal brain MRI's and hyperreflexia? She said NO.

So bottom line is she is sending me for a MRI of brain, cervical spine, and thoracic spine which i have never had and MRI of the spine. She is also going to do a LP. She was very disappointed that the other doctors were such dorks and didnt order these tests like they should have done.

Thanks everyone for listening to me. I truly appreciate your friendship and feedback.


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572651 tn?1333939396
You ask the million dollar question that many before you have also asked .... it seems neuros like the words "normal exam" even in the face of abnormal results.

Rather than dwell on the frustration from that, though, be glad that she is moving forward with more tests.  

This will be your first set of MRI's?  Shame on the previous doctors who didn't run these basic test.  Are you scheduled, yet?  I hope you don't have to wait too long.

be well,
1453990 tn?1329235026
Progressive loss of sensation is never normal, but there is a very small percentage of the population that has bilateral normal variant hyperreflexia.  The normal variant is unusually found early in pediatric patients.  Hyperreflexia is a "finding" that can point motor neuron disease, MS, etc.  It is considered a significant finding if accompanied by other neurologic signs or occurs unilaterally.  At least that's what my physical exam text says.

1253197 tn?1331212710
Well this feels a step in the right direction. I have had several "normal" neuro exam but still have MS. Keep us posted and know that we are all on your side and hope you get some answers. How long till the MRI?

Love and hugs

Sarah x
1456824 tn?1288654814
Hi Sparky,

Good to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. My MRI is on the 28th and so is the LP.
This hyperrefleia is something new. I have never had reflexes like I saw today. Also my head has a little tremor and my body feels shaky or like a vibrator inside of it. So it goes on and on.
Thanks for your support!
Avatar f tn
How ironically funny, I just went through my neuro exam, ( not a full one) but I have hyperreflexia as well, MS was not even brought up but fibro. was. I also have nystagmus and an optic nerve problem but my opthalmologist dx it as ischemic optic neuropathy because i have thyroid eye disease.

My MRI of my spine was done about three months or so ago, but the neuro that looked at them, did not tell me anything but its normal.. so who knows, and my present neuro wants to see the copy of my MRI by Dec. 1st, my next visit with him.

I also have the tremors and the vibrating feeling in my foot.
Good luck to you
147426 tn?1317269232
Hyperreflexia in an adult is always worth noting and keeping in mind.  If it is present since birth then there should be that history.  No neurologist should presume that it is normal for THAT person, unless he has evidence of this.  If it occurs with clonus it should be considered pathologic.  If it is merely hyperactive, but present at didderent levels on each side it is very significant.

It is indicative of a spinal lesion.

Do note that in arrousal states like fear, anxiety, pain and anger, the reflexes may appear abnormally hyperctive, but they will show it in all extremities.

Always be wary of the neurologist who dismisses all abnormal or questionable findings as he finds them.  This is a doctor whose brain escaped long ago and he doesn't remember what it's like to think.

Dawn - Bravo for you for throwing the question back into your neuro's face.  She was starting to take the easy way out - not thinking.  I hope that simple question you put to her will keep her on your case, but be ready to question future "dismissal" of abnormal findings or test results.

DrsDon't - If you haven't already read it, take a look at the Health Page on How a Person Can Have a Negative MRI with MS.

293157 tn?1285877039
quix..?  what do you mean by pathologic?  

I can't get that one?
Avatar f tn
Thank you Quix,  I read it as soon as I read your post. I believe mine maybe silent ones. I wish they would just keep checking for me. I think I may have caught his attention alittle bit more yesterday, but you never know. He definately wants to recheck my lower back MRI report and film.
I will keep you updated on anything that comes my way.
Hugs to you , Pamela :)
Avatar n tn
oh yes, I heard that explanation "... normal, for you"....   gimme a break!
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