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Neurologist and no health insurance
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Neurologist and no health insurance

Q?  How do you keep a relationship with your Neurologist, when you have no health insurance and cannot afford to go see him/her, and pay out-of-pocket for visits and/or tests?

My biggest dilemma is how do I keep an ongoing relationship with my Neurologist, when I cannot afford to go see him (let alone pay out-of-pocket, for any needed tests)?

I keep reading the suggestions to keep in close contact with your Neurologist, and to let him/her know about any new symptoms, etc., but how do you do this when you cannot go back to him/her, until you get medical/health coverage?

I have an appointment with my Neurologist on April 1st (yeah, I know April Fool's Day), but I cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket for the visit, let alone I have not gotten the needed blood tests done (prior to the visit) because I cannot afford the tests either.

So, for me, it's difficult to keep my Neurologist informed when I know I cannot afford his services right now.

-- Socrates
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I hear you should stay in contact with your Neuro. I however do not at all unless im totaly disabled one day out of no where then ill call her. But other then that i just mark down the days when symptoms get worse, how long it all lasts, and just show it to her the next time i go.

I started out with no insurance also. My nuero explained to me/sent me to a program they had in her hospital she works at for help if you do not have insurnace. Have you ever checked to see if they may have one? That helped me alot, it payed for around 6 months for visits blood tests mris ect..and could renew it every 3 months need be. And when i didnt have it my MS specialist new i was out of work and no insurnace or charity care so he gave me 80 percent off of my visits. I ended up getting insurance fromt the state and been with that since the beggining of the year. HAve you tryed that one too?

Also when i didnt have insurnace or in the hospitl program ( charity care finicail aid) i always just called her if i had a question and kept calling till she called me back! so i could ask my question!   Good Luck and i hope you find a way its such a hassel and sooo frustrating to go through the finicial ends of it all
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as you know, or might not know, some on this list like me have the VA, for better or worse.

but, in order for me to have gotten other opinions outside the gov VA fraternity, i had to seek neuro help via the help of state med insurance.

i called the local chapter of MS here, and they gave me a couple of agencies to call. i qualified, and so was able to get outside opinions/help. the co-pay was afforadable for me.

maybe a MS chpater where you live can direct you to some state med insurance help?

just tossing the idea out there
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UF2 gave you some good advice.  Start locally and call your NMSS chapter and ask what assistance programs they have.  

Good luck,
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Let your neuro know as well - they should be keeping a record of your progress, even if you aren't able to afford the visit.
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I'm not sure of what your financial situation/ or family size  is, but you can apply for medical assistance through your local Jobs & Family Service. If you make under a certain amount of money per month, you can qualify for a medical card that covers RX, doctors visits, surgeries, MRIs, etc.. It it medicaid.

You can also check to see if your neuro offers a HCAP program. I think this is what ErinZoe23 is writing about. It covers the cost of doctors visits, MRIs, blood test, etc.. anything that would be done at a hospital/ doctors office. They base the price, on your family size, and the money that you make. It is for people who don't have insurance, or that people who do, but can't afford some of the extra cost. One of the requirements is, that you are not able to get medicaid.

I remember that you said that you could not get some of your RX, because of lack of insurance as well. If there is a generic version of some of your meds, you could get them filled at Wal-mart for $4, but this is only for generic versions.

Call your neuro and tell them of the situation. Maybe they can work something out with you, and check on the other suggestions from Ufrustrated2, and ErinZoe23, as well. My GP has been known to lower the cost of her office visit, for people who don't have insurance. It doesn't hurt to see if they have any suggestions, since they know your health condition.

I know how bad it is to have no insurance. My husband got laid off last year, and we lost our medical insurance that same day. I hope you can get some help.

Take Care
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