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Next MRI scheduled for 25 October 2012
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Next MRI scheduled for 25 October 2012

Hi all, I went to see my Neurologist, who basically stated, keep doing what we are doing.
I have an MRI (w/ & w/o contrast) on Thursday, October 25th.
This will be my 1st MRI, in 3 years, since I was Dx'd in December 2009, and I practically
had to "beg him" to schedule it.  After all, the last one told us, that I had 22+ lesions, on
my brain, but also a "walnut-sized" growth, in the center of my brain, which back then
he stated, "was nothing to be concerned about".

For me, "colder weather" brings on different MS symptoms, so no escape for me, with
the temperature dropping (and I'm sure for most of you too, I know I'm not alone).

Since about the end of July, I have had abdominal pain, but have done a few tests
(blood work, EGD, CT Scan) the results came back normal, so nothing that explains
why I'm having it.

I have two types of pain, one that's a constant, and the other, what I term,
"Voodoo Doll", i.e. sharp pain, as though stabbed w/ something.
The areas that seem to be affected (but not limited to) are just below the sternum,
and just below the rib-cage, on both sides, also, the lower abdomen.
Unfortunately, since they cannot find a "cause", by PCP simply diagnosed Pain Rx.
In my opinion, I think my PCP, believes I'm just a hypochondriac
But I have been assured, this has nothing to do with my heart.
Intercostal spasms, MS Hug, and the "Voodoo Doll", seem to be the most
likely suspects.

I pray everyone has a good week, take care and may God bless, you & yours.


-- Socrates2k1 (Stan)
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Hi Stan glad to see you back but sorry to hear you are having problems. glad you got your mri scheduled but I dont understand why your doc was so hesitante to order one. I too have problems in the cold so no escape here in New England . i get those voodoo doll pains all the time and well it just ***** but I am glad that your tests are normal and can chalk it up to another ms problem.

Take Care
211940 tn?1267884866
Thank you, yeah, unfortunately, our Dr's have a good "fail safe", blame MS.

tc & Gb

-- Socrates2k1  (Stan)
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welcome back Stan, we've missed do you have a Voodoo doll for your neuro?  just kidding......

keep us posted!  
198419 tn?1360245956
Hey Stan,

Simply bs that you had to beg for this. Unreal. I'm so sorry to hear this - I had not even realized you'd not been imaged in so long.

Does this stabbing, ever go from the back (below the ribcage) and then into the abdomen? And, does it ever go as low in the abdomen as the pelvic area?

1710955 tn?1309450073
I can't believe you haven't had any imaging done in 3 yrs!  That's simply crazy. Maybe if you were sx free and had no problems for a year or 18 mos, but 3 yrs?!

Nevertheless, I'm glad you're finally getting it done.  I hate how my pcp tries to blame everything on my MS.  Tests, specifically labs, can be wrong and change within hours.  Sometimes scans miss things that are actually there.

A lot of my medical issues have been blamed on my MS.  For some reason my gut told me otherwise, and my gut was right. I've, unfortunately, been dx'ed with a multitude of other medical conditions as well.  Not saying your abdominal pains aren't from MS, but as the patient, we sometimes have to be smarter than our docs and not accept the general answer, "it's probably from the MS".

Good luck with finding some answers and let us know what, if anything, the new MRI reveals.

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