Numbness worse when laying down
by ncowleyc, Oct 02, 2007
Does anyone have numbness that get's worse when laying down? When I go to bed my numbness get's worse no matter in what position I lay. It got so bad last night the left side of my body felt like it wasn't even mine. The left side of my throat went numb as well made it hard to swallow. It's not like when you lay on your arm and it's numb, there is no tingling or anything. Used to happen just to my leg now it's the whole left side. It persists the next day with weakness. I was hoping I was getting better when the weather turned cool for a couple of weeks. Does this happen with MS or is it something else?
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by Jazzyfizzle, Oct 02, 2007
Oh you betcha. Most times if I try to lie down my legs drive me insane, even lying on the couch. Mine is neuropathy.

Take care now

by que03, Oct 02, 2007
Mine gets much worse too.  I am surprised to hear of others doing this b/c my neuro acted like this was not a normal thing.  I am relieved to hear of others.   I was always wondering in the back of my head if it might be circulatory issue.  It is not positional with me either.  Do yo think it is because of the spinal cord position???
by ncowleyc, Oct 02, 2007
I was wondering about that. I was thinking maybe I have circulation issues. Could still have. Are you diagnosed? I have had my back x-rayed and they said my spine was fine. I don't have back pain except for muscle tightness around my ribcage that only bothers me when I put my chin down. I sometimes get a lot of pressure in my head when I lay down so I have to prop myself up. Not sure why the numbness is worse. Maybe someone should do a study.
by que03, Oct 05, 2007
What is this?  Do you have any guesses?  I know it is not restless legs.  Could it be from athoracic spine lesion?  When I was running long distances I could cause the same pattern in my legs when I took a deep breath but as soon as I did normal breathing it would stop.  I too have tightness in rib cage Jazzy.  Que
by que03, Oct 05, 2007
I forgot to tell you, when mine was really bad last summer I slept in recliner.  It would give me enough relief to sleep through it.  Que
by pennst8r, Oct 05, 2007
Yes, this happens to me as well at night. Also, my spasms are almost always when I am at rest. I don't get it either.

by Jazzyfizzle, Oct 06, 2007
You know, my neuro says its the neuropathy. It is completely hidious, I end up pacing (with my gimp legs, such fun to watch) until I crash to sleep. On the rare evening its not as bad it is like heaven. I've had my back Cat scanned and its not the back.  The recliner idea sounds like a good one.  I have the spasms too, they are all over, but the worst is the legs.

Many hugs
by NrssAngel, Oct 08, 2007

I have not been diagnosed with MS but my symptims seem classic.  Although my legs get numb and tingly occasionally, it is mostly my hands.  They stay somewhat numb all the time and they get much much worse at night.  I wake up in the morning with both forearms and hands numb but also tingling which is not positional.  Could this be an MS sign?  I am desperately trying to sort this out.

Thanks in advance for your help.

by grannyhotwheels, Oct 08, 2007
I agree with the rest of them.  That's why I still sleep in the recliner most nights.  Sometimes I will lay on the couch and prop pillows under my legs and a couple of extra ones under my head.  This does help some.

I wish you the best in getting a diagnosis.  Have you seen a neurologist yet?  If not I would recommend you get your doctor to refer you to one.  It sounds like you have many symptoms of MS or some type of auto-immune disease.

I'll be praying,