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Odd symptoms
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Odd symptoms

So since January 2009 I have been having rather odd symptoms and maybe it's all starting to come together now and I was hoping to hear from others.
I got sick back in Nov/Dec 2008 with a cold that lingered.  In Jan 2009 I developed a wicked sinus infection and was seeing flashing lights in my right eye.  The sinus infection was treated and they ruled out a retinal detachment.
A few months later wicked dizziness set in, and tinnitus started up.  I was diagnosed with orthostatic hypotension, pretty severe.  They ruled out anemia or leukemia, and any electrolyte imbalance.  Also tested my cortisol levels.  All fine.  I had a hearing test because of the tinnitus; no hearing loss in either ear was present.  Ears a clear.
Now I am having periodic tingling in my lips, hand, and feet.  My thighs also feel heavy, and my left arm feels funny (sorry no better way to describe it).  My fingers feel funny typing.
I also have a tremor, seems worse in my left hand and it seems that my left ring finger twitches a bit too.  Have had random thigh muscle and eyelid twitching too.
I had a CT scan earlier this week.  I haven't heard anything so I figure nothing major showed up there.  I go back to the doctor next Friday.
As a FYI, I have a history of sinus probs and take Nasonex, and am on the pill.  I get my fair share of mild frontal headaches that I take advil or tylenol for as needed.  Otherwise no meds.
Could this orchestra of symptoms be suggestive of MS?  I have the option to self-refer to a specialist, but I guess I don't want to make up a big hoopla about nothing.
I would absolutely appreciate any advice that anyone has to give.
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Hard to say at this point.  My initial symptoms were dizziness, and tingling and numbness in the face.  I went to see my PCP because I thought the tingling in the face was kinda weird.  She sent me in for an MRI, and gave me a five-day course of steroids.  That very same day, the dizziness got worse, and I noticed the steroids really helped me feel better.    Then I ran out, and the dizziness came back times ten.

So all this is to say that it's possible, but not a certainty.  I would follow up with a neurologist, or a specialist, especially since you're having muscle weakness in your thighs and arm.
I agree! it doesn't hurt to let a specialist take a look at you and see if some more testing is warranted. Bottom line is you have symptoms and you want to know the cause and get some help to feel better.

It could be anything causing them......say it all was because of a vitamin deficiency (I am in no way implying that is your cause,this is purely hypothetical) and it was just a blood test to find out. It comes back positive and they say you need vitamin take the supplement and the symptoms disappear. Worth it?

Sometimes busy docs try to train patients to not "bother" them with "silly" things. The problem is if it's happening, and concerns's not silly, and since we pay doctors, it shouldn't be a bother. You know your body, if it feels off..go in!

Thanks all.  It just seems like things are way worsening; I feel definite weakness in my rt. arm instead of my left arm, and the dizziness and tinnitus are constant.  CT scan was normal by the way, got my letter in the mail this weekend, which is good of course.  Saw the flashing lights in my right eye again this last week.

What sort of vitamin deficiency could be causing this?  Curious what I could suggest that they test for?
Hi Crookshanks,
Welcome to our community .... a great place to ask questions.

CT scans don't fit into the diagnosing of MS other than to rule out other causes of symptoms.

Vitamin deficiency?  B12.  

What to test for?  If you read our health pages you will find one explaining the tests that are done to determine a dx.  You definitely want to see a neurologist and have a neurological exam done - a full one and not just a cursory tap on your reflexes.  

They will also do a lengthy group of blood tests - if i'm remembering correctly they took 12 vials from me to  work through eliminating other causes of my symptoms.

I hope you'll find a neuro who is willing to work with you until some answers are found.

be well,
Hi there,
Well neuro appointment is scheduled for 2 weeks.  Today my doctor ordered a bunch more labs, to check for muscle inflammation, an ANA titer, and an ESR.
She did ask if I've been depressed or anxious, which I have not been (aside from wondering what on EARTH is going on).  My grip is weaker on my right than my left, vision seems fuzzy though I got new glasses less than 1 year ago.  I don't think my sx are in my head you know...
So frustrating!!!

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