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Of Pets

Hi everyone,
hope you had a nice weekend.  Am just back from my trip to Malaysia. It went well and I am feeling ok at the moment.... praying things stay this way.. :)

Just share a story:

My darling maltese is a greedly little dog.  Today I was about to eat adobo (bought outside - I thought it was chicken - with bones). Adobo is a Filipino dish  of meet cooked with soy sauce, and vinegar).

Anyway, I was bending down to the fridge with bowl in hand and Pea grabbed a big hunk from the bowl.  I, worried it had bones, tried to take it off him.  he resisted and swallowed a huge hunk whole.  He immediately started choking.  but managed to swollow.  Then he was gagging and frothing at the mouth.  I panicked.  Though my baby was dying.  Grabbed him and with shaking legs went down the stairs (the elevator was not working) and took him to the vet.  Anywya, they xrayed him and said he looked ok. He had stopped retchcing by this stage.  So had his teeth cleaned (big effort for a dog - it takes general anaesthetic).... hours there waiting for my foolish little dog.

Finally got home (and had a good look at the adobo) - it was liver!!! No bones!!  He would not have killed himself!  Very relieved and feeling a little stupid (this happens when one doesn't know what one is eating.

Dog was punished by having his teeth cleaned.  My wallet was punished... but all ends well. Fun weekend.

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What we all wont do for our pets! Let me tell you about Pooty(my potbelly pig for all that dont know). I rescued her from a bad situation. I saw someone giving her away on craigslist, and called right away. I had lost my male pig Fartley(I know I have crazy names, but then consider the source) last year, he was 9 years old. I got to her house and Pooty was 13 lbs and was walking sideways. I immediately took her to my vet, who started her on IV'S for pneumomia and dehydration.She also had abdominal surgery, she was full of rocks, dirt, and string. Apparently they had not been feeding her and she was eating anything she could find. The vet did all he could do for a week, and she wasnt getting any stronger. He called me and told me to take her home,he had done all he could, and that it was in GODS hands. I took her home fed her goats milk every 2 to 3 hours, even took her to work with me and just held and cuddled her. She came around and is so loving, and healthy as can be. It cost me 500.00 for all her bills, but I would have paid anything to keep her alive. Watch my profile pic, Im going to put a pic of her up later today. My daughter took a bunch yesterday and she said she will download them today.I also have 3 dogs, Rosie, (black cocker) Haley (yorkie) Bella (sheltie) I have 2 himalayan cats, 2 cockatoos, and saltwater fish. My pets are my babies. I take better care of them than my own health. Thanks or sharing your pet story!
Hi Rutey,

I loved your potbelly pig story.  I saw one of these a week ago for the first time.... someone was taking theirs walking in the place I got to run

They are like dogs.  They are so cute. I was able to pet this one and it absolutely adored having it's head scratched.  I was suprised it's bristles are so stiff....  I would love to have one of these.... will look into it if ever I live in a place where pets are allowed.

What would we do without pets?

In my case it's just me and Poppy, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Also known as Poppy the Poopy Puppy, though she's hardly a pup anymore, even if she'd disagree with that one.

She's adorably cute, the world's friendliest and most enthusiastic dog. She has more friends than I do. She's also #$% strong-willed, which no one will believe because it's wrapped in such an appealing package. We have our go-rounds every day. Who'd think such willfulness could fit into 13 lbs.?

Nevertheless I love her dearly, of course. My sister says she's a little dog with a big dog personality, and that's true. When she's not playing it's time for cuddling. Her motto: So many laps, so little time. In fact, she's here on my lap now, totally impeding the typing process.

Since I'm divorced and without children, she is my company lots of the time. She's the only dog I've ever had that belonged to just me, and I'm so glad she does.

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