by lala47, Aug 25, 2008
Hi all,  I have a question.  I have been having pain starting in my left wrist and I can follow it all the way up to the muscle behind in left shoulder.  My arm feels very heavy and achy.  What can this be?  My hand is also very weak.
Having a hard time holding things because of the weakness and pain.  I don't know if this is a symptom of MS or something else.  I have not done anything to hurt or strain myself.


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by mae1, Aug 25, 2008
hi Lori, Have you been dx. yet??
by beverlyj, Aug 25, 2008
That's the way my arthritis feels. Have you talked to your primary doc about it?
by Quixotic1Blank, Aug 26, 2008
Hi, would you describe the pain as being in the joints or in the muscles of the arm?  I have a heaviness in my right arm with pain that starts "over my wrist" but not in the moving part of the wrist, is worst in the forearm from the thumb running up the muscle.  It then starts again in my biceps and runs behind the biceps to the shoulder.  It feels like muscle pain from my wrist to my shoulder.

I kept thinking it was just a tendonitis, but the pain kep involving more part of my arm until most of the arm is painful.  The arm is also increasingly weak - as is my hand.  One place that the pain is NOT in in the joints (the wrist nor the elbow).

So, since it makes NO sense from an anatomic perspective, like it doesn't match a spinal nerve that might be pinched, maybe it is from my MS.

I don't know if that has been helpful.

by lala47, Aug 26, 2008
Thanks so much for responding.  To answer your questions, no I do not have a dx.  My mother has RA, a few months ago I had a full RA check-up (blood work).  It was all neg.  So I am to assume that I do not  have arthritis.  Quix the description that you are describing sounds right, it seems more muscle.  I can follow the pain from my wrist all the way up my forearm,bicep and to the back of my shoulder.  It is extremly sore, and as the day goes on the weaker my arm and hand gets.  My first thought was tendonitis also.  Last night I took 2 aleve, rubbed my arm down with icy hot, and slept with a heating pad.  It is know better today than it was yesterday.  I'll try again  tonight.  Thank everyone so much for giving your opinions, it is so nice to have you all out their to help people who do not have a DX.

Thanks again,
by kimmy531, Mar 10, 2012
Hi, I have pains in my right arm, starts at shoulder area to my wrist, It feels really heavy and weak, And has a dull pain, Also the mussle is tight, and it hurts to lift or pick anything up, I woke up with it a week ago, and I am still having problems with it, What could be causing it?
by Scotlind, Feb 21, 2014
I've had RA for most of my adult life. The interesting thing is there was a time in my life when the swelling was at its absolute worst and my blood tests were negative. It angered me a few years latter after several cortisone injections when my primary care Dr told me I tested positive for RA. Today my pain in hard to manage. I've gone through a whole host of drugs from methotrexate on through to hum era when I had a bad response from the drug. I always do symptom searches online in the hopes I can find I do not have RA and be cured. I'll keep searching and hoping.