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Hey Guys!

How's everyones January so far!  Been here on and off I know, very discouraged with this limboland, and feeling sorry for myself.  Sometimes I feel I have no right to be here, because these docs keep telling me no ms.
Anyway, I'm done boohooing, and I have some updates and questions.

Okay, since I was dxed with the PsuedoTumor Cerebri, they have me on the diamox 2x a day.  Still having pressure headaches from the high spinal pressure anyway.  Just don't feel like going back to neuro.  My neuro eye doc said the high pressure went down behind my eyes since being on the diamox.  The optic nerve isnt a problem anymore right now.  Have been having some vision wierdness.  Doc doesnt know what it is.  When I wake up from nap or from night when I move the pattern of where my hand last was, leaves like a moving pattern when I put my hand down.  Hard to explain, I know.

Vesicare stopped working, only seemed to work for a few months.  Everything came back, frequencey, not being able to hold, and not being able to go, pain burning, pressure, leakage, all back.  He put me on an anti-depressant that is supposed to be able to help tighten the muscle or something with a low dose.  Been on it two weeks, doesnt work, he said he wants to know whether it works or not, this is my urologist, guess I'll have to call him and tell him no.

Thats the update.
Heres my question.
Does anyone here ever get this painful scalp to the touch, in different places.  Then it also starts to start a painful numby pins and needles, that sometimes runs from the top of my head to my neck.  The painful scalp lasts sometimes for days.  It feels soar almost like someone was rubbing your head or scrubbing your head for a long time,  Anyone?

Gee, that felt good, its been tooo long.  Thanks for listening. Hope theres someone who can relate to this new one.
You guys are all great!  Missed this place lots!

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338416 tn?1420049302
It sounds like your scalp is hypersensitive - does that sound right?  

I've been having TN symptoms lately, which include stabbing pains in the scalp and face area.  It's usually caused by demyelination of the facial nerves.
Avatar f tn
Very sensitive.   Its supposed to feel good to have your head touched and hair brushed, but it doesnt.    Last month for no reason at all, I was sitting on my couch and all of the sudden I got this horrible bug crawly, pins and needles feeling all over the top and back of my head, and then everything back there felt just numb.  Every so often parts of my tongue and nose will do the same thing.  I also get this pinching pulling sensations in my cheeks and around my mouth and eys at different times.

1453990 tn?1329235026
TN really doesn't innervate the scalp much, just a bit above and behind the ear, the hairless area of the temples, and the forehead.  The greater and lesser occipital nerves from C2 on the spine provide a good portion the innervation of the scalp.  Much of this type of scalp pain is referred to as occipital neuralgia.

572651 tn?1333939396
Hi Sandie, I've had that,too.  I'm guessing that my copaxone is working because it is a symptom I haven't had in quite a while. It went along with the feeling that I had cold water running down my head.

my hair stylist (doesn't that sound fancy?  just another word for beautician!) loves to shampoo my hair before a cute and although it may feel great to all her other clients, it is close to torture for me.  I can't wait until she gets done.  The rubbing and t ouching of my scalp sets something off.  

be well, Lulu
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