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Pain, pain, getting really tired of it.
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Pain, pain, getting really tired of it.

This is my 4th or 5th day of TN pain with tooth pain and it is getting worse. Yesterday, I spent the day in the MRI machine and saw neuro after wards.  I couldn't even comprehend what she was saying due to the pain. I "think" she said no change on the MRI's, which is good, but doesn't explain the "changing for the worse" of my MS.

She gave me a new med to try and help the TN, and set me up for an appt with a headache specialist, and a different pain management doc. Gave me some pain meds too.

Due to the teeth pain, I saw my dentist this morning, and he is sending me to an endodontist ASAP for ? of 2 root canals.  The teeth probably set off my TN. My appt is tomorrow morning.

Today is the 1st day of summer here for the kids. (school let out yesterday). Hubby told me this morning, that he doesn't want them watching TV this summer and no snacking. @#$*, I am not happy with him. Does he think that is what they do when they are home with me?!  Plus, he knows I am in pain and not sleeping well. I don't need this criticism right now.

Got home from the dentist this morning, and the toilet is leaking everywhere!! Shut the water off...

So far, not a happy day here. Just needed to vent and cry.

Thanks for listening,
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911669 tn?1294102788
Hi Michelle,

I hate to hear about all your TN pain.  I know exactly what you are going through.  I have been there.

I do not know what medication you are on, but I have been on Neurontin for many years now.  It was a lifesaver for me when my TN began in 2003.  A couple months ago, my neuro wanted to try me on Lyrica (because he said it is stronger), but Neurontin has worked so well for me, I did not want to change.

I know during exacerbations, I tend to (on my own) up, up my dose to help cover the pain.  I also have had migraines for years since the age of 9.  

I think you are right about teeth problems aggravating the TN as well.  

It sounds like you are having an exacerbation of the TN to me.  My last bout lasted 2 weeks I think and then went away.

If you end up getting your root canals done, I would tell your dentist that you do not want (epinephrine) with the local anesthetic.  My last tooth extraction, I called ahead to make sure they had the local without epi on hand.  I found this on the internet.  It seems to aggravate the nerves in some way.

I hope you feel better soon.....  

1045086 tn?1332130022
I'm so sorry to hear this mixed bag of news Michelle.  You looked as if you were feeling worse by the minute on Tuesday night.  I was so afraid if you had a tooth problem it was setting off the TN.  

I can't even imagine how you managed to tolerate being in a MRI tube.  Hopefully, this episode can be brought under control more quickly than past ones since it has a specific known trigger.  

So it looks like the rest of your week has been booked for you.  I'm going to be sending you specific good thoughts for healing.

Let that excellent new babysitter help you out!

198419 tn?1360245956
No snacks or TV - it's SUMMER for goodness sakes!!!!!!!!!! Where's the fun! Geesh!

Have you read Doc Q's validation post? Please do girl if you can get through it w/pain, you'll appreciate her unchanged MRIs but changed MS mentions.

I can sympathize with the dreaded snowball effect of your days - sounds like my past month.

Praying the pain lets up for you so you can get through your days easier.  Please let us know how the appt goes.

Thinking of you,
645390 tn?1338558977
Terri, Mary and Shell,

Thanks for your kind words. It is almost 1 in the morning here, cant sleep, pain :(

I have tried neurontin in the past, gave me double vision, had to d/c.  Tried Lryica, made me severely depressed, had to d/c.  I have been on Trileptal for about 2 years, I think, so far dont think it does much for the TN.

The new one since yesterday is Topomax (topamax). We will see. (she always has wanted me to go on Cymbalta, but it doesn't mix well with my meds.

Yep, the MRI was awful. The worst part, was the tech. put the music on my head, I started writhing in pain with the headphones touching  my face.  I was just hoping they would find the "exact cause" of the TN. Neuro said even though it doesn't show on the MRI, the lesion is there, it is just too small to see.

I am not speaking to my husband. I am furious with him.  If I was feeling better, I would go to the store and buy 20 pound bags and throw them all over the couch and leave then there all summer. (u know, couch potatoes!)

Funny thing is, they hardly ever watch tv. My hubby watches it more than anyone in this house.,  AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


Thanks for all your support.  I am going to try to sleep in the recliner and see if it will do the trick. I have to get up soon to get to my root canal(s).  So far, summer is not off to a great start, although it is still a better year than last year for me.

Thanks for listening,
645390 tn?1338558977
I meant to say I want to buy 20 pound bag of potatoes...and put them all over the couch
1318483 tn?1318350782

I hope you get some relief soon!  I am so sorry you are going through all of this!

I love the couch potato idea though.  It so sounds like something I would do!  lol

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