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Pain above eye
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Pain above eye

The last few days Ive had rather severe pain above my eyes... kind of like sinus pain but worse on the left. I did have a cold last week, but that has all but resolved now. I seem to be waking up with this pain and headache, and Panadol isnt doing much. It tends to ease during the day but come on again at night.

Just wondering if this is something anyone has experienced?? Last night I had quite bad nerve type pain in my right arm. Anyone else???

I only have 6 days to wait to my MRI spine.... Hopefully this sheds more light on my situation...

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I have had 2 bouts of optic neuritis, one very severe and the other not so bad.  Is this what you are referring to? Optic neuritis?  

When I had ON, the pain was entirely behind my eye ball.  It was like the brain freeze you get when you eat ice cream too fast.  My eye was so blurry and lighting looked a little dimmer.  Only my left eye was affected, but my right eye also had some diminished vision, but that could be subjective.  

From the way you are saying about the pain, it sounds more like sinus pain.  One way to find out is to take an OTC decongestant or sinus medication and if it goes away, then you have answered your own question. If not, then I'd be calling the doctor or going to the ER and getting it checked out immediately.  

I hope you are doing well otherwise. Take good care of yourself.

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Yes, this does sound like optic neuritis.

I also have in the morning when I wake up sometimes, pain/headache-like at the base of my skull, plus a sinus-like pressure under my eyes.  This is usually relieved for me within about an hour after I get up.

I usually take a muscle relaxant that helps quiet things down.  One year before my acute onset of symptoms 7 years ago, I was popping pseudo-ephedrine pills for sinuses like they were candy due to sinus type pain.

Now, I know this was not sinuses at all.  This was just a a prelude of symptoms to come one year later.

Hope thinks helps...

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Thanks for the replies.

The pain is still there. Not really doing much. I remember having a similar episode like this a few years ago and a CT of my sinuses was all clear.

I might try the decongestants and see how that goes... Anything is worth a try! I also turned the wrong way today at work and got a sharp pain in my left shoulder blade area... couldnt breath properly. Came home and had a rest and its eased although it is not gone. I have got 4 days until my MRI of my spine so I guess if its something bad that will show it.

I feel like Im falling to bits!!! My depression and body are both fighting me at the moment. I feel like going to bed for a week, but with my "4" kids I cant do that! Owell back to work tomorrow and do it ALL again!!!
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I have been having this pain above my right eye for several months..some days I won't have it and other I may have several episodes. It feels like the pain that you get when you eat ice cream too fast..but more of a sharp shooting pain...also I am very tired all the time..not sure if there is a relationship with this...also in the morning (about every morning) I wake up and my overall head feels like a hangover...

Can you point me in the right direction....I have mentioned this to my dr but he is not real concerned.

I take high bloodpressure medicine along with stomach meds.

Thank you
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