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Pain after Emg??
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Pain after Emg??

Hello, I had my EMG this morning and I am wondering if anyone else had pain after having their EMG. Now 8 hours later my legs hurt so bad (which is where the EMG was done) they just ache, much more than they have ached in the past week or so. I just wanted to know if this was normal, also the Neuro I am going to see for the 1st time next week was actually the one that did the EMG and she said that there was no nerves or muscles pinched, which I figured would be the case. But what else can she learn from an EMG?  Thanks Linda
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Welcome to the forum!

I did not have any residual pain from my EMG, but I don't know if it is normal to have achiness for a period after the test.

Just wanting to "bump" up your post, so someone else may be able to help you!

Pat :)
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I had my SEP on a Monday and NCS on a Tuesday along with my EMG.  I did not have much more pain that Tuesday night but the next day I was in agony with spasms, cramping and shaking.  I really feel that the tests being done so close together stimulated my nerves so much that it made me have a relapse of symptoms.  

I copied this from wikipedia on what the EMG is used for:  
An electromyograph detects the electrical potential generated by muscle cells when these cells contract, and also when the cells are at rest.

I understand this to mean that the doctor interprets the action potentials generated and compare these two states, contraction and rest.  What I think they learn from this is whether the problem you are experiencing shows as a muscular problem or a nerve problem (NCS).  I don't think this test is used to rule in or out diseases used by itself but I think it is more used as a clue to help guide a diagnosis.

Please someone comment if I am way off base on these things.  Linda, since you just had an EMG and this involved the needles, I would try some extra strength ibuprofen for the pain tonight.  That sometimes helps with my aches when I don't think it will.
Take care and rest!
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Yes, I get terrible pain after the EMG.I think it just over stimulates my muscles and causes the spasms to go in over drive.I usually have the legs and paraspinals done(ouch).

It does lesson in time.

I hope your feeling better

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I also had the emg test.ot hurt and after was worst pain i had ever had and still having until now
Ots been 4 days.after the emg i wake every hour .....spasm and stiffness in my neck

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Hello I'm so sorry that you are having this. I am going through the same thing. I had my EMG bilateral upper and lower on August 17. The neurologist doing the test told me I have MS. It's a week later and it's not getting better, today is the worst so far. I have severe pain in my lower back and my right arm and shoulder with spasms and weird muscle twitching. I am wondering if it will ever get better? I have left leg  and foot numbness, weakness. I have had to use a walker for about 6 weeks at tiimes. It came and went until I had the EMG but now it's constant. I'm confused about it because I had a cervical discectomy and spinal fusion In May and these leg symptoms started about 4 weeks after I had surgery. I had them before the surgery but never this bad. The plate they put in my neck was tilted to the left on my xray yesterday so I don't know if it's MS or surgery gone bad. I don't know how to find out. The neurosurgeon said my xray is normal but I'm an xray tech and it didn't look right to me. If you know anywhere I can get some answers please tell me.
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