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Pedi; jerks\tremors; neuro regression; lethargy
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Pedi; jerks\tremors; neuro regression; lethargy

Pardon me posting here, but I'm not sure where else to go.  My son is 8 (also dx with Autism and developmental delay).  We've seen an big increase in lethargy (very difficult to wake), jerks\tremors in arms, legs and shoulders; big behavioral changes; headaches in the morning (and day too, he says); and difficulty doing heel toe walking.  Also, his eyes can't track hardly at all (can't read left to right or judge depth of paper). He's falling asleep at school.  When you shake his head his eyes bounce like a pinball machine.  We saw a Pedi Neurologist last week who ordered an MRI, sleep study, lactate and pyruvate (?) test, and TSH.  We had the MRI yesterday (which he had lots of tremors and jerks - right hand and left leg...I think I saw head too).  He was also very uncordinated when he got off the table....kept falling over and having trouble walking.  I was getting our things out of the locker and I walked by the radiologists and saw the MRI (I'm pretty sure it was his because it was less than 2 minutes after we ended).  I saw two large-ish white spots toward the bottom of his brain - left and right.

All that being said, today (although he flipped at school at kicked his teachers and fell down screaming) he didn't fall asleep and could walk toe to heel.  It was like the last two months never happened.  He's *hyper hyper* today (which as he's been falling asleep six or more times a day is odd) but neurologically....he can walk and balance.  I didn't check his eyes but..  Does anyone have any thoughts on that?  Do you have better days than other?  

We're supposed to get the MRI results withiun 48 hours and since it's been a little over twenty four and we've not heard, I'm assuming they didn't see anything that important.   Many thanks for any help
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Hi i dont have the answer your looking for im afraid, but i can imagine you and your son are very confused and frightened as to what is happening.
I am bumping this for you in the hope one of our more knowledgable members will jump in with words of wisdom for you.
Please know you and your son will be in ,my thoughts and prayers and i hope you get some answers really quick and then hopefully get the help/medication needed.
You are not alone when you join the forum we will stick with you every step of the way. Welcome to our family.
Take care.

Kind Regards
Julie xxx
My grandson was tested for autism and a zillion other things.  His behavior sounds very much like your son's.  They say he doesn't have autism, but we are all questioning that.  He acted up in school so much, screaming and threatening the teachers that my son is now homeschooling him.

When I was teaching pre school a long time ago we found that some children's behavior
(emotional and physical) changed radically when they had ear infections or had some form of hearing loss.  Have you had his ears checked by a hearing specialist.

There can be a lot of things that make conditions worse and I always thought it was better to cover all bases.

I hope you get some helpful answers to what's going on with your son.  I know how tough it can be to have to wait to find out how to help someone you love so dearly.

Keep in touch with us as you have come to a very supportive group.  Hugs Charley
Thanks, guys, for your very kind words!  I hope we have answers.  I'm very afraid that, once again, we'll have an episode like this and have nothing show up on test results.  I really appreciate your help!
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