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**Please Read - Pointing you in a Couple Directions....
Hi All,

Recently, I've bumped up the "Who is Diagnoseed" discussion. If you are dx'd and have not added your name to that discussion, please do. For some reason, we do not have many added in 2011.

Also, I recently made a new post asking specifically if those dx'd with MS were given dx from General Neuro, or MS Specialist. Please add to that when you can.

Reason behind this organization is because we get so many new members all the time, it's nice to have a go-to discussion where members can choose if they like to hit up members for experiences, etc. Equally important is  gives us a HUGE resource pool of MSers to provide experiences, offer guidance to those facing MS dx, or who are experiencing symptoms and very much need a MSers advice and experiences.

I will also bump the DMD user threads up as well. And, again if your not added and it applies, please do. Those threads in particular are super important  because if thorough, provides a list of resource persons on the varying MS meds who can man questions or share experiences when needed.

To our undx'd members - this sort of organization is for you too! We want all available resources visible so we can be helpful to you!

Thank you all!
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