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Quix-My MRIs
MRI Reports:  Brain (open MRI):  1. No acute intracranial abnormality.  2. Small singular nonspecific white matter lesion in the insular white matter on the left anteriorly.  The remaining white matter tracks are unremarkable through the brain, brainstem and posterior fossa.  3.  Remainder of the brain is unremarkable.

C-Spine (closed MRI) 1.  Multiple areas of increassed T2 signal within the cervical cord suspicious for a demyelinating process, such as MS.  2. Mild to moderate multilevel degenerative changes with associated neural encroachment.  (Details below)

1.  Multiple areas of increased T2 signal within the cervical cord:  there is a small focus in the left lateral aspect of the cord at the level of the C3-C4 interspace, a focus of abnormal signal is noted within the right lateral cervical cord at approximately level of the C4-C5 interspace, and a larger patchy area of abnormal signal within the cervical cord extending from the level of the C6 to C7 vertebral bodies.  There is no evidence of associated enhancement on postcontrast images.

2.  C2-C3 Unremarkable; C3-C4 Left-sided facet hypertrophy which results in moderate left-sided neural foraminal nearing.  C4-C5 Minimal disc osteophyte complex w/o associated neural encroachment.  C5-C6 Small disk osteophyte complex w/o associated neural encroachment.  C6-C7 Diffuse disk osteophyte complex.  This results in mild central canal stenosis with effacement of the anterior CSF.  There is also mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing.  C7-T1 Small left paracentral disc protusion w/o significant associated neural encroachment.

Normal alignment of cervical vertebrae.  Diffuse disc desiccation with mild loss of disc height at C6-C7.  Discogenic endplate changes are present.  Marrow signal is otherwise unremarkable.

I got a nice explanation from Biowham, and I wanted to see if you had anything to add, if you're feeling up to it.  I had the LP on Friday, and the neurologist said to call her Wednesday to see what she has received back and make an appointment to go over results.

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